ICT_files/Bill`s New Frock - Book Report

A Book Report by Luke Carroll
Anne Fine wrote many great books as well as Bills New
Frock.She also wrote: The Diary of a Killer Cat, Flour
Babies, Step by Wicked Step and many others.
On one normal school morning, Bill
awoke to find that he was a girl! His
parents were treating him the same,
as was his cat. When he was going to
school, he came across Mean Malcom
and his gang. They whistled at him.
In school, while they were doing a
story, the bell rang for yard. There
he was out in the playground, when
he realised that all of the girls were
in the corners of the playground. He
went over to one of the groups of
girls and they said if he could kick
the ball through one of the windows,
he would get a wumpy choo but the
boys wouldn’t give him the ball.
The next yard they couldn’t go out.
This put the teacher in a bad mood.
The class ran to get a comic but they
were too rough which caused the
teacher to hand out the comics (and
we all know how that ends) - Bill
got a bad comic. He tried to swap
but nobody would. When he finally
got interested in the book, Aiden
wanted to swap! He said no, so they
ended up fighting in the class!
the book to find
out the ending!!!!!!!!
I liked this book very much because, it had
hard words and I like attempting to say them.
It was very funny but at the same time I
wouldn’t like to wake up as a girl myself!
I disliked this book because I felt it was nonuniversal. I felt that way because Anne Fine
used words such as wumpy choo. That is an
English phrase which confused me.
I would recommend this book to anybody
from the ages of 8 to 11