Sri Lanka

Opportunities for Cooperation on
Technical Aspects for Sri Lanka under the
Electricity & Petroleum sub Sector
Development Policy – Sri Lanka
Prof. K.Kapila C. K. Perera
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Moratuwa
Energy Demand - 2011
Primary Energy Supply
Electricity- Installed Capacity
Off Grid Estimates
Future plans (Electrical
and Petroleum Sub Sector's
Sri Lanka – The Emerging
Wonder of Asia
Ministry of Finance and Planning - 2010
Opportunities under the
Present Vision in the two Sub
Sectors (Electricity &
Summery Electrical Energy Vision
• Setting up of coal fired power plants and hydro power plants to promote low cost
• Hydro power projects: 35 MW at Broadlands, 120 MW at Uma Oya, 27 MW at
Moragolla and 49 MW at Gin Ganga.
• Rehabilitation of the existing hydro power plants to stabilize their capacity of 1115
• Setting up of pump storage hydro power plants to stand by as a supportive source
of electricity, to be utilized during peak hours.
• A high voltage transmission line of 400 MW capacity between India and Sri Lanka
is to be erected for the purpose of exchanging electricity.
• The high cost oil fired operation technology in thermal power plants to be
replaced with low cost LNG technology.
• New LNG power plants.
• A feasibility study examining the possibility of establishing the nuclear power
plants in the country will be carried out.