STEM as a Base Class

as a
Base Class
Chris Jones
The Preamble: STEM is awesome!
• By 2018, current government projections show that more than
800,000 high-end computing jobs will be created in the economy,
making it one of the fastest growing occupational fields.
• Five of the top ten fastest growing jobs will be in computing-related
fields ( i.e., computer software engineer jobs expected to grow 45%
over the next five to seven years).
• Computer science and computer engineering bachelor degrees are in
high demand and command two of the top three average salary offers
from employers among all majors. [1]
STEM jobs are still prone to bubbles
The Tale of the Lawyer Geologist
“During the 1980s a glut in mineral commodities
combined with an oversupply of mining engineers and
economic geologists drove hiring down to very low
levels. Since that time, mining companies have largely
lived off of that 1970s to 1980s generation of
employees. ” [2]
Any one STEM job isn’t a safe career
• According to the BLS, today there are approximately
10 times more computer software engineers than
computer hardware engineers [3]
Base classes in programming…
…STEM as a programming base class…
College CS Major
Project Manager
“We don’t know what kind of jobs you’ll be doing
High School STEM
College Chem Major
Research Chemist
in the future.”
College Bio Major
Medical Researcher
Software Engineer
Pre-med student
Medical Doctor
-Don Morton, Site????
Leader, MS Great Plans
…and base classes in RPGs
…base classes in RPGs
…and base classes in RPGs
…base classes in RPGs
•RPG classes demand to be explored
•RPG classes are messy, organic
•RPG classes allow for customization by taste or
• “STEM learning is more about process than product”
• STEM is a starting point for a great career, but no one STEM
job is safe
• Real life STEM career demands are unknown, organic,
demand exploration
• Important for educators to realize that as context for
providing STEM education
• Important for students to realize that as context for their
careers, and (hopefully) a motivating force driving lifelong
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