Regional Seminars Presentation - Kilmarnock, Ayrshire

Mairi Henderson, Project Manager, Scottish Enterprise
Regional Workshop: Kilmarnock, Ayrshire
Date: Wednesday 7th May 2014
Regional Seminar Agenda
• Welcome
• Superfast Broadband Rollout – Scottish
• Business Gateway – What we do?
• Introduction to CREATE – Scottish Enterprise
• Networking Session
• Meet the CREATE Advisor
• Mak-Lab
What is CREATE?
• Developing approaches to encourage the take
up & optimal use of Broadband & ICT by SMEs
in rural areas
• Working in partnership with organisations
across different regions in North West Europe
to share skills & ideas and to test approaches
in different environments
• SMEs will benefit from intensive support and
business advice on how to exploit ICT
• The project is funded from the INTERREG IVB Programme
which targets EU funding to encourage regional
collaboration to develop new approaches to common
€2.6m EU Funded project
(€1.3m of which is ERDF)
• The funding will provide support for
• SMEs to receive 1-1 advice
• Materials to be developed that encourage ICT & broadband take-up
• Help SMEs to collaborate with other small rural businesses from across
North West Europe.
Story so far ..
• September 2013 - Launched project with Conference in
• December 2013 - Appointed Leadership Panel of industry
• January 2014 - Transnational Seminar in Dumfries,
• February 2014 - Recruitment process for CREATE Advisors
• March / April / May 2014 – Regional Workshops being
delivered across all Partner regions
Aims to overcome
• Structural Deficits of the Rural Economy
– Isolation from markets & skills
– Lack of infrastructure
– Lack of scale
– Poor clustering opportunities
– Lack of ICT expertise
– Reliance on traditional sectors
Collection exercise
HSB Rollout/Demand
• Specific marketing campaigns
attached to a rollout in an area to get
uptake from businesses
• Bespoke seminars presenting specific
advantages to the different target
Role of NGA Broadband
• Digitally Mature SMEs grow at least 2 times faster
• At the height of the recession digitally mature SMEs were 29%
more likely to grow than those with only basic use of IT
• More sophisticated IT
– improves labour productivity - 10% in services; 5% in manufacturing
– drives 20% of all productivity growth across sectors
• The annual total turnover of U.K. SMEs could be boosted by
£18.8bn if all of these firms sold and marketed online
Persisting Issues
High awareness of speed issue
Low awareness of potential
Poor exploitation will continue
Without action, economic effects will not be
• Latent economic potential must be unlocked
Snapshot of Pan Partner Survey
Don’t allow online customers to customise products
Don’t offer order tracking on-line
Don’t use an ERP package
Don’t use automated e-invoices
Don’t access tender docs from eProcurement systems
Don’t use video conferencing including Skype
Haven't received orders for goods/services via a website
Websites don’t host product catalogues or price lists
Employees don't have business portable devices
Haven't received foreign orders for goods/services
Employees don’t have remote access to company email
Don’t use any form of Social Media
Why do this transnationally?
Technical capacity & skills
Gain scale
Technical & economic specialisms
Test approaches
Demonstrate how rural SMEs can benefit from
the global economy
Leadership Panel
• Recruit a Leadership Panel
comprised of business & ICT
experts from each partner region
to the transfer of knowledge &
skills across the partner regions
Collection exercise
What will CREATE offer SMEs?
• 1:1 CREATE Advisor support (expert
• Business Directory
• Business Review, identifying Action Plan
specific to your SME
• E-Guides – Best Practice guides
• Digi-Labs - access to lab which
showcases new IT Technologies
• Clusters - Access to online knowledge
Business Review Diagnostic
• Develop dynamic & tailored tool for delivery to a range of
SMEs with different levels of digital maturity
• The tool will focus on ways that new technologies can be
incorporated into the business processes of rural SMEs to
– encourage resilience,
– increase efficiency, &
– boost competitiveness.
• Delivered on the ground by local advisors until June 2015
Develop physical & virtual Digi-Labs as demonstrators and to
facilitate transnational communication & collaboration
Virtual Clusters
Virtual clustering of rural SMEs across NWE
To overcome barriers to market caused by
remoteness & the lack of critical mass
The Cloud Clusters will provide SMEs with
Significant exposure to other regions and countries
Opportunity to gain scale
Friendly environment to foster open innovation
New suppliers
New partners
Transfer of new processes that can cut costs & increase sales
Keeping in Touch with
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Enterprise for a Transnational
Book Time with CREATE Adviser
Dan Annison, Scottish Enterprise
Tel: 01387 245204
Mairi Henderson, Scottish Enterprise
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