The Wedding Planning System Requirements

The Wedding Planning System
Requirements Specification
What is FWP?
 Fruition Wedding Planners (FWP) is a company which helps
to organize successful wedding events for their clients.
 Currently, FWP has consultants which meet with their
customer base, which represents both clients and vendors
 Currently, the consultants leverage face to face meetings as
well as phone calls and emails as a form of immediate
communication with the customers.
 Custom software solutions are being used to support the
consultants, in the form of a case management system.
Online FWP
 There is now a high demand by the market to
provide online services for customer use.
 The wedding planning tool will become a system
accessible online and used by consultants, vendors,
and clients alike.
 Each user base will take a different perspective
towards the tool, based on the needs of their roles
within the wedding planning system.
Goals of the project
 Increasing FWP's client base by 50%
 Increasing FWP's vendor base by 20%
 Reducing the time of planning and organizing the
wedding related services by 50%
 Reducing the cost for clients and vendors to facilitate
wedding related services by 15%
 Increasing FWP's overall profit by 25%
 Availability with a 2% maximum down time for
maintenance purposes
Primary Stakeholders of the system
 The Fruition Wedding Planner corporation is the
organization paying for the development, and owner
of the delivered product.
 The wedding clients and vendors are the customers
who will pay for product use.
Other stakeholders
 Users (clients)
 Wedding Consultants
 Testers Technology Experts
 System Designers
 Software Developers System Administrators
 Usability Experts
 Representatives of external associations (vendors)
Naming Conventions and Definitions
 Fruition Wedding Planners (FWP)
 Wedding Planning Application (WPA) WORKING TITLE
 Wedding planning clients
 Wedding vendors
 FWP consultants
 Systems administrators
Users of the Product
 Fiancé and fiancée
 This couple is recently engaged and is responsible for
initiating their wedding planning from the
engagement party to honeymoon.
 their subject matter experience is ranged at novice to
the possibility that they will be experts of the
wedding planning depending on their past
Users of the Product
 Representative of wedding vendors
 Representatives from several e-commerce supported
companies, who are responsible for providing
wedding services and products.
 Ideally, they have intermediate to expert subject
matter experience in the wedding design and
Users of the Product
 FWP consulting agent
 They are professionals who assist with the design,
planning and management of a client’s wedding.
 Their subject matter experience is advance.
 These are employees of FWP
Users of the Product
 FWP System Administrator
 They are responsible for managing the FWP CMS
and web applications that provides tools for the
clients, vendors, and consultants.
 Their technology expertise is at intermediate to
The priorities assigned to users
Key users (critical)
Client (FWP) – major influence
Internal and external wedding Consultants – subject matter expert
Customers (clients and vendors)
Secondary users (important)
Technology experts
Usability experts
System administrators
Unimportant users (useful)
System Designers
Software Developers
User Hierarchy
The Major Features
 User friendly interface easily navigable
 Personalized profiles
 Smart search capability
 Personalized organizer/ event planner
 Budget planning tool
 Secure payment system
 Notification system
 Consistent Feedback
Basic Search Prototype
Advanced Search
Wedding Planner
Usabilit and Humanity Requirements
 Ease of Use
 The product shall have efficient user interfaces that require
least amount of clicks or steps to complete common tasks.
 Personalization/internationalization requirements
 The product shall track users preferences by cookies and
remember for future sessions
 Ease of Learning
 The product will be built with a tutorial and online help
 Understanding and Politeness Requirements
 Accessibility Requirements
Performance Requirements
 Speed and latency requirements
 The response shall be fast enough to avoid interrupting the
user’s flow of thought
 Reliability and Availability Requirements
 Website accessible 24/7
 Robustness or Fault Tolerance requirements
 Operate locally when network is down
 Longevity Requirements
 Operational lifetime is a minimum 5 years
Operational Requirements
 Partner Applications
 Wedding Planning System must be able to interface with the PayPal
payment system
 The Wedding Planning System must be able to interface with various
vendor systems in order to retrieve data or make selections for products
and services.
Maintainability and Support
 Maintenance Requirements
 Supportability Requirements
Security Requirements
 Access Requirements
 Guests access available but limited
 Our website must have members-only areas. We want our visitors to
have to sign in to see and access to our whole website.
 3 different packages to choose from when creating an account, each
with different levels of access.
 We are using secure password protection for the members-only areas
and as we have different types of users.