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Enterprise Content Management
Managed Services
July, 2012
Presentation Contents
 Trigyn’s ECM Capabilities
 Documentum Solution Case Studies
 Treaty Management & Publishing (TSIPS)
 Document Management & Collaboration (uniDocs)
 Correspondence Management (Smart Office)
 Additional ECM Case Studies (SharePoint, BPM, Digitization)
 Managed Services Case Studies
 Trigyn Differentiator
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Trigyn Confidential
Trigyn at a glance
Mission Statement :
”To ensure Customer Satisfaction by adding value and be recognized for the
superior overall experience offered to our customers”
 25 Years Proven track record in providing innovative IT Solutions & Services
 1000+ Employees committed to achieving vision and value creation
 Compliance to Quality standards - CMMI L3 & ISO 9001-2008
 Services delivered in over 16 countries (includes UN Missions & Field Offices)
 Esteemed clientele of Fortune 500 Companies, Public Sector (US State Governments) and
World Governmental Organizations (UN and its agencies)
 Strong workforce of IT Professionals with expertise in Technologies, Domains, Quality
Processes and Project Management.
Trigyn Confidential
Certification, Accreditation & Partnership
Trigyn – Microsoft Partnership
Gold Competency Partner since 2007
Featured in Microsoft Partner Guide – Public Sector 2012
Microsoft Certifications
Gold Digital Marketing (SharePoint 2010),
Portals & Collaboration,
Content Management, Search,
Software Development, Web Development,
Business Intelligence
SharePoint 2010 – 15 (MCPS,MCNPS,MCTS,SA)
Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) Official Results – Overall Very Satisfied
Microsoft Partner Benefits
Technical Advisory, MCS,
Practice & Solution Accelerators
Licensing Benefits
Online Trainings
Trigyn Confidential
Trigyn – EMC2 Partnership
Information Intelligence Group Partner
Largest Documentum Implementation for United Nations Treaty System
Core Competencies
Architecture (Technical, Solution and Information)
Configuration and Setup of Documentum Environment,
Customization of Webtop, Publication of Content
Solutions using xCP (Forms Builder, Process Builder, Taskspace),
Content Transformation Services, Content Migration and Upgrade
Documentum Certified Professionals
Practice and Solution Accelerators
EMC Partner Benefits
Support Forum
Technical Advisory
Evaluation of new products/components
Trigyn Confidential
Trigyn’s EMC2 Competency Matrix
EMC Documentum Product Suite
Documentum Project Management
Architecting Documentum Applications
xCelerated Composition Platform (xCP)
Webtop Customizations (WDK)
Documentum Administration
Content Transformation Services
Print Control Services
PDF Annotation Services
My Documentum Offline
Documentum Reporting Services (DRS)
Migration and Upgrade
Archive Services for SAP
Records Manager
Integration with Open Source
Trigyn Confidential
Enterprise Content Management Capabilities
Consulting Services
Solution Offering
Solution Approach
 Enterprise Portfolio
 ECM Strategy & Roadmap
 Solution Architecture
 Information Architecture
 ECM – Quick Wins
 Document Management &
Best Practices
 Information Security
 Training
 Portals & Collaboration (Intranet,
Extranet, Public Website)
 Knowledge Management
 Document & Records Management
 Web Content Management
 Business Process Management &
Workflow applications
 Migration, Integration with SAP
ERP, Lotus Notes
 Custom Development & Central
 Project Planning, Execution
 Practice Accelerators &
Architecture Assessment
 Business Analysis
 Logical Architecture
 Development, Staging
Environment Setup
 Prototyping, POCs
 Iterative Development,
Testing & Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance
Staff Augmentation
 Processes & Guidelines
 Functional Testing
 Unit, System & Integration
 Website Optimization &
Performance testing
Onsite resources
Dedicated off-shore development teams
Contract to Hire
Specialized Consulting
Trigyn Confidential
Trigyn ECM Capabilities
Established Center of Excellence
ECM Consulting - Architecture assessment and implementation roadmap
4 Sr. Documentum Specialists with over 8 years of experience in various
EMC products.
Over 50 resources on various ECM implementation projects
Over 8 projects on EMC2 Documentum, with largest Documentum
implementation for United Nations (Office of Legal Affairs)
Over 12 projects on Microsoft SharePoint (2007, 2010)
Competence in Architecture (Information, Solution and Technical)
Integrated Project Management and Business Analysis
Training on SharePoint and EMC2 Documentum
Focused Line of Business
Trigyn Confidential
TSIPS (Treaty Section Information & Publishing)
Client Concerns & Business Challenges
Lack of support for legacy system,
Need for architecture and guidance for migration & enhancements
Lack of in-house expertise on EMC2 Documentum
Offshore development
Solution Approach
Architecture assessment and implementation roadmap
Dedicated team at offshore, Business analysis at onsite
Quick wins with migration using custom module
Prototypes on integration & workflow scenarios
Upgrade path for Documentum (4.1 to 5.3, 5.3 to 6.6)
Setup up development & staging environments
UAT, Lessons Learnt for each milestone phases
Trigyn Confidential
TSIPS (Treaty Section Information & Publishing)
Execution Methodology
Onsite-offshore development, maintenance & support
Architecture and planning
Agile Iterations for development and testing
Integrated Project Management with Digite – Scheduling, Issue Tracking
& Resolution, Change Management, Configuration Management,
Deployment & Release schedules
Maintenance and Production support
Centralized repository for legal instruments ( 1 million plus, in 6 languages)
Improved productivity and efficiency for Publishing lifecycle
Increased cost benefits without compromise on skills and quality
Effective web content management and search platform for Treaties &
Template-based generation of key artifacts (e.g. UNTS Reports, Registration
letter, MEMO etc.)
Publication using Adobe, Aspose third party products
Trigyn Confidential
uniDocs - Document Management & Collaboration
Business Need
A reusable framework on Documentum
Enforce standards and policies defined by ECM governance body
Centralized repository for shared drives and unstructured data
Trigyn’s Solution
Business analysis and stakeholder buy-in
Architect, design and develop the solution framework
Reusable framework
Documentum 6.5 SP3, Webtop 6.6, DA 6.5 SP2, BOCS 6.5 SP3, Collaboration
Services, Import manager 6.5, Indexing Server, Composer 6.6, Captiva
InputAccel 6.0 SP1.
Trigyn Confidential
SmartOffice - Correspondence Management
Business Need
A management information system to automate the correspondence
between various departments in the Office of Secretary General
Institutional knowledge base for all future correspondences
Intuitive User Interface
Trigyn’s Solution
Onsite-offshore execution model
Design and develop the solution proposing best-fit Documentum xCP
Agile methodology
Reusable framework
Documentum 6.5 SP3, TaskSpace 6.6, Forms Builder 6.6, DA 6.5 SP2, Index
Server, Composer 6.6, Process Builder 6.5 SP3, Process Integrator 6.5 SP3, BAM
6.5, Captiva InputAccel 6.0 SP1.
Trigyn Confidential
Case Studies – SharePoint 2010
Knowledge Management &
Collaboration Platform
for UN Women
SharePoint 2010 as Enterprise
Content Management
•Trigyn is designing and developing a
feature rich, user friendly and better
organized knowledge platform
(replacing existing intranet and share
drives); with basic networking and
collaborative capabilities; pilot
workflows; and the overall architecture,
governance structure and roles and
responsibilities. The phased approach
will include implementation of MySites
and Collaboration, Enterprise Search in
addition to department specific
business processes and workflows.
•Trigyn is involved in the end-to-end
solution, design and implementation of
SharePoint 2010 as an enterprise
content management platform
covering intranet, extranet and public
website (multi lingual). Trigyn is
collaborating with client IT team to
identify, streamline the various
business processes and workflows
around document management &
publications. SharePoint 2010 will be
used as enterprise search platform for
various file shares, intranet and public
sites. Trigyn plans to leverage the
meeting workspaces & collaboration to
encourage effective outreach and
•Trigyn proposed the use of SharePoint
2010 as an integrated enterprise
platform for the new Intranet and
Extranet. The client has shown keen
interest in using SharePoint 2010
Internet presence architecture for their
public website as well. Trigyn is
executing the project using its proven
onsite-offshore model. Microsoft
Consulting Services is providing
guidance and review on the project
artifacts & deliverables like Information
Architecture, Deployment Plan etc.
SharePoint 2010 based Intranet
•Trigyn presented the business case for
the adoption of Microsoft SharePoint
2010. The workflows being
implemented streamline and automate
the current manual business processes.
Trigyn Confidential
•The Intranet is being enhanced and
redesigned using Sharepoint 2010 ECM
platform to offer a more collaborative,
knowledge management platform for
staff spread across regions and country
offices. The new intranet shall serve as
a central access point for corporate
business processes, services, and
policies (rationalized Intranet), in
addition to incorporating requirements
from various stakeholders and business
•Trigyn worked on branding, Look and
feel, creating custom webparts,
features, customizations, migration to
Sharepoint 2010 and support
SharePoint 2010 – Agile Point Integration
 Intuitive, User
 Effective Tracking &
 Notification and
Digitization & Records Management
Solution for UNMIN (Digitization of Electoral Forms)
Automatic scanning and digitization of paper documents using InputAccel.
Quality control by separating the user tasks for scanning and checking
Automatic indexing by dynamically capturing document metadata.
Search of metadata and content of scanned documents, enabling improved
data mining and information management, and capability to locate and
retrieve documents.
Compliance with enterprise standards of Information Management from
implementing the Peacekeeping File Classification Schema (PK FCS).
Trigyn Confidential
Digitization & Records Management
DAS (Digital Archiving Solution) was designed to export the updated
metadata from scanned documents to the document repository in
SharePoint. The system is integrated with MC Captiva Input Accel 6.0
to support scanning and routing of the documents to the appropriate
folder in the SharePoint repository.
Provides automatic creation of ARMS-compliant metadata naming
conventions in the system when the documents are digitized.
Provides better navigation of the content stored in the system.
Better user access and role management.
Automatic Email sent to the user based upon the expiry date of the
document in the system.
Digitization Vendors:
Trigyn Confidential
Managed Services
 Managed Services: Onsite support services that can range from 8hrs shift to
24x7, depending on the customer requirements
Service Desk / Incident Support: Call logging / raising incident tickets.
Desktop, Laptops, Peripheral Support: End User Support
Server Management: L1, L2 support as per customer needs, SLAs.
Network Management: L1, L2 support as per customer needs, SLAs.
Vendor Management: Warranty / AMC maintenance of all the IT
equipment on behalf of customer.
 Asset Management: Management of change of /in IT Assets.
 Software / Application Management: Troubleshooting / fixing the issues
related to Software and Applications.
 Tools: HP-OpenView, IBM Tivoli, CA NMS, Nagios, SolarWinds
Case Study - Managed Services
7 year multi-million dollar contract for a World Governmental Organization
Sole provider of skilled IT and ICT consultants
Services across multiple locations, including the Mission Offices, Headquarters
in North America, Brindisi (Italy), Entebbe (Africa) and Valencia (Spain).
Dedicated team at Mumbai development center.
Job Descriptions
Information Technology - 47%
1. Information Technology Technician
2. Lotus Notes Administrator Technician
3. Lotus Notes Developer Technician
4. Local Area Network (LAN) Technician
5. Wide Area Network (WAN) Technician
6. Application Administrator
7. Web designer
8. Web developer
9. Linux/UNIX Systems Administrator
10. Cabling Technician
Communications - 50%
11. Broadcasting Transmission Technician
12. Ericsson PABX Telephone Technician
13. Broadcasting Studio Technician
14. Satellite Communication Technician
15. VHF/UHF and HF Communications
16. Rigging Technician
General - 3%
17. Billing assistant
18. Team leader (Administration)
19. Secretarial Assistants
20. Green Energy Consultants
Trigyn Value Add
• Smooth Transition
• Resource
Scalability from
150 to 450+
• Reliability &
Adherence to SLAs
• Responsiveness
Managed Services – Global Deployment
• Network certifications:
• System Certifications :
• Database certifications :
• Security certifications:
• Process certifications:
ITIL, Six Sigma
• Architecting skills:
• Specialized Consulting:
Disaster Management & Recovery,
Information Security
Upto 5
5 to 12
Above 12
Team Strength : 450+
Case Study - Remote Infrastructure Support
Messaging Infrastructure Support to World Governmental Organization
remotely for 160 Country Offices, which covers –
Sun One Directory Server
Sun One Messaging Server 5.x (MS Outlook as client)
Sun One Calendar Server 6.0 (Client – browser interface, MS Outlook Connector)
Symantec Mail Security Gateway for SMTP Gateway
LYRIS Technical Support
Migration from Sun One to Microsoft Exchange in over 80 Offices
Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 Technical Support (Option 3)
Trigyn Value Add
Approximately 15,000 users (20,000 mailboxes), of which
approximately 12,000 email users are from the country offices.
User base – Approx. 10K are staff and the rest are external
(e.g., government officials, contractors, former staff).
 24 x 7 Support is provided by any of the 3 channels as • Mail, Skype Chat, VoIP Phone
• Responsiveness
• Optimum Resource
• Deliver MORE for Less
Without Significant
Increase in cost
Trigyn Differentiator
Clients can benefit from Trigyn’s key strengths governed around  Domain knowledge
 Best practices and solution accelerators
 Partnership approach
 Resource depth
 Successful delivery of all ECM Engagements with proven track record
 Passion to excel and innovate
Trigyn Confidential
Best Practices – Integrated Project Management
Trigyn has implemented an integrated project management tool
called Digite. This is also been shared with few customers focal
points to ensure transparency and better coordination.
 This is used by projects across Trigyn for effectively executing,
monitoring and controlling the project by synchronizing
 Process templates adhering to ISO 9001 and CMMi processes
 Dashboards with snapshot on schedule, effort, project metrics
for oversight by Senior Management, Software Engineering
Process Group (SEPG) and Software Quality Assurance Group
 Centralized repository for all project related artifacts,
documentation including risk plan, configuration
management, test plan and audits
 Timesheets, Defect Management, Issue Tracking & Change
Management for work packages
Trigyn Confidential
Client Feedback …
Coming together is a Beginning,
staying together is Progress,
working together is Success.
~ Henry Ford
Trigyn Confidential
Coming together is a Beginning,
Staying together is Progress, and
Working together is Success.
~ Henry Ford
Trigyn Confidential