Ms. Decker`s Third- Grade Class

Guide to Volunteering
What is KeepnTrack?
KeepnTrack provides the following features:
• Web-based = Simplifies the process and increases the chances for more
• Automatically checks applicant’s information against the Federal Sex
Offender database.
• Organizes volunteer programs and ties volunteers to user-defined
activities and events.
• Tracks volunteer hours.
• Prints a visual, and secure name badges with volunteer name, sign-in
time, and activity type to ensure a high level of safety and security.
• Provides a Criminal Background Check feature for
Level A volunteers
How do I
become a volunteer?
 Sign up on-line at:
 Be sure to have a valid photo ID or
driver’s license
 Enter email address for application
 Select Level A (work one-on-one with
students, attend field trips) or Level B
What happens after I
complete the online
 Once you enter your email address on
the KeepnTrack volunteer application,
you will receive an email that your
application was received and an email
on approval status
How long does it take to be
approved to volunteer?
 The approval time may vary but
generally can take upwards of 4-6
weeks depending on the amount of
volunteers signing up.
How do I know when I can
begin volunteering?
 Once you are fully approved through
KeepnTrack, you will receive an email
with your volunteer status.
 If for any reason your application is not
approved, please contact District Security
at 321-633-1000 x 233
What are the different types
of volunteers?
 “A” Volunteer (Sexual Predator and Criminal
Background Check):
 $20.00 (valid for 3 years)
 Grandfathered in (free of charge) if fingerprinted after
January 1, 2012 – will expire January 1, 2016
 Work one-on-one or in small groups with students
 Attend field trips
 “B” Volunteer (Sexual Predator Check):
 Work in non-classroom environment (library, office, etc.)
 Work on school wide events (Morning Mile, 5K, etc.)
 Direct teacher supervision (parties, presentations, etc.)
What types of things do
volunteers do?
Assist in the classroom
Help with PTO events
Run copies
Go on field trips
Help in the media center, cafeteria, or
 Assist teacher with creating activities
Signing In and Out as a
Volunteer or Visitor
 Upon arriving at school, all visitors and
volunteers must sign in on the KeepnTrack
computer and scan photo ID
 Upon departing the school, all visitors and
volunteers must sign out on the
KeepnTrack computer and scan photo ID or
name badge
 This allows us to track volunteer hours and
ensure who is on campus at all times
How do I keep track of
hours I accrue at home?
 A form is available to you via the
Gemini PTO website:
 This form can be emailed to Jennifer
Julian at:
We ask our Volunteers to…
 Turn your Cell Phones Off.
 Always follow the Code of Ethics
 Dress to work with elementary students and
comply with the school’s dress code.
 Leave student discipline and incident
investigations to the teacher.
 Remember that parent conferences are to be
 Only use the copy machines during your
child’s teacher’s planning time.
 Always bring photo ID, sign in and out on
KeepnTrack computer and wear name
Privacy in and out of the
 During your volunteering
experiences, you must keep any
information learned about a student
or family confidential.
 Failure to do so may revoke your
volunteer status.
Blood borne Pathogens &
Hazardous Materials
 While volunteering, please make sure school
staff is notified if you come in contact with a
blood borne pathogen or hazardous
 Visitors and Volunteers should not give
medical care, these situations will be handled
by trained school personnel.
 In the event of an emergency, please follow
the school staff’s directions.
Thank you for giving us your
gift of time.
We appreciate the extra help you
provide for our
boys and girls, teachers, and school!
Have a Great Year!