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Web Conferences to develop awareness of the
Ministry of Education’s Financial Literacy Initiative
Financial Literacy…
Continuing the conversation
Secondary School Principals
Presented By
Mary Linton-Brady, Curtis Tye, Mary Cordeiro
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While you are waiting for the conference to begin,
please use the CHAT FUNCTION to:
 Introduce yourself and your team
 Identify your role and the roles of team members
 Indicate why you registered for this web conference
Session Goals
 To continue sharing practices that assist school
administrators in the purposeful implementation of
Financial Literacy in teaching and learning
 To learn about effective strategies to support
 To provide feedback to the Ministry of Education about
what else would be helpful to support implementation
What we heard during
the first webinar
 Some principals have started this work by using video
clips to start the conversation at staff meetings
 Principals wanted Financial Literacy to connect to other
elements of their current school plan such as character
development, equity and inclusive education,
environmental education
 Teachers have a vital role to play in making this
initiative engaging to students
 Tools are needed for principals to raise awareness of
financial literacy education with their school community
A Sound Investment
Definition of
Financial Literacy
“Having the knowledge and skills needed
to make responsible economic and
financial decisions with competence
and confidence.”
A Sound Investment: Financial Literacy in Ontario Schools (p. 7)
Financial Literacy Education
 Beginning this past fall, elementary and secondary students started
to learn more about how to make informed financial choices and
 The goal is to help students in grades 4-12 acquire the knowledge
and skills that will enable them to understand and respond to
complex issues regarding their own personal finances and the
finances of their families, as well as to develop an understanding of
local and global effects of world economic forces and the social,
environmental, and ethical implications of their own choices as
 This is an integrated approach to financial literacy education
based on existing curriculum. The Ministry is looking at a seamless
integration of financial literacy within existing curriculum – not the
creation of new courses or curriculum expectations.
Scope and Sequence
View Highlights Video
 New Ministry Highlights video for Secondary video
(show video)
Ontario Ministry of Education
EduGains web tour
 EduGAINS is the portal to resources developed and provided
through the Ministry of Education and focused on learning
 This site is for all teachers, Kindergarten to Grade 12
Resources available:
 Financial literacy background information and resources
 Videos clips showing teachers implementing financial literacy
across a broad range of grades and subjects, reflections from
teachers, administrators, students, parents, consultants and
 Viewers guides for school administrators, teachers and
professional learning facilitators
 Links to additional resources
EduGAINS Home Page
Financial Literacy GAINS
Home Page
Financial Literacy
Resources Overview
Financial Literacy
School Administrators
New Resources for
 Three New Viewer’s guides for administrators are in
development and will be posted on EduGAINS:
 Video highlights for administrators
 Voices of Secondary School Administrators
and School Leaders
 Introducing Financial Literacy to Parents:
Clips from the Secondary Financial Literacy Videos
Financial Literacy
Financial Literacy
Subject/Division Associations
Reflective Questions
As you are viewing the video, consider the following
questions and share using the chat function.
 How might you utilize the video clip content
and/or the other resource materials in order to
engage with your school community?
 What are you currently doing that you have found
particularly effective at your school?
Video Viewing Activity
Participants watch the video
Reflective Questions
 How might you utilize the video clip content
and/or the other resource materials in order to
engage with your school community?
 What are you currently doing that you have found
particularly effective at your school?
Please share using the chat function.
Video Viewing Activity
Implementation –
Strategies for Success
 How have you been able to – or how could you - move
plans for implementation of Financial Literacy forward?
 Consider:
Colleague Connections
Please share using the chat function.
For those who are just beginning…
 How could you use 10 minutes on your next staff
meeting agenda to show a video clip and have a
For those looking to go deeper…
 How could you link financial literacy to your school
plan and other school-wide initiatives?
Please share using the chat function.
Colleague Connections
 This is an integrated approach which means that it is not another
curriculum, but an opportunity to work with expectations in the
existing Ontario curriculum
 Could use this opportunity to examine how schools work as
 Opportunity to work in partnership with school board personnel to
connect students and staff with Board staff to build understanding
about the workings of a school within a Board
 Opportunity to connect to community businesses to extend
important financial understanding
First Steps for Principals/Staff
 Know your school community
 Build relationships/trust
 Mobilize resources
 Plan for parent/community involvement
 Plan for inclusion by addressing barriers - Keep equity
and inclusion in mind when planning
 Be relentless…it’s worth the effort!
Ways to engage students
 Simulations and Case studies
 School/Class Clubs, Excursions
 Student Council Activities
 Social Justice/Equity
 Critical Thinking/Decision Making
 Engaged Citizenship projects
Financial Literacy
Our Ongoing Commitment
 What is one action you will take as a result of
participating in this webinar?
 What is one area where you would like more
Please share using the chat feature.
Upcoming Professional
Learning Opportunities
Summer Financial Literacy Interactive
One-Day Workshop for Educators
Audience: Grades 4-12 Educators
Date: August 20, 2012
Location: Toronto
Cost: Free
To receive more information about this workshop email
Thank you for participating!
Planning Team
Mary Linton Brady, OPC
Mary Cordeiro, CPCO
Lily Harfouche, ADFO
Denis Lanthier, ADFO
Curtis Tye, OPC