Characteristics for the different types of seed dispersal Contents

Types of Seed Dispersal: Dispersal
by wind
Dispersal by water
Dispersal by animals
Dispersal by splitting
•Dandelion seeds use their light and
feathery structures to stay afloat in the air
• Maple seeds are aided by their light and
wing- like structures.
Maple seeds
Dandelion seeds
1.The coconut , which has a fibrous husk and can
float on water with air sacs that contain air,
disperses its seeds by water.
2.The pong pong disperses its seeds with its ability
to float on water.
1.The sandburs’ fruits have hooks that cling
on to passing animals and humans.
2. The rambutan is juicy and colourful so it
is eaten by animals.
The hooks on this plant
cling onto passing
animals and socks.
The colour and juicy flesh
of rambutans attract
1. The
river tamarind has a hard exterior which bursts
open when the fruit is ripe.
2. The lady’s finger has a pericarp, which is a lining
along the walls of the fruit, which cracks, causing the
lady’s finger fruit to burst open.
3. The african tulip works like the river tamarind.
The soft outer layer hardens and
pericarp, which is inside, cracks.
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