OVP Oil Opportunity - Quantum Vortex Partners Inc.

Increasing the Value
of Heavy Crude Oil
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Light crude: easy to refine, but expensive
Brent Crude = $110/barrel
Heavy crude: cheaper to buy, but expensive to refine
CapEx for state-of-the-art refinery > $2.5 Billion USD
Heavy crude: expensive to pump
Does not flow easily due to high viscosity
requires expensive diluent (naphtha)
$4-8/barrel* in pipeline transportation costs
*cost will vary according to geography and may exceed
Hydrodynamic cavitation, extreme shear and vorticity
The process allows for efficient transfer of mechanical energy
applied to crude oil, or other feed stock, in order to release the
internal energy of molecular bonds
As a result, molecular bonds in hydrocarbon chains break, this
process is known as “Cracking”
Delayed coking
Deep conversion (70-80%)
CapEx ~ 2.5 Billion
Huge environmental impact
20+ years ROI
Quantum Vortex
Hydrodynamic processing
Low conversion (2-15%)
CapEx ~ 30-40 Million
for approx. 75,000 Barrels/Day
Beneficial environmental
Fast ROI
Increase heavy crude oil quality and value
 Increase API 5-20%
 Additional value: $$$ per barrel
 Reduce viscosity: up to 70%**
Additional value: $6-$10/barrel* due
to reduced diluent needs
 Employ portable unit or integrate
with an existing tank farm
*value added shall vary according to feed stock
and geographical conditions.
**viscosity reductions based upon laboratory
results and may vary in field.
 Pre-treat crude prior to
transportation or integrate
with pipeline infrastructure
 Increase pipeline
capacities without
expanding infrastructure
 Reduce viscosity up to 70%*,
resulting in reduced diluent cost
 Lower transportation costs, boost
volume in pipeline capacity
 Increase API resulting in higher
crude value
*value added shall vary according to feed stock
and geographical conditions.
Increase refining efficiency and
Boost light distillate yield 2-5%
Upgrade residues and atmospheric
Reduce overall CapEx
Modular integration
A Canadian International Corporation
Strategically located near some of the finest research
facilities on the Planet, in Quantum Alley,
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada
Integrator and provider of NanoTek™ Reactors, for the advanced
environmentally conscious processing of:
Heavy crude oil and Bitumen upgrading in situ, pipeline entry, and refinery stages
Frac water separation
Wastewater treatment
Reprocessing of tailing ponds for recapture of precious metals and separation of
Solution development, testing, technology licensing, hardware sales, complete
online diagnostics and monitoring of system operation, data banking
Research and Development:
Cavitation hardware development and validation; development of customer specific
applications of cavitation technology in all industry verticals
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