nordplus junior

Nordplus Junior
Asta Kundreckaitė
Education Exchanges Support Foundation
15 October, 2012
• All Nordplus programmes
• Nordplus Junior profile
• Actions in Nordplus Junior
• Finances
• Recomendations
• Steps to apply
All Nordplus programmes 2012-2016
0.9 million euro - collaboration across educational sectors
4 million euro higher education
2.4 million euro per year –
primary and secondary
1.1 million euro –
adult learning & liberal
0.6 million euro - Language teaching within all educational sectors
Countries in Nordplus
The Nordic Countries
Iceland, Norway, Sweden,
Finland and Denmark
The Baltic countries
Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania
The autonomous regions
Aland, Faroe Islands and
– as independent countries
Profile of Nordplus Junior
• grants for: mobility, projects and network
• no co-financing for mobility
• min. 25% co-financing for network and projects
• deadlines: 1 February and 1 October (only for PV)
• succesrate of 65%
- Developing co-operation and creating networks of schools
- Promoting the development of quality, creativity and innovation
in education
- Learning for all; to promote equal opportunities in inclusive
- Promoting knowledge and understanding about Nordic and
Baltic cultures, languages and ways of life
- Promoting co-operation between schools (including preschools) and working life
Target groups
- pre-schools
- primary schools
- secondary schools
- vocational schools
- schools for pupils with special needs
Individuals can not apply!
ACTIONS: Mobility activities
Preparatory visits (PV) – max. 5 days
Class exchange – 1-3 weeks
Pupil exchange and work experience – 1 week – 1 year
(individual stays, only for upper secondary, includes work
Teacher exchange (and other pedagogicial staff) - 1 week – 1 year
Minimum requirement: 2 schools from 2 countries
ACTIONS: Projects
Network – network building around a specific topic or issue.
Projects – partnerships with purpose to develop pedagogical and
didactic methods.
Minimum requirement: 3 schools from 3 countries
Grant for maximum 3 years
Finances – mobility
to/from Greenland
to/from Faroe Islands and Iceland
between other countries
Accomodation (for teachers only)
per day per person
per week
per month
The lump sum principle
No formal co-financing
Maximum rates
1.300 euro
660 euro
330 euro
70 euro
355 euro
1.065 euro
Finances – projects and networks
Calculate all costs (covered by Nordplus and by the co-financing)
max. financing - 75% of budget (min. co-financing - 25%)
Co-financing – time used in the project
Types of costs:
• travel & accomodation (project meetings)
• 5% administration and ”other costs”
• other costs: information and dissemination, printing, materials,
web site, seminars and conferences etc.
Not covered:
- overhead costs
- salaries
- office equipment (as IT)
- costs for activities outside Nordic or Baltic countries
Recomendations on class exchange
transparent description of objectives, activities and expected
results with a realistic budget
common project with a common theme, subject or issue and
parallel activities
common activity plan for the whole school year (before, between
and after the visits)
direct dialogue and cooperation between the pupils
visits must also focus on the project as well – here the pupils have
the opportunity to interact, work together, present their work to
each other
General recomendations
• start the planning in time
• make use of preparatory visit
• make use of the partner seach database
• find partner school(s)
• develop a project together with your partner(s)
• submit application - online application system (ARS)
• deadline - 1 February 2013
• answer to your application - appr. 1 June 2013
• activities take place in the school year 2013-2014
More information
Nordplus web site:
Contact information
Nordplus Handbook
Nordplus Partnersearch Database
Online application form (ARS – application and reporting system)
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