Use Case 18

Use Case 18
Care Theme: HIT Innovations
Use Case Medical Device Integration – Completing the Last Mile
Primary Goal: To show research that enables seamless standards-based connectivity starting from a patient’s medical device
interface to the electronic medical record (EMR) and to clinicians (device alarms) – completing the last mile of end-toend medical device integration – potentially unleashing clinical innovation and lowering overall costs.
Key Points:
• Standards-based capabilities can be integrated directly into the medical device – the “last mile of connectivity.”
• An infusion-pump reference design is used to show information flow using current and emerging standards
 Simulated Patient Controlled Analgesia (PCA) infusion Pump data shall be communicated to an EMR, ensuring full semantic
consistency and correct communication of alarms to clinicians.
• Device platforms, software and tools that greatly facilitate system implementation and deployment are becoming available.
• Tools support interoperable device development, integration and validation of standards conformance.
IHE Profiles & Actors
• Research on standards-enabled technology is becoming available to provide solutions that remove the need to deploy proprietary medical
device interoperability solutions.
I.T. Infrastructure (ITI)
West Health Institute, NIST
West Health Institute, NIST
West Health Institute, NIST
West Health Institute, NIST
Wind River, West Health Inst.
Wind River, West Health Inst.
Time Client
Alarm Reporter
Device Observation Reporter & Consumer
Device Observation Reporter & Consumer
Infusion Pump – PCA (Agent & Manager)
Device Specialization – Infusion Pump – PCA
(Agent & Manager)
Patient Care Device (PCD)
* Profile under development, target publication for Trial Implementation: 2013/2014 cycle
Supportive Vendors
GE Healthcare
Philips Healthcare
Accepts messages from the DEC/Device Observation Reporter
(DOR) into an electronic medical record (EMR) application for
review by clinicians.
Accepts messages from the ACM/Alarm Reporter and routes
them through a cellular enterprise messaging service provider
to a clinician’s smart phone. (ACM AM & AC actors)
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