Ohio State University Presentation (Dr. Rama Yedavalli)

Welcome to the
OAI Aerospace Instrumentation and Controls Collaboration Forum
Ohio Aerospace Institute, 22800 Cedar Point Road, Cleveland, OH 44142
The Building Blocks of Smart Sensors and other Technologies for
Distributed High Temperature Intelligent Integrated Controls Networks
for Aerospace Applications
25 August, 2011
OSU Plan on Distributed Control M&S and HIL
Dr. Rama Yedavalli, Professor
Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
The Ohio State University
Sponsored Engine Control Research
1. Modeling, Diagnostics and Prognostics of a Two-spool Turbofan Engine
2. Stability and Performance Analysis of Turbine Engine under Fiber Optic
Networked Distributed Control Architecture (IFOS- Air Force STTR
3. Stability Analysis of ARINC 825-based Partially Distributed Aircraft
Engine Control With Transmission Delays and Packet Dropouts
(Goodrich Engine Control Systems)
4. Distributed Engine Control Empirical/Analytical Verification Tools
(Impact Technologies- NASA SBIR Phase I)
5. Commercial Controls Technology Insertion (Luraco Technologies Air
Force SBIR Phase I)
6. Distributed Engine Control Systems (Orbital Research, Air Force SBIR
Phase I)
Distributed Engine Control and
Simulation Laboratory @OSU
• TEDS awarded to OSU under EPA by AFRL
• OSU plans to expand this capability to a distributed engine control
• DECS Lab to be used both for research and education.
Improved Turbine Engine Performance, Responsiveness and Prognostics Using Model-Based Control in a
Hardware-in-the-Loop Simulation, R. Quinn,J. Sims, Kenneth J. Semega, Alireza R. Behbahani
Research Plan
1. Short term (2-4 year) projects geared towards industry problems
Research done by US citizens and permanent residents
Will adhere to ITAR restrictions
Corporate-academic partnership offering continuing
education for industry sponsors
Senior design projects sponsorship
2. Long term (4-8 year) basic research projects with federal
3. Collaborations with other universities and industries
Grant Opportunities for Academic Liaison with Industry
Projects of Interest
1. Hardware-in-the-Loop / Virtual Engine Simulation of Distributed
Engine Control System
2. Fault Diagnostics of Partially Distributed Engine Control System
3. Study of Model-Based Control of Partially Distributed Aircraft
Engine Control under Transmission Delays and Data Loss
4. Study of Fully Distributed Aircraft Engine Control with Nondelayed Local Loop Closure and Time Delays in Supervisory
5. Fast Engine Response
6. Integrated Flight and Propulsion Control
7. Reliable and Resilient / Re-configurable Control Systems
Exciting Future Research
• With the present capabilities, our group at OSU has the
necessary infrastructure, competencies to carry out
exciting and important research of interest to NASA,
AFRL, OEMs, Industries and Small businesses
• Look forward to research agreements on topics of
mutual interest
• Ready to form and lead a team of researchers at OSU to
carry out multi/inter disciplinary research projects
• We assure you high quality research output to move
DECWG’ s vision forward
• Can help DECWG to create ‘Repository’ of open
literature on engine modeling, control and simulation.
• Please contact us at yedavalli.1@osu.edu