Querobabi Military Checkpoint - League of Arizona Cities and Towns

Infrastructure projects to facilitate
trade and investment between Sonora
and Arizona: Querobabi military
Ing. Carlos Enrique Lares Ponce
August 2014
CANACINTRA’s participation, through the
vicepresidency of the North-Pacific region, is
rooted in President’s Enrique Peña Nieto
decision to foster the integration of Mexico, U.S.
and Canada within the Trans-Pacific Partnership
(TPP) context.
2013-2018 National Development Plan
Purpose: Prosperous Mexico
To start the sustainable development of productivity
• Adequate infrastructur is needed together along
with strategic access that encourages economic
competition and allows greater capital, supply and
knowledge exchange for individuals and
companies that can benefit from it.
• Encourage and support a protocol that facilitates
healthy competition between businesses and the
development of a modern public policy which
contributes to fostering the economy and focuses
on innovation and development of strategic
2013-2018 National Development Plan
The investment in infrastructure is a key strategy for Mexico
because it represents the means to generate economic
development and increase competitiveness.
The 2014-2018 National Infrastructure Plan, in adherence to the
2013-2018 National Development Plan, looks to integrate the
functionality of existing and new infrastracture in the country
through the completion of specific goals in the areas of
Communication, Transportation, Energy, Health, Urban
Development, Housing and Tourism with the ultimate goal of
increasing Mexico’s competitiveness. In this way the country can
ensure that opportunities of development are available in all
regions to all sectors and communities.
CANACINTRA’s participation in the development of
the Arizona-Sonora Megaregion
CANACINTRA has been participating, through
the presence of its President Ing. Rodrigo
Alpizar, in meetings related to planning and
design of infraestructure projects that have the
goal of improving logistical conditions to
increase internal and external trade.
Proposal Background
- On April 7, the regional North-Pacific meeting
took place in the city of Nogales. During this
meeting, CANACINTRA’s President agreed to
arrange a meeting with the Secretary of National
Defence regarding the Querobabi military
- The Secretary of National Defence was invited to
a meeting with CANACINTRA’s industry members
with the purpose of presenting him the main
issues concerning the checkpoint and identifying
potential solutions.
Consultation with Key Stakeholders
- On July 5, 2014, the Secretary of National
Defense, organized a meeting between different
secretaries with the purpose of discussing the
modernization of the Querobabi military
checkpoint together with SAGARPA’s Secretary
and representatives from other branches.
- On July 8, 2014, CANACINTRA’s President, invited
SEDENA representatives to the city of Obregón,
to present the progress on Querobabi’s military
checkpoint project to all the presidents of the
delegations from Sonora and Sinaloa.
Consultation with Key Stakeholders
- On July 14, 2014, SEDENA’s secretary organized a
meeting with different secretaries to follow up
with the modernization project of the Querobabi
military checkpoint. During the meeting it was
agreed to welcome perpectives from the
manufacturing sector.
- On July 21, 2014, the proposal to modernize the
Querobabi military checkpoint, led by SEDENA,
was put under consideration by the
manufacturing sector.
Proposal to Stakeholders on July 21, 2014
1. Create standarized criteria for freight transportation for when
products need to be registered and also speed up the inspection
2. Generate a commitment with the specialized sectors that utilize
freight transportation, where they should inform what requirements
they have to respect in regard to the delivery of their products, so this
can be taken into account during the registration process and at the
3. Standarize, normalize and eventually approve criteria between
different government agencies in the states of Sonora, Sinaloa and
4. Adjust the facilities of the Nogales Sonora border crossing into
Arizona in order to continue with the benefits gained from the
speeding up process achieved at the Querobabi military checkpoint.
Proposal of the Querobabi Military
Checkpoint Modernization
In order to reduce the waiting time, since September 2013, a regulation of
“free crossing with registration” has been implemented; in accordance with
those vehicles that already have crossed the “Gamma rays” without any
Proposal for Construction Work at the Checkpoint
Proposal for Construction Work at the
Thank you
August 2014