Research Interests

Research Interests
of the York University
Faculty of Liberal Arts and Professional Studies
September 5, 2014
Meet Us
 Pilar Carbonell
 Lee Li
 Manfred Maute
 Louise Ripley
 Alexander Rusetski
 Kim Snow
 Andreas Strebinger
 Jodie Whelan
Know What We Teach
(NOT this Misunderstanding of Marketing)
Know Some Common Marketing Terms
If you see a gorgeous woman at a party and you say
to her, “Hi, I am very rich. Marry me!” that is Direct
If she walks up to you and says, “Hi, you are very rich. I
want to marry you” that is Brand Recognition.
If you call her the next day and say, “I am very rich. Marry
me” that is Telemarketing.
If she slaps your face when you say, “Marry me” that is
Customer Feedback.
Lee Li – Fifteen Words
(on a more serious note)
Professor Li maintains, If you know a topic, you can describe
it in 15 or so words.
Here’s a set for
Some of our Favourite Research Titles
Pilar Carbonell
 Favourite Paper Titles
Carbonell, P. and A. I. Rodriguez-Escudero (2014)
“Antecedents and Consequences of Using Information From
Customers Involved in New Service Development”. Journal of
Business and Industrial Marketing 29(2):112 – 122
Carbonell, P. and A. I. Rodriguez-Escudero (2013)
“Management Control, Role Expectations and Job Satisfaction
of New Product Development Teams: The Moderating Effect of
Participative Decision-Making”. Industrial Marketing
Management 42(2):248-259
Lee Li
 Favourite Paper Titles
Li, Lee (2013) "Liability of Country Foreignness and
Liability of Regional Foreignness: Their Effects
on Geographic Diversification and Firm
Performance”. Journal of International Business Studies
This project investigated the differences between home region
diversification and host region diversification.
Li, Lee (2014) “Inconsistencies in International Product
Strategies and Firm Performance”. Journal of
International Marketing 22(3): In press
This project examined firms' product strategies across countries.
Manfred Maute
 Favourite Paper Titles
Kong, Raymond T. and Manfred F. Maute (2012)
“Modeling the Effects of Socio-Demographic,
Psychographic and Relationship Characteristics on Share
of Wallet for Financial Services”. Journal of Business and
Naumenko, Olga and Manfred F. Maute. “Contrasting
General/Observable and Product-Specific/Unobservable
Approaches to Market Segmentation of a Value
Expressive Financial Service”. Forthcoming in Journal of
Service Science
Louise Ripley
 Favourite Paper Titles
Ripley, M Louise
(2011) “Plato, Socrates, Hunt, and Rotfeld: Eigenforms of
Academic Collaboration”. The Journal of Systemics,
Cybernetics and Informatics 9(5):18-23
Ripley, M Louise (2013) “Argument, Advertising, Ethics,
and Dogs: MultiModal Argumentation Once More With
Feeling”. Seventh International Multi-Conference on
Society, Cybernetics and Informatics, IMSCI 2013. Special
Tract on Interdisciplinary Research, Education and
( (July)
Alexander Rusetski
 Favourite Paper Titles (Alex is on sabbatical)
Rusetski, A. (2014) “Pricing by Intuition: Managerial
Choices with Limited Information”. Journal of Business
Research 67(8):1733
Rusetski, A., J. Andrews, and D.C. Smith (2014)
“Unjustified Prices: Environmental Drivers of Managers'
Propensity to Overprice”. Academy of Marketing Science
Journal 42(4):452-469
Kim Snow
 Favourite Paper Topics
Services Marketing
Andreas Strebinger
 Favourite Paper Titles
Strebinger, Andreas (2011) Brand Architecture - Strategies
Between a House of Brands and a Branded House As Well As
Between Local and Global Brands. 2nd edition. Wiesbaden
(Germany) [in German]. Gabler Edition Wissenschaft: 632
Strebinger, Andreas (2014) Rethinking Brand Architecture: A
Study on Industry, Company- and Product-Level Drivers of
Branding Strategy. Forthcoming in European Journal of
Marketing. Volume 48(9/10)
Jodie Whelan
 Favourite Paper Titles
Whelan, Jodie, Miranda R. Goode, June Cotte, and Matthew
Thomson. “The Consumer Regulation Scale: Strategies for
Regulating Responses to Consumption Cues, under review at
Journal of Consumer Psychology
Whelan, Jodie, Allison R. Johnson, Tara C. Marshall, and
Matthew Thomson. “Relational Domain Switching:
Consumption Relationships Compensate for Interpersonal
Insecurity”. Under review at Journal of Consumer Research
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