1112-briefing - The University of Hong Kong

2011-12 Briefing
Prepared by
Dr. Anthony Tam
 Must
PASS CSIS1410 | CSIS1412 for
 Must be taken directly ahead of your final
year of studies
• BEng(CS) – After successful completion of Year
• BBA(IS)/BEng(CS) – After successful completion
of Year three
• To gain maximum benefit from Industrial
Training, you must already possess a strong
foundation of CS knowledge
 To
satisfy this training course, either
• Take a summer internship in a full-time IT
 Most common
 Min. requirement – 4 weeks of industrial placement in
a full-time IT position
 Norm – 8 weeks to 12 weeks
 Between June to August
• Take a full-year sandwich internship – Integrated
Study-Work Programme (ISWP)
 Spend
12-14 months in a full-time IT position
• Norm – 12 months
 Suspension
of studies
• Granted leave of absence
• Not allowed to register any HKU courses/projects
• Require to pay a Registration Fee (3% of the
composition fee)
 Allow access to the University’s library, health, counselling
and physical education facilities during the study-work
• Not allowed to reside in Hall
 It
is your responsibility to seek and secure
an internship
 Procedure
• Look for internship opportunities
 Some jobs are advertised through us
 You can look for other opportunities
 These jobs must be approved by Course Coordinator to ensure
they meet the standards
• Submit your applications
 Have your cover letter & CV (& transcript) be ready ASAP
• Companies invite you for interviews
• Inform us on your summer or 1-year internship once
you have secured a placement
 Location
– local or overseas
 Job must be in the field of IT
• Preferably involving software development or
with significant technical substances
 Must
work under the supervision of an
experienced IT professional
 Must be a full-time job at the company’s
work place
For example, the following do not satisfy the
Computer sale
Data entry
Web page graphical designer
Helpdesk support
General office duties
Part-time work
Freelance work
If you are not sure about a particular internship,
please consult Course Coordinator for advice.
Adventure, Inc.
Altai Technologies Limited
Apple Inc.
BeamStyle Web Design HK
Cent Consulting Limited
Cityline (Hong Kong) Limited
Concept Art House
Cyberport - Leovation
Dairy Farm Hong Kong Limited
Funboxx Ltd.
G Future (Hong Kong) Company
Galaxy (Asia) Limited
Marine Department, HKSAR
honoh limited
Inspire Synergy Limited
MPF scheme Authority
Marine Department, HKSAR
NTT Communication Asia
Octopus Cards Limited
Philips Electronics Hong Kong Limited
Portal Technology Ltd
PricewaterhouseCoopers Limited
Primitus Limited
Project Orbis International Inc.
Rabobank International Hong Kong
SAP Deutschland AG & Co.K
SpringSight Labs
The Dairy Farm Company Limited
The Judo Association of Hong Kong, China
Transport Department, HKSAR
Versitech Limited
 Course’s web site
• Summer Jobs newsgroup (hku.cs.summerjob)
and Placement database
 Jobs that come to us directly or via CEDARS
• Jobs from CEDARS usually require nominations
 Course Coordinator screens all applications and
nominates candidates (to fill up the quota)
 Start
having Job ad. at Jan-Feb
 Recruitment activity reaches a peak
during the months of April and May
• Govt. posts usually come in at bit late
 Seek internship through other services
• CEDARS (Centre of Development and Resources for
 http://www.hku.hk/cepc/NEW/index.html
• JIJIS (Joint Institution Job Information System)
 http://www.jijis.org.hk/jijis/
 These
jobs must be approved by Course
Coordinator to ensure they meet the
• If you spot some internship posts and would like to
consult me, send me the job ads.
 Inform
us once you have secured a job
 You
have to register with the department
once you have secured a placement.
• If we do not have a record of your placement,
you will fail the Industrial Training course.
• We have to screen the job nature of all
placement positions to make sure that the posts
satisfy the Industrial Training requirements.
Log-on to the Placement database and
enter your Placement Record
This is optional, will be kept confidential. The average salary is useful
for me to advise companies about the norm.
Name and contact details of your
supervisor (you may send these later after
you have started work.)
 Status
of your placement record is either NA
/ Waiting / Incomplete / Approved
• NA – You haven't entered your placement record yet
• Waiting – You have entered your placement record,
but it hasn't been screened by us yet
• Incomplete – We have screened your placement
record and find that you did not input sufficient
details on the nature of work (Job Description)
• Approved - this post is approved by us
 Remark
• My comment on your placement record; in particular,
indicate what is/are missing.
Write a training report of ~1000 words
• Outline the work you performed
• Provide a description and evaluation of the IT and /or
software practices used by the organization
Your supervisor will report to us on your
professionalism and on the quality of your work
• Invite your supervisor to fill in a feedback form
 Available on the "Info for Employers" page
 Explicitly opened for external partners to view and download
 Course Web site -> Info for Employers -> Feedback form
Assessment is based on these two reports
 When
accepting an internship, you will
ask to sign an agreement
 We expect you to honor that agreement
 Breaking an agreement without the
department’s prior approval will be
treated as a serious breach of
professional conduct
 http://i.cs.hku.hk/~c1412
•  http://i.cs.hku.hk/~c1410
 Information
for Students
• About Summer Internship
 http://i.cs.hku.hk/~c1410/info-new.html
• About ISWP
 http://i.cs.hku.hk/~c1410/ISWP-new.html
 Information
for Employers
• http://i.cs.hku.hk/~c1410/Recruit/index.html