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Success in Exporting
BHA Annual Conference 2012
SME established in 1991
Engineering Consultancy with 30 Engineers
We specialise in Hydraulic Steel Structures for:
• Hydro Power
• River Control and Flood Defence
• Leisure Marinas
• Commercial Docks & Harbours
In addition to;
• Moving Bridges and Linkspans
• Special Purpose Machinery
Office Locations
Suite 4, Bourne Gate, Bourne Valley Road, Poole BH12 1DY
16 Appleton Court Calder Park Wakefield WF2 7AR
The Small Barn, Marina Walk Offices, Walk Farm, Frampton on Severn GL2 7PR
Tel: +44 (01202) 311766
Fax: +44 (01202) 318472
Typical UK Projects
Hydro Power
Replacement of Reservoir Regulating
Spillway Radial Gates
Flood Defence
River Hull Tidal Surge Barrier
30m Clear Span x 10.7m Deep x 220 Tonnes
Leisure Marina
Sector Lock Gates – Swansea Marina
Commercial Docks and Harbours
Port of Barrow Mitre Gates
460 Tonnes Fabrication
Special Purpose Machinery
Falkirk Wheel Exemplar Design and
Performance Specification
Previous export projects in;
Current export projects in;
Hydro Electric Power Project
Location of Site
Owner – Xayaburi Power Co.
(J.V. between GOL & C.H.Karnchang Const’n)
GOL Engineer - Poyry
Main Contractor – C.H.Karnchang
30 Year B.O.T.
1285 MW Run of River
8 Kaplan Turbines
7 x Power for Export
1 x Power for Laos
Early impression of barrage
Looking Up Stream
Location of Barrage – June 2012
Dry Season
Location of Barrage – August 2012
Wet Season
Close up – June 2012
Dry Season
Close up – August 2012
Wet Season
Remote location of barrage
Difficult access to site
New main access roads going in
Remote location of barrage
Until then:
Every visit is an adventure!!
Layout of Barrage
Main Components of the Barrage
Navigation Lock
Power House
Fish Pass
Package 1 – Civil Works
AF Consult + Team Consult
Package 2 – Hydro mechanical
Whessoe Sdn.Bhd. + KGAL
Package 3 – Electro mechanical
Package 2 – Hydro mechanical
Whessoe Sdn.Bhd.
Manufacture, Installation and
Design, Quality Surveillance,
Technical Support, Site Supervision
KGAL Scope on the Barrage
Design of Hydraulic Steel Structures including;
7x Spillway Radial Gates
4x Flushing Radial Gates
3x Nav Lock Mitre Gates
23x Power Intake Gates
23x Power Intake Screens
23x Draft Tube Gates
14x Sand Flushing Gates
19m Span x 25m High
12m Span x 16m High
12m Span x 30m High
7m Span x 18m High
7m Span x 45m High
7m Span x 12m High
4m Span x 6m High
71 Gates of Varying sizes for the Fishpass System
Fishpass Pumping System
Numerous Lock Filling Sluice Gates
Small Boat Lift & Transfer System for Navigation Lock
Section Through Main Spillway Radial Gate
19m Span x 25m High
Solid Model of Flushing Radial Gate
12m Span x 16m High
Solid Model of Mitre Lock Gates
12m Span x 30m High
Seismic Analysis of Mitre Lock Gates
12m Span x 30m High
Seismic Analysis of Mitre Lock Gates
12m Span x 30m High
KGAL Scope on the Barrage
In excess of 30,000 man hours UK design work
Seismic assessment of all gates in accordance with the
latest ICOLD Requirements
Quality surveillance of local fabrication drawing office
“Sign off” of all fabrication drawings
Quality surveillance of manufacture at site facility
Technical support and supervision of site installation
KGAL programme of works
Duration of UK design work – Years 1 to 3
Drawing office quality surveillance – Years 1 to 3
Manufacture quality surveillance – Years 2 to 4
Technical support for site works – Years 2 to 6
Current status of Site construction
Everything comes in by haul road
New site access roads and accommodation
Main site office comlex
Early excavations adjacent to the River
for the Navigation lock and Spillway
Excavation and foundations for Whessoe
site fabrication facility
Very little flat land available
Fabrication shop will be 300m Long
It is possible to reverse the trend and win export work
Market place is difficult and competitive
UK no longer regarded the leader in Hydropower
Financial support no longer available from UKTI
Websites provide access to World Market
Essential to get out and meet people
BHA provide a very cost effective way to do it
Hydro 2012 next week in Bilbao
Hydro 2013 will be held in Innsbruck