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Lions Quest
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Istanbul 2013
Michael Di Maria
Educational Programs Specialist
Lions Quest
and Overview
Why Lions Quest?
It is easier to build strong children than to repair
broken men. —Frederick Douglass
What if Lions Could…
• Give kids the strength to resist drugs and alcohol,
and make good choices
• Help children develop positive skills
• Bring parents and communities together to
support education
• Help children develop skills necessary to succeed
in the 21st Century
• Prepare the next generation of service volunteers
Lions Quest
Life skills program of Lions Clubs International
Foundation (LCIF)
For students from kindergarten to grade 12
Classroom curriculum that may be integrated into
existing courses or taught on its own
Connects school, home and community
Adapted for culture concerns in each country
What is Lions Quest?
Lions Quest is a research-based, K-12 positive youth
development program.
• Responsible decision making
• Goal setting and accountability
• Positive relationships
• Service learning
• Effective communication
Benefits of Lions Quest
Benefits to Youth
• Increasing academic
• Building social and
emotional skills
• Developing character
• Experiencing service to
• Understanding responsible
decision making
Lions Quest around the World
• Lions Quest activity in 85 countries
• Translated into 36 languages
• More than 550,000 educators trained
• Over 13,000,000 youth served
Lions Quest
Lions Quest activity in 85 countries
How is Lions Quest implemented?
Implementation Cycle:
Training of
teachers and staff
Staff receives
Progress is monitored
and tracked
Program is implemented
in schools & community
Where do Lions fit in?
Training of
teachers and staff
Staff receives
Progress is monitored
and tracked
Program is implemented
in schools & community
Benefits to Lions
Lions are the Natural Partners of Lions Quest
• Lions Quest is a practical extension of the service ethic of Lionism
• Lions Quest is fully owned and managed by Lions
• Local Lion participation is critical to introducing the program to
schools and raising funds
• Lions Quest educates the next generation about the value of service
and goals of Lionism
• Increase visibility of Lionism and youth programs
LCIF Support For Lions
LCIF offers three different levels of grant funding
1. Promotional Grants ($1000 US)
2. Community Partnership Grants ($10,000 US)
3. Core 4 Grants (up to $100,000 US)
LCIF Support
August 2013 Lions Quest Advisory Committee Meeting
• 26 LCIF grants awarded for Lions Quest projects,
totaling US$1,450,133.
• This is the largest total grant amount ever awarded
to Lions Quest projects!
Lions Quest Toolkit
 Lions are the outside “sales force” of the program.
 Goal to empower and support Lions at club and district
level to advocate and grow the program successfully.
 We want to do it BETTER.
Lions Quest Toolkit
Toolkit organized into 3 parts:
Process details
Ongoing support
Lions Quest Toolkit
Interactive Component: Lions Learning from Lions
• Roles of in-country Foundation
• Club involvement
• Raising Local funds
• Adaptation and translation
• Grant application
• Implementation strategies
Curriculum Revision
Addressing the Needs of Today’s Youth
• Modernize the content
• Provide user-friendly, flexible options for different
implementation needs
• Provide online/electronic options
• Make the program easier for Lions to both understand and
• Provide electronic files for easy translation and adaptation
Curriculum Revision
• Increase student involvement with more
expansive student package
• Reduce instructor workload and management with
a smaller, more strategic teacher package
• Reduce teacher prep time with PowerPoint
presentations, whiteboard and tablet-based
activity options
Energizer App
To learn more visit
Are You Ready?
But it all starts with one
• Get one club to sponsor one school
• Organize one workshop to train teachers
• Donate materials to one classroom
• Start one “Lions Quest Lions Club” with
teachers and parents
• Conduct one Lions Quest awareness
Are You Ready?
 If you believe that education is not just
during the school hours…
 If you believe that education must involve
the entire community…
 If you believe that children need new
skills for a changing world…
 If you believe that Lions have a unique
role to play in helping youth…
Then you can support Lions Quest
It All Starts With The First Step
 Learn about the program