Weddings - angles3eso

Listen to this famous song and note down the
words you hear
Goin' to the ________and we're gonna to _____ _______x2.
Gee, I really ______ ________and we're, gonna to _____ ________
Goin' to the chapel of love.
________is here,
theeee ________ is blue.
Whooooa! the ________ all sing as if they knew.
Today's the day, we'll say, “_____ ______"
and we'll never be _________ anymore.
Bells will _________,
theee _______ will _________
Whooooa, I'll be ______ and he'll be ________.
We'll love until, the _______ of _______
and we'll never be lonely anymore.
A Hindi Wedding
Your task
Jewish wedding
Gypsy wedding
Amish wedding
British wedding
You need to talk about before and during and
all the customs that are seen during this time.
• Make a power point (or other similar)
• You have 1 hour