SOTI Enhanced Support


SOTI JumpStart

Get off on the right foot

Included with SOTI JumpStart:

• Creation and deployment of a single package

• FileSync and Single lockdown

• Email configuration, enabling device enrollment and authentication

• Enable Location services, app catalogue, feature controls & restrictions enabled

• Enable Content Library & Wifi Profiles

• Enable AD/LDAP Integration via CloudLink

• Enabling Geo-fencing, device relocation and enabling data collection

• Enable alerts console, security and access management



SOTI MobileMyWay


Content Library



$ 1,000

Package Creation

Up to 4 packages including basic scripting


$ 1,000

Custom Lockdown

Up to 4 basic custom lockdowns

OR One Premier custom lockdown


$ 1,000

LDAP Integration


$ 2,000

Custom Reports


$ 2,000

File Synchronization

Two advanced rules


$ 1,000

Self Service Portal


Light weight custom branding


$ 1,000

Advance Certificates



$ 2,500

*Assistance with integrating certificates to enhance user experiences with transparent authentication to VPN and Wi-Fi access points test deploy 10 devices

Note: A mini discovery will be done to validate the scope and pricing on the above services as customers environments have typically different requirements.

SOTI MigrationAssist

MobiControl Version


• Create Plan for the upgrade

• Create rollback plan

• Verify SQL permissions

• Create database backup

• Test upgrade procedure in test environment

• Perform upgrade

• Upgrade test group of agents

• New features walkthrough

$2,500 (SKU: PSS-CON-UPG)

MobiControl Server


• Server migration planning

• Install new server

• Configure new server

• Verify connectivity, MobiControl

Administration Utility tests

• Migrate test group of devices

• Migrate the rest of devices

$ 3,000 (SKU: PSS-CON-MIG)

MobiControl SQL


• Plan, install new, migrate, and verify MobiControl connectivity

• Configure remote access and automated backups and indexing as needed


SOTI Academy

Getting Started

Training Course

(1 hour each)

Operational Training:

$1,000 USD

User Training:

$1,000 USD

Best Practices for Administrators

Training Course

(4 hour webinar)

$2,000 USD

Boot Camp


(3 day seminar with practical labs)

$4,000 USD

Boot Camp


Onsite (3 day onsite seminar with practical labs) (Plus travel costs)

$7,500 USD

SOTI Premier Support Services Launch

SOTI Support 24/7

Positive customer experience throughout your SOTI MobiControl implementation and beyond is very important to SOTI

SOTI Premier Technical Support

SOTI Standard


1. Level 1 Support

2. Available 8AM to 8PM, 5 days a week

3. Free Software Upgrade

SOTI Enhanced Support


Includes SOTI Standard Support


During business hours (9AM to 5PM), 5 days a week :


Customers will bypass the general helpdesk support queue, and be directed to a designated priority support queue that is staffed by Specialist Senior Support Engineers


Senior Level 2 Support engineers have deep knowledge and working experience with SOTI

MobiControl to help with basic troubleshooting to more complex problem resolution


Includes 24 by 7 Support (Level 1)

SKU: SOTI-MCX-DEV-ADV-XXX @$0.42USD per device per month

SOTI Enterprise Support

1. Includes Enhanced Support

2. Dedicated Senior Support Account Manager that has a full understanding of your implementation which enables us to rapidly move towards problem resolution

3. Quarterly reporting including case reviews and analysis of any critical incidents and recommendations for the customers to prevent a reoccurrence

4. Proactive planning for upgrades and migrations to ensure that test environments are utilized, use cases are fully tested with sign-off from business, and proper backups and upgrade procedures are followed to maximize a smooth upgrade to the latest version.

5. Unlimited consulting from dedicated Solutions Architect to assist in any change management activities on internal IT infrastructure related to MobiControl

6. Available 9AM to 5PM, 5 days a week

SKU : SOTI-MCX-DEV-ENT-XXX @$0.62USD per device per month

We Manage It All

Devices. App. Content. Email. Security.

From devices to content to security, the key to mobile device management success is:

• a well-defined roadmap

• advanced mobility management solution with SOTI MobiControl

• rock solid implementation services from the trusted expert in mobility

The preferred choice of over 12,000 Enterprise CIOs.

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