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Re.: Presentation for Contact Center Services
Dear Gentlemen,
We are pleased to submit our AWT Contact Center presentation.
We thank Qatar Airways for your interest and for the opportunity to provide a quality service
that will meet your needs.
We also extend our commitment and dedication as we have done throughout our long-standing
trajectory in the industry.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information
Marcelo Rodríguez
Managing Director
Air World Travel Contact Center
The Company
 Who we are :
A group of proffesional experts in the international airline industry, focused on
quality customer service and direct sales, with offices in Brazil, Argentina, Perú,
Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Panamá, and USA.
Managing Director - Marcelo Rodríguez
Over 30 years in the industry. Currently Legal Travel Representative of Tame, Conviasa,
Hahn Air, Emirates, Aerolíneas Argentinas and Aeroméxico in several countries.
Manager - Leonardo Zanoni
Over 20 years in the industry, including Varig, Vasp, Ecuatoriana de Aviación, and Taca.
He currently represents Tame, Hahn Air, and Conviasa in Argentina.
The Company
 Who we are:
Operating International Manager - Cayetano Cornes García
Over 30 years in the industry, including Varig, Vasp, Ecuatoriana de Aviación, Lloyd
Aéreo Boliviano, and TAM/ LAN, where he established several Reservations
departments and International Call Centers.
Marketing Manager - Rene Weinberg
Over 40 years in the industry, including 32 years in various positions at Lufthansa in
different countries. He also served in Spanair and EL AL.
Sales Manager - Andres Lorenzeti
Over 30 years in the industry, including several positions at Aerolíneas Argentinas,
Austral, Lapa, and Iberia in various countries.
The Company
 Where are we:
- Strategically located in the City of Buenos Aires
- Downtown offices with high operational infrastructure
- High safety and health standards
- Technical design
 What we do:
We satisfy the operational needs of Commercial Airlines in Latin America,
the Caribbean, USA, and Europe though our high-tech service.
The Company
 Objective:
To foster airline presence in the market
 Vision:
To provide the best Call Center support in the industry
 Values:
We work with a team that values experience, ethics, quality,
effectiveness, engagement, and customer profitability and satisfaction
The Company
Main pillars of our success as
provider of call center outsourcing
solutions for airline customers
Operation / Perfomance Profile
Line staff trained in multiple functions
Hours: 365 days, 24 hours a day (America, Caribe, Europe)
Reports : AHT-Abandon Level-Calls Route Country – Call flow Curve of credit cards sales
Scope of service: Tailored to client’s needs
Service Level: Average 70/30, adapted to the product
Teams handle inbound and outbound activities
Back Office: Special Service - Frequent Flyers - Website - Reissues - Rates - Chat - Email –
Queue management
 Customer Service (SAC) in Portuguese, English, and Spanish
 Customer Service organized by country and language
 Quality Control: Call recording and online verification
Asterisk software platform is the most powerful, flexible and extensible telecommunications
available today. It is designed to interface to any piece of phone hardware or software phone.
 Integrated voice mail whith email
 Music on hold
 Call recording
 Queue Management
 Call waiting
 Easily scalable
 Conference rooms
Asterisk Server Communications
Extranet for Customers
SLA: Support levels
Communication 0800-0810
Human Resources
Colleagues whith extensive experience in the Commercial Airline industry
Bilingual and trilingual staff (English, Spanish, Portuguese)
Standardization: Comprehensive care of Paxs from all countries
In-house training
Local recruting
Team Focus: Info / Resolutions / Sales
Personalized coaching
Opportunities for proffesional advancement
Reports and Statistics to Senior Management
Online operational auditing
Daily and historical statistics
Management/case unit reports
Call traffic reports
Records by country / language
Operating perfomance analysis
Reports are tailored to the client’s operational and comercial needs
Thank you