Cases of Success

Global Computing operates in more than 12 years as consulting in ERP, specialty Totvs Protheus.
We specialize in deployment, migrations versions, systems integration and specific developments.
Our business is to help your company to seek solutions when combining intelligence and commitment based
in our experience, with the majority of our consultants with over 15 years working with Erp Protheus. Using the
best practices of information technology in order to obtain better results with value-added, raise the
competitiveness of your business always emphasizing the reliability of your information its greatest asset.
• Analysis and adaptation processes;
• Implementation of ERP Microsiga Microsiga and other technologies;
• Migration of versions, all over 20 successfully;
• controller modules (Financial, Managerial Accounting, Tax Books);
• We specialize in Materials (Inventory, Purchasing, Pcp, billing);
• Fixed Assets modules, control budget planning, project management;
• HR modules (Payroll, electronic point, portals functionary, Candidate);
• deploy BI-LOGIX;
• Import Modules Easy, Easy Export, integration Siscomex
• ADVPL Developers, Java, Database (Sql Server, Oracle);
• Complementary Solutions products in Java to facilitate integration;
• Support (on-site and remote);
• Integrators Web Protheus x x Other systems (webservices);
Global serves clients from various segments of business, always acting jointly
and trained and suited to the actual needs of each client professionals.
Among them are: Modules Purchasing, Inventory, CFP, Billing, Financial, Management Accounting,
Speds accounting, tax, banking integrations via CNAB, Worlflow developments, developments
WebServices among others.
Maintenance Contracts and Developments ERP
In this modality serve some clients where we have the possibility of keeping Analysts also
maintaining the client's office an extension for Help Desks, using a Help Desk where the customer
can follow the progress and performance of the service software.
Cases of Success: Novus Automation (since 2009)
This company have the Maintenance and Development (350 hours per month) contract
Projects we work:
* Cost accounting by Protheus;
* Production notes;
* Web integration using Webservices Protheus;
* Deployment Module Fixed Assets, Management Accounting, Tax Books and Bi-Logix;
* Implementation of trade policy in order entry;
* Deployment of E-Sedex consuming webservices post office;
* Integration with Protheus Giga System (Calibration Equipment);
* Migration to version Protheus8 Protheus10 and Protheus11;
Cases of Success: Intelimed Com Representations (since 2009)
Maintenance and Development (100 hours a month) Contract
Projects we work:
* Redeployment of modules already used, stock, billing, purchasing, financial
* Implementation of tax modules Books, managerial accounting, project management
* Integration with inventory data collectors, used to control inventory
* Implementation of a Bi-logix module
* Migration to version Protheus8 Protheus10 and Protheus11
Cases of Success: MSI Cables and Harnesses
* Redeployment of stock Modules, Shopping, CFP;
* Integration of MRP with MSI AGCO through EDI;
* suitability of the product structure to function PCP;
* deployment Mrp stand alone and integrated with Oracle JDEdwards;
Cases of Success: SLC Food
Migrating Version 5:08 and 7:08 to 6:09
Our team was responsible for maintaining the ERP Microsiga with support and upgrade to 90 users,
also being the team that drafted migrations versions.
System Integration Protheus x GKO
Development of specific routines for treatment of crop and input and output of rice, choice
no grip on Protheus.
Cases of Success: Incoterm Thermometers
* Deployment and redeployment CFP Module Module cart.
Cases of Success: Imdepa Bearings
* We participated in the implementation of key modules, and work in the implementation of
F11 project, a project that calculates best carrier to the customer at the time of inclusion
Cases of Success: Sum Investments (Pligg)
* X Protheus web integration via webservices
Cases of Success: NXGIT
* X Protheus web integration via webservices
Cases of Success: Argos Cranes
* Direct From consulting to implementation MRP Planning (control subjects)
Cases of Success: Brasfumo
* Support and development and implementation of MRP in the company Brasfumo Paraguay.
Cases of Success: Sum Investments (Pligg)
* X Protheus web integration via webservices
Cases of Success: AESSUL
* Integration with Protheus own ERP system at the time, Spanish system.
* Orders of service management through the control panel in Protheus integrated with
* Palms used for technical service.
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