Regional devlopment agency Bačka

Az új EU mesterképzés kidolgozása és megvalósítása az újvidéki Gazdaságtudományi és
Mérnöki Menedzsment Tanszéken, Újvidék, 2011. november 28.
Priprema i akreditacija novog EU master studijskog programa na Fakultetu za ekonomiju
i inženjerski menadžment, Novi Sad, 28. novembar 2011.
Supporting the establishment of institutional framework for
regional development of AP Vojvodina
Novi Sad, 28.11.2011
Nikolina Pupavac, Project Manager
Legislative framework
Law on regional devlopment (adopted in 2009)
Legislative documents:
a) regulation acts (7)
b) by-laws (2)
c) decisions (5)
Regional development strategy of Republic of Serbia (2007 –
Regional development strategy of AP Vojvodina
Civil sector
Public sector
Regional development agencies in AP Vojvodina
Regional devlopment agency Bačka
Regional devlopment agency Srem
Regional devlopment agency Banat
All three agencies are financially and technically
supported by European Delegation in Republic of
Basic information about RDA Bačka
•Established in April 2010
•The RDA establishers: 13 Municipalities from Bačka region and 5 entities from
public/private/civil sector
•Financially supported by European Delegation in Republic of Serbia for the
period 2011-2014
•From the April 2010 till October 2011 successfully started with the implemention
of 4 projects in total amount of 1,2 mil. EUR
•Member of National network of regional development agencies
•The RDA implements 13 programme of National agency for regional
•The general programme objective is to support the economy and
entrepreneurs in Bačka region
•In year 2011, RDA Bačka supported and provided services for the grant
applicants of SME sector, in total amount of almost 11,5 milion dinars
Role of the RDAs (in the world and in Serbia)
Branding and international promotion of the region
Foreign investments in region, and withholdment of investors
Business Start-ups, and development support
HR development
Properties, urban and infrastructure development
Social and enviromental programme
Entreprenurship support , planning and new business ideas development
Services and management in urban areas
Specific issues within education
• To support theoretical experience in the area of regional development and
regional development policies implementation
• To understand the goals, levels and tools for conducting regional policies
• To envisage regional policies role in the future, with respect to integration
process in EU
• To provide knowledge for different models of territorial organization and as
well, levels of authority (e.g. Federal and unitary state, dispersion and
decentralization of state, regional autonomy, local-self governments)
RDA Bačka
Address: Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 20/2
21000 Novi Sad
Contact telephone: +381 21 557 781
Web site:
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Nikolina Pupavac-Project Manager
Regional Development Agency Bačka