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Peruvian Canadian
Chamber of Commerce
July 10th, 2014
1. Export Tools in Brief
2. Overview of DFATD and the
Canadian Trade Commissioner
Service – Services / Partner
3. Announcement: Canada Trade
Mission to Bogota and Lima – August
1. Export Tools in Brief
– Trade Data Online – Canada-Peru top
exports and imports
– Canadian Importers Database
Who has used these tools ?
Trade Data Online
• Trade Data Online provides customs-based
statistics on international trade in goods to
help you:
Find new import or export markets;
Determine competition for your products;
Discover a country's trade balance;
Find out what products countries are importing,
exporting or re-exporting throughout the world
Canadian Importers Database
• provides lists of companies importing goods into
Canada, by product, by city, and by country of origin
• consists of firms that import specific products into
Canada through Customs
• database consists of the names of the companies as
well as their locations (city, province and postal code)
• Companies include both Customs Brokers and their
clients and also includes Non-Resident Importers
(companies which have addresses outside of Canada)
• Note: not every product or country is included
2. Canadian Trade Commissioner Service:
Who Are We?
• Federal government: The commercial branch of Foreign
Affairs, Trade and Development Canada (DFATD)
• Our mission: to advance Canada’s commercial interests
around the world; to help Canadian companies succeed
• A worldwide network of international business
development professionals, with preferred access to
business knowledge and contacts
• Our global presence:
– At home: Five Regional Offices across Canada
– Abroad: 150 offices in 101 countries with over 900 trade
• DFATD has embassies and trade offices in most
• All territories (even those not listed) are covered
by an embassy or consulate
• Full list with contact details at:
Our Global Presence:
Over 150 trade offices around the world to serve your company
DFATD/TCS Extensive Network
An excellent network in Canada and internationally to
serve Canadian business:
• Export Development Canada (EDC) (Export
• Canadian Commercial Corporation (CCC) and
Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC)
• Ontario gov’t – Ministry of Economic Development
• Industry associations/ Business associations (eg.
• Bilateral organizations (eg. Peru-Canada Chamber of
What We Do :
Our 4 Client Services
Prepare for International Markets
Assessing Market Potential
Finding Qualified Contacts
Resolving Problems
These services are free of charge to our clients
Client Definition: company is incorporated in Canada; has a
product, service or technology with at least 50%
Canadian content; has researched and selected their
target market and is committed to exporting
Partner Programs
• Ontario Chamber of Commerce:
– Export Market Access Program
• Export Development Canada
– Receivables insurance; buyer financing; credit checks
on buyers; political risk insurance
• Ontario Ministry of Economic Development, Employment
and Infrastructure
– Trade Missions & other initiatives
DFATD Ontario Office – Staff Responsibilities
Sustainable Technologies (Environment)
Sustainable Technologies (Renewable Energy)
Financial Services
ICT: Wireless, Telecom
ICT: Gaming, Software
Life Sciences: Biotech/ Med Devices
Mining and Building Products
Asia, Africa, Mideast
Europe, Americas
Waterloo Region
Oil and Gas / Transportation
Advanced Manufaturing Technologies
Business and Professional Services
Note: Food & Beverage handled by Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada (Guelph)
Viktoria Palfi
Charlotte Garay
Danielle Bieber
Eleonore Rupprecht
Pratima Rao
Suzanne Drisdelle
Neil Robinson
Lisa Pogue
Maria Stihovic
Bill Macheras
Robin MacNab
Jane Rooney
Ed Wang
Nadia Schauer
C.J. Scott
Marc Pepin
Simon Gittens
Serving Canadian clients on-line:
3. Canada Trade Mission to
Bogota and Lima
• Led by Minister of International Trade, the
Honourable Ed Fast
• August 10th- 15th, 2014
• Sectors:
– oil and gas equipment and services
– mining equipment and technology
– defence and security
• More info:
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