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Trends in Container Terminal Design in the Middle East
Seatrade Middle East Maritime
29 October 2014
Joost Achterkamp
Managing Director
Solid Port Solutions
Introduction Joost Achterkamp
• 23 years experience with fully automated container terminals
with various roles in engineering, operations and project
• Proven track record for on time & within budget delivery of large
scale fully- and semi-automated container terminals worldwide
(Euromax Terminal, Rotterdam and Khalifa Port, Abu Dhabi)
• Highly experienced with managing complex port projects with
multi-lingual suppliers.
• Excellent network of specialized persons for automated
container terminal projects
• Since January 2013 Managing Director of Solid Port Solutions
Trends in Terminal development
Going “Automated”
Going “Green”
Increased vessel sizes
Higher KPI’s
Higher Security Demands
1. Going Automated
 Worldwide almost every Greenfield terminal project is considering
 New technical designs and solutions are introduced
 Automation solutions for Brownfield terminals are available
 Remote STS operation is available and first introduced in Rotterdam
APMT MV2 and Dubai Jebel Ali T3 .
 OCR on STS cranes is becoming standard functionality
 System integration and interfacing is rapidly developing to a
professional level
 Software testing is recognized as a key factor for a successful go-live
Benefits of Automation:
 Safer
 Cleaner
 Reliable performance
 Lower OPEX
 Longer lifetime
2. Going “Green”
 Almost all operators have introduced Sustainability as a Corporate
 Sustainability is becoming a key criteria for the award of terminal
 New terminals are focusing on Electrical Equipment
 Environmental conditions play a important role for the location of new
terminals and many times the environmental impact of building new
facilities must be compensated with new nature programs.
 Zero CO2 emission programs are becoming popular
 Automation helps to minimize energy consumption
 LNG trucks are being used especially in China
Benefits of a Green Terminal:
 ZERO Emission
 Better working environment for labor
 Lower OPEX
 No Noise
3. Increase of vessel and call sizes
Bigger vessels require:
 Higher berth productivity
 Bigger STS cranes
 Bigger call sizes
 More throughput per berth per year
4. Higher KPI’s
 Improved throughput figures
 15-20,000 TEU/ha/yr > 30-35,000 TEU/ha/yr
 1,000 TEU/m quay/yr > 2,000 TEU/m quay/yr
 Improved productivity
 STS: 20-25 mph
> 30-40 mph
 TVT: 60-90 min
> 15-30 min
 Dwell time 10-12 days > 4-6 days
 Cost reduction on all areas of the process
The new figures require a different way of designing container terminals:
 Compact design with a dense stacking area
 High standard of automation to eliminate the “human factor”
 Bigger STS cranes to handle the latest generation of container vessels
 OCR systems at the terminal boundaries
 State of the art TOS systems with optimized scheduling algorithms
5. Higher Security Demands
In order to receive vessels on international voyages it must be, like
today, secured based on the provisions of the ISPS code.
In order to meet the requirements of CSI (Container Security Initiative)
a robust cargo security system based on core elements of the US
cargo security strategy - 24hr rule, CSI, C-TPAT must be implemented
Higher Security standards will require:
 A well organized and structured terminal process
 Limited involvement of humans
 Fenced and monitored stacking areas
 Automated processes will increase the safety & security on a terminal
The approach of Solid Port Solutions:
Step 1:
Analyze your project
Step 2:
Advise on the project organization
Step 3:
Check the availability of experienced staff within your own company
Step 4:
Review the project scope and focus on the main deliverables
Step 5:
Form a team of own staff and Solid Port Solutions experts
Step 6:
Take responsibility of the delivery of the agreed scope
Step 7:
Team up with consultants, contractors and suppliers
GOOD TEAMWORK with all parties involved.
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