Fancy Animated PowerPoint

Unified Questionnaire Platform
Handle Multiple Interviewing Techniques
Easy to Use without Programming Skills
Monitor Your Quotas in Real-Time
Go From Setup Stage to Data Export
Integrate with 3rd Party Systems
Expert Support at your Fingertips
This is about Connecting the Dots
Handle Multiple
Interviewing Techniques
Handle Online
with MediaTel
to save time
and money
Support on all
types of
Email Invitations
Send secure, personalized survey invites to your contacts. Use our
powerful email tool to schedule or automate emails, track
response rates, send reminders, and manage contact lists.
Offline Capabilities
No matter how much your 3G or WiFi connection will vary, it will work
without any stops or lag. The logic is also loaded. No worries about
validation either.
User Portals
Set up dedicated web portals for specific respondents, or
respondent groups, where they can securely access and submit
multiple surveys.
Dynamic Pop-Ups
Invite website visitors to participate in your survey with
customizable popups. Brand the look & feel, and set the frequency,
placement, timing, and more.
Offline Capabilities
No matter how much your 3G or WiFi connection will vary, it will work
without any stops or lag. The logic is also loaded. No worries about
validation either.
Dynamic Pop-Ups
Invite website visitors to participate in your survey with customizable
popups. Brand the look & feel, and set the frequency, placement,
timing, and more.
Embed On Your Site
Collect responses directly on your website or blog by embedding your
survey. Copy, paste and go!
Easy to Use
without Programming Skills
Drag and Drop Objects
Dropdowns, TextFields, Sliders, Multiple and Single Choice
lists, Hidden Objects and more can be added by dragging
and dropping
With Puzzle Pieces you Add Logic
Adding logic is like playing a puzzle. It is all about putting
the pieces together to create what you need.
It may look like a game, but it is a very powerful tool that
adapts to any scenario you could think of.
``What You See Is What You Get``
All the edit tools and visual options are available in one
place, in context
Puzzle Pieces are Functionality
All the features Seeds has, are displayed as smart puzzle
pieces. They can be connected together as you would when
playing a game.
You don't need to remember what each object can do. The
combinations are Infinite!
Screen Handling
Hide or Show, Jump or Stop, Randomize Screen Groups,
Restore Progress upon reopening a survey, Display Notification
Modals, Change from one Language to another
Event-Based Flows
Take complete control over when things are done, by
controlling the key events: New Respondent Data, Navigate to
the Next or Previous Screen, After Data Load, After Hiding /
Showing current screen
Visually in a
very Short
Add Visually all
the Business
Logic for your
Collect Quota Export
from any
Mobile Device
or Connection
with Ease
and Stats
Gathered Take
Auto Actions
using your Logic
at any moment
in CSV or Excel
format. Convert
to Panel Users
Monitor Your
Quotas in Real-Time
Monitor Questionnaire Progress
You can monitor more than just your Seed's data
gathering and relevance, but also the Email Distribution
or Self-Service (Panel) Activity.
Periodically Auto Updated
Every 30 seconds each statistic is updated. Since you
don't need to take real-time actions with statistics, but
rather understand how your Seed is developing
Advanced Flows
You need averages, sums or various proportions of
your gathered data as one indicator at a time?
Via Flows, an indicator can be as complex as you need
it to be.
Real-time Decision Making
When you've reached a quota's limit (e.g. men over 30,
eating apples every 2 days), automatically trigger an
event for all Respondents.
Via Flows you can decide what to do next, automatically
(e.g. Show a special thank you screen)
Contacts Exclusion
Once a Quota has reached its target, you can exclude a
group of contacts from ever answering.
For Example: Once you have 30 male respondents over
20 years old respond to 5 particular questions, don't
accept any more males over 20 years old to respond to
your Form
Integrate with
3 Party Systems
Queue and Project Aware
The deep integration with Seeds enables loading the appropriate survey
and project, based on shared metadata. No matter which order the
contacts come in, the right survey is always loaded
Seamless Integration
Seeds is integrated with Media Call Center from MediaTel Data. All calls
coming to the operator automatically load the appropriate survey,
considering the contact
Automatic Quota Management
The Quotas in Seeds automatically trigger events on MediaTel’s
telephony service, disabling or enabling contacts on the queue. This
takes the cost of a CATI research down significantly in terms of salaries,
telephony and time spent on getting the right results
Advanced Reporting
Seeds can extract data from MediaTel’s telephony database (the name
of the operator, the date when a contact was called, the call code, etc).
It will give you the result together with the responses per contact.
A great time saver and elegant solution within minutes.
Self Service via WordPress
A powerful tool for content management, which can be easily made to
match your corporate identity. We've integrated Seeds with WordPress,
to provide you with the tools to pull data from Seeds' Panels and display
it gracefully using your design.
Quick Panelist Management
Our default installation of WordPress comes with the modules to allow
your Respondents to authenticate via email, reset their password, have
their accounts enabled / disabled or monitored.
Panel Member Profile
Seeds knows and records panelist actions: add to project, email,
responses, etc. You can always see a full report on any member and take
actions based on that.
Powerful Filtering and Analysis
Filter your Panel Members based on their answers, response rate and
activity, afterwards view the results as an XLS report or automatically
add them as participant Respondents in a new Seed.
Whitelabeled Solution
Send messages using your own domain name (e.g., with each purchase of the dedicated
installation package.
Whitelisted Delivery
When using our hosted version of Seeds, you get to send emails to
domains such as Yahoo, Live, Gmail, etc. with the guarantee of inbox
Mail Merge+
From “Hello {Name}” to “Hello Anna”, without any headaches.
All the data filled in a Questionnaire or imported into a Seed is usable
right inside the email editor.
Auto Sampling
Have Seeds do the sampling for you. Whether Random, Limited Size,
Participants during the last X Questionnaires, Recently Queried and
more, Seeds has the tools to easily create your filters.
365 120+
Days / Year
Free Tech
Logic Features
New Features
Added Weekly
White Label
We’ll seamlessly integrate Seeds into your organization
by customizing your application and surveys to match
your brand’s look and feel.
Premium Features
Make use of premium question types such as signature,
file upload or on-the-fly file generation (DOCx) per
Multi-User Accounts
Scalable accounts that can accomodate any number of
users. Provide accounts for every employee, student, or
Priority Support & Training
Make use of priority email & phone support, as well as
personalized training sessions, either in person or online.
Seeds is
24/7 on
Run on your
premises a
On your
premises or
over Skype
Have our
team create
a survey
specific to
Based on
your specific
request, we
can add more
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