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March 15

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Advanced Higher update

 Revised Advanced Higher Material on Education Scotland website  Further Advanced Higher materials published (April 2015)  Learning Journeys  Resources Guides  Route maps  Cross authority writing groups  Sharing Practice Network

Shared resources

SDELG 2006

Developing our Young Workforce

SDELG 2006  STEM at heart of agenda  10,000 foundation apprenticeships coming  Pilots in Fife and West Lothian  Colleges increasingly important role - NCs and HNCs  Work-based learning/industry links  Articulation from colleges to degree programmes

“In Scotland, who you are is far more important than what school you attend.” p59, OECD Report 2007

A child in care is more likely to go to prison than university.

What next?

 Cross-Authority Writing Groups  Sharing Practice Network  Higher Sciences website revision  Sciences Briefings  Continue to develop support for BGE and NQ  Professional Learning videos  Shared resources through GLOW sciences 