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Automated Commercial Environment (ACE)
Export Processing In ACE
William Delansky
Cargo Control & Release, ACE Business Office
March 18, 2014
ACE Progress
31% faster truck
processing with ACE
More than 255,000 ACE
Cargo Release/
Simplified Entries filed
More than 26% of entry
summaries filed and
69% of duties and fees
collected in ACE
courier/printing costs
saving each participant
8 PGAs receiving
data via ACE
Mandatory Dates for Transition to ACE
 May 1, 2015: Mandatory use of ACE for Manifest - All electronic
export and import manifest data must be transmitted via ACE
 November 1, 2015: Mandatory use of ACE for Cargo Release and
related Entry Summary filings - All data associated with the release
of cargo, including PGA interactions, and the associated Entry
Summaries, must be transmitted via ACE
 October 1, 2016: Mandatory use of ACE for all remaining portions
of the CBP cargo process
Deployment C Overview
(Scheduled for release April 5, 2014)
Cargo Release
• Certified From Summary
• Integration of Truck shipments (basic processing)
• Expansion of Ocean and Rail shipments to include advanced processing
Entry Summary
• Entry Summary Validations – Complex Duty Calculations and
Merchandise Processing Fee
• Re-engineered Automated Export System, including regulatory changes
for Bureau of Industry and Security and Census
Key Dates - Exports
 October - March 2014
AES legacy and ACE/AES dual processing incoming Trade filings
 January 15, 2014
CERT environment ready for trade testing
 March 22, 2014
Export commodity functionality is operationally deployed in ACE/AES for CBP
and PGAs (No Trade Impact)
Includes all current AES legacy functionality including Option 4 Post
Departure Filing
AES legacy turned off
 April 5, 2014
Census regulation changes integrated in new ACE/AES
Advance Export Information (AEI) functionality available but not turned on
pending Census/OFO FRN and pilot start date
AES Reengineering
 Implement a single window in the reengineered AES
that allows the CBP user to view all commodity,
enforcement, licensing and findings data from a
single application.
 Leverage ACE functionality development on imports to
provide a means in exports for additional services for
CBP, PGAs and the trade community.
AES Enhancements - Census
 Bureau of the Census: The reengineered AES will
include the following enhancements for Census
Bureau regulatory changes:
• Post-departure filing times changed from Ten (10) to Five (5)
calendar days from the date of exportation
• Added Ultimate Consignee Type and Added License Value
• Foreign Trade Zone Identifier increased from Five to Seven
alpha-numeric characters
CBP/OFO Advance Export Information (AEI)
 January 31, 2014 – CBP/OFO published a Federal Register Notice
announcing an AEI pilot that sets forth the eligibility requirements and
details of the pilot.
• AEI will require the filing of 10-12 data elements pre-departure with the
remaining data elements to be filed 5 days after departure/export.
• AEI functionality will be available in the new ACE/AES platform.
• However the AEI functionality will not be turned on in the new ACE/AES
platform until Census and CBP evaluate the results of the pilot and approve
the deployment of AEI in ACE/AES.
• The existing AES post-departure filing option (Option 4) will be available in
the new ACE/AES platform. (for all existing & approved Option 4 filers)
AES Enhancements - BIS
 Bureau of Industry and Security
• Development of license decrementation capability
within the reengineered AES platform.
• Provide a placeholder for the potential expansion of the Export
Control Classification Number (ECCN) in support of possible
future regulatory changes.
• Development of better validations and edits on license data
to enhance processing of filings and notifications.
Export Manifest
 Export Manifest Foundation Builds
• Air Export Manifest (initial EDI capabilities)
• Ocean Manifest
• Rail Manifest
 Export Manifest Baseline Development:
• The AES development team is working closely with the Air,
Rail, Ocean and Truck groups to identify electronic export
manifest filing functionality for all modes
Export Manifest IGs
ACE - Automated Commercial Environment Technical Information
These files provide the technical requirements for interfacing with ACE,
including ABI-CATAIR, AIR-CAMIR, Sea and Rail-CAMIR and ANSI X12,
and Truck e-Manifest-ANSI X12 and UNIEDIFACT.
• ACE Automated Broker Interface and CBP and Trade Interface
Requirements (CATAIR)
• ACE Export Manifest Implementation Guides
• ACE Import Ocean Manifest Implementation Guides
• ACE Import Electronic Truck Manifest Implementation Guides
• ACE Import Rail X12 Implementation Guide