Transition Night PowerPoint

Welcome Parents and Students
to the
Middle School and High School
Gifted Transition Meeting
Mrs. Vickie Hallock - Department Coordinator
Mrs. Lori Orihuel - Elementary Teacher of the Gifted
Mrs. Laura Stephan - Elementary Teacher of the Gifted
Mr. Jon Zimmerman - Elementary Teacher of the Gifted
Mrs. Amy D’Amico - Middle School Teacher of the Gifted
Mrs. Sallie Bookman - Facilitator of High School Gifted
Middle School
Mrs. D’Amico’s Role
Main teacher of Discover Classes
Coordinate Discover classes taught by other
teachers at both middle schools
Serve as an advocate for students to regular
education teachers and Cultural Arts teachers
Serve as Gifted Resource Teacher to regular
education teachers and Cultural Arts teachers
You have the right to choose
your level of participation in the
gifted program in the middle
Back to School Letter
The Back to School letter usually contains:
Greeting letter
Gifted Guidelines
Copies of class schedules for both semesters
Discover class offerings from Mrs. D’Amico
and other teachers within each school
Sign-up sheet
Parent GIEP input form
Middle School Gifted Guidelines
Program Guidelines for Middle School Gifted Students
Please read before making any class decisions.
You have the option to participate in Discover classes. Please carefully consider the
number of Discover classes you can handle based on the guidelines below. Choose the
right balance for you -- enrichment opportunities vs. class work to complete. Mrs. D’Amico
is available to help guide you.
• Avoid missing the same class more than once a cycle due to a Discover class. For
example, if you choose a class that meets during English, avoid choosing another Discover
class that meets during English on another cycle day.
• Minimize signing up for a Discover class during Cultural Arts classes since they do not
meet frequently. It can be difficult to keep up with the instruction, homework and tests.
Please do not chose a class or Cultural Arts class that only meets once a cycle. This is
NOT an option.
• If you are involved in instrumental music at school, keep in mind that you will miss
some classes for sectionals (small group instruction). This may influence how many
classes you choose.
• You are expected to attend all Discover classes for which you sign up. See the
teacher of the Discover class ahead of time if you feel you have a valid reason to
miss. (This should be rare!) Your classroom teacher may also contact the Discover
teacher to request an exception be made for a special event, speaker, etc.
• Ask your classroom teachers what work you need to make up. (This should only
be new material/major assignments/quizzes/tests and projects.) Do this the day
before the Discover class. Your teacher may not be able to give you the makeup
work at that time, so make sure you determine a time to pick up the work, take a
missed test, etc. On the day of your Discover class, you should be reporting to
your classroom teacher first to show your pass then you can report to your Discover
• Please let Mrs. D’Amico and your classroom teachers know if you have are
having trouble balancing the workload, and we will do our best to help you. Mrs.
D’Amico will also be checking on your grades, talking with your classroom teachers,
and discussing any concerns with you.
Please talk to Mrs. D’Amico and your classroom teachers if you feel you need an
exception to one of the above!
GIEPs are written during September and
October with input from parents, teachers
and the student.
Math Acceleration
Math does not have an individual goal in the
GIEP due to the leveling of classes in
middle school.
Field Trips as a small group and with the high
school gifted students
 Speakers
 Competitions within Discover and in school
 Lunch Bunch
 Career Exploration
Mrs. D’Amico’s Contact
Phone: Marticville: 284.4135 ext. 3397
Manor: 872.9510 ext. 3109
High School
Mrs. Bookman’s Role:
Advocate at the high school level
Liaison between student and teachers
Meet with counselor/student/parent for unique
Meet with Freshmen in one-on-one 30 minute
meetings (in mid-September)
Meet with upper classmen at the request of student
or in small groups
Encourage students to request meetings and
advocate for themselves
Discussion Items:
 Clubs
 Academic opportunities
 Volunteerism
Discussion continued
Field Trips
Local Colleges:
* Millersville University
* Franklin & Marshall
* Susquehanna University
* Seton Hill University
* University of Pennsylvania
Mrs. Bookman’s Contact
Phone: PMHS: 872.9520 ext. 1204