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Making Lync Simple


and More Profitable

AudioCodes One Voice for Lync

Jasper Maters, AudioCodes

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Lync Hardware Distribution Partner

Making Lync Simple


and More Profitable

Lync: Customer Momentum

70 40

5M 14K

250 86%

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

AudioCodes’ One Voice for Lync

One source for all voice network elements

One expert team for voice professional services

One point of contact for voice support

AudioCodes: A Brief Intro

• Market leader in VoIP networking Products

• Ranked #1 in low and mid density media gateways for service providers

• Ranked #3 in enterprise session border controllers

(Infonetics 2012)

• Deployed in over than 100 countries in service provider and enterprise networks

• Strong brand for quality & performance

• Global partnership with leading telecom players

• 20 years of VoIP expertise

• Public since 1999

Strong Global Presence

Worldwide presence:

Headquarters: Israel

USA and Canada

APAC: Singapore, Korea, China, India, Australia, Japan, Hong Kong

EMEA: UK, France, Benelux, DACH, Russia, Italy, South Africa,


CALA: Miami, Brazil, Mexico, Argentina, Colombia

Global Distribution Network covering more than 100 countries

Support Centers covering all time zones

3 Logistics Centers in North America, EMEA and APAC

Suite of Solutions for Microsoft UC Voice

The only vendor with complete voice solutions offering for Lync

Comprehensive Qualified Lync IP Phones

420HD IP-Phone

430HD IP-Phone 440HD IP-Phone

Benefit from full integration with Microsoft Unified


Full support for Microsoft's


Provisioning via Lync

Lync presence indication

Enhanced “Better

Together” support over


*Available Phase 2

Simple, secure sign-in

Lync contacts displayed on

LCD screen (440HD model)

Optional tablet expansion for attendant console*

Complete Set of Products for All Connectivity Needs

SIP Trunking TDM Trunking

Connectivity to

Local PBX

Integration with



E-SBC for connecting to SIP Trunking (e.g. Skype Connect) or existing


Enhanced Gateways for connecting to PSTN or existing PBX

ELIN Gateways for E911 calling

Gateways for analog phones, modems and faxes

Range of densities, high availability and redundancy options

Full suite of Enhanced Gateways & E-SBC

• AudioCodes Enhanced Gateways and E-SBCs offer investment protection

• Supporting gradual migration from TDM to Lync, and from PSTN to SIP Trunking using the built-in Enterprise class Session Border Controller

Secured SIP Trunk connectivity

Connectivity for analog phones, fax machines

Lync migration support with advanced routing features

Public Switched Telephone

Networks connectivity

TDM and IP-based Private

Branch Exchanges


Mediant 800

Mediant 1000

Mediant 2000

Enhanced Gateway and E-SBC Enhanced Gateway and E-SBC

Small Sites Small - Medium Sites

Enhanced Gateway

Medium - Large Sites

Mediant 3000

Mediant 4000

Enhanced Gateway and E-SBC

Large Sites


Very Large Sites

Full suite of Enhanced Gateways & E-SBC

• Typical design of Lync at headquarters

Headquarters site


Enhanced Gateway and E-SBC

SIP Trunking and/or PSTN

Lync Endpoints

AudioCodes Lync


Analog Devices


Full suite of

Survivable Branch Appliances


Family of Survivable Branch Appliances that can fit any branch location and size

SBA with Integrated access sand data services

• SBA appliance with Router, access (WAN termination), PoE LAN Switch and firewall

SBA with full resiliency

• RAID1, SSD , dual PS, and recovery utility to allow minimal MTTR

Advanced applications

• Such as SIP Phones and Smartphones integration and recording

Full modularity of Interfaces

Easy and smooth migration for Lync 2013 branch offices

• Advanced call routing, Call Forking and Active Directory look-up

Supporting emergency calling standards

• Including E911 and Emergency Location Identification Number (ELIN)

Mediant 2000 SBA

Mediant 800 SBA

Mediant 1000 SBA

Small Branches Small - Medium Branches Medium - Large Branches

Full suite of

Survivable Branch Appliances (SBA)

• Typical design of Lync at a branch


Branch office

AudioCodes SBA and E-SBC


Endpoint s









Trunking and/or


Applications - SmartTAP

SmartTAP is a secure, stable and certified solution for Lync that enables the recording of key business interactions

• Certified

• Microsoft LYNC FIRST qualified recording solution

Compliance Recording

• Economic

• No conferencing resources needed

• Port Mirroring is optional

• No impact on quality of conversation

• Feature Rich







• Record ALL User Types for ALL call scenarios including Mobile or Home Users.

• Recording of Microsoft RTA codec with built in transcoding

• Remote Branch Survivability

• Scalable from as small as 8 to N concurrent sessions on a single or distributed server configuration

Applications - Auto Attendant

AudioCodes' Auto Attendant is an Interactive Voice Response (IVR) system that provides enterprises with a powerful and flexible tool to manage inbound calls and deliver them to the intended destinations.

Automatically plays voice prompts to callers

Transfers callers to additional menus and extensions based on caller input

Supports different operator numbers for working and non-working hours

Detects received fax calls and forwards faxes to the enterprise's default fax machine/e-mail

Remote online management of the Auto Attendant service

Multi Language support

Applications – Campus DECT Support

AudioCodes DECT Mobility


• IP DECT system integration

• Multi access point support

• Individual mapping of DECT extension into

Lync user account

• Support a variety of IP DECT systems includes:

• Gigaset

• Aastra

• LG-Nortel



Features Supported (Partial list):

 Registration

 Basic Calls (In/Out)

 Caller ID

 Call Waiting

 Call Hold

 Call Transfer

 Call Forward

 Multiple Lines

 Speed Dials

 Speaker Phone


Range of management tools to ensure smooth deployment and operation

Integration with Microsoft SCOM

 SCOM plug-in to monitor the SBAs and Enhanced Gateways through

Microsoft centralized System Center Operations Manager

Monitoring Gateway alerts and performance information

 Enterprise-Grade centralized Element Management System


Operations, Administration, Monitoring and Provisioning

SBA centralized update tool

 Simplified operation and cost reduction

 S ession E xperience M anagement ( SEM )

Management - Voice Quality Monitoring

Session Experience Manager (SEM) software is an intelligent analysis tool for monitoring the quality of VoIP calls within the enterprise network and its connecting trunks to service providers

Quick overview of network VoIP quality

Alarms on bad VoIP quality

VoIP network trend analysis

VoIP Bandwidth consumption


Call list with easy filtering

One Expert Team for All Your Services Needs

One supplier that provides you expert professional services…

Planning &





Installation &



ONE supplier that provides you with expert customer support…

24x7 Technical





9 3






One Expert Team for All Your Services Needs

AudioCodes Professional Services

Provided Globally

Complementary to the voice partner services

Ensuring that all integration challenges are met

Professional Services for Lync deployment

Planning, Design, and Project Management for

• Network readiness assessment

• PSTN/PBX/SIP Trunk Integration

• Voice Network Survivability Design

Implementation of Microsoft Lync solutions

• Physical Installation

• Configuration

• Training

Day-to-day maintenance and monitoring services

One Expert Team for All Your Services Needs

AUDIOCODES ACADEMY Career Development with Lync

A full suite of training to develop your technical skills for Lync deployments using


 Hands-on certification training

Remote instructor led training

 Trainings by local training partners

Certification Training – Participants are awarded with AudioCodes professional certification

AudioCodes Solutions in Microsoft® Lync™ Server 2013

Environment - Advanced

AudioCodes Solutions in Microsoft® Lync™ Server

2013 Environment - Essentials & Configuration

Educational Training – Participants are awarded with record of completion

Online Instructor Led -

AudioCodes Solutions in Microsoft®

Lync™ Server 2013 Environment - Essentials &


Follow The Sun Comprehensive Technical Support

Field Application Engineer answers each call (normal business hours)

Geographical Diverse Support

Centers with local FAEs

24x7 support for Critical Issues

Website Incident Management

Operations and Support

Help Desk

Remote Monitoring

Software Upgrade

Advance Replacement

Managed Spares

On-Site Break/Fix

Managed Spares

AudioCodes’ One Voice for Lync

Comprehensive product and service program

Simplifying voice-enablement of Microsoft Lync

Wide product portfolio of voice network elements

Advanced support services and consulting expertise

“If all you have is a hammer, everything looks like a nail”

Jasper Maters

Sales Director Benelux

+31 6 519 17 446

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