About the Student Assistance Program PowerPoint

The Northley Student Assistance
Team is a group of administrators,
teachers, counselors, healthcare
and community mental health
professionals who aim to identify
students whose family problems,
mental health concerns, alcohol
and drug issues cause them to
perform or behave poorly at
Our school’s Student Assistance
Team is sponsored by the
Commonwealth of Pennsylvania’s
Student Assistance Program (SAP).
The program is administered by the
PA Department of Education and the
records and statistics of SAP
programs are reported annually to
the state.
Students can be referred for SAP
by a teacher, nurse or counselor,
a classmate, a parent, or a
concerned friend.
Any student whose
personal issues,
emotional problems,
or challenges with
drugs and alcohol are
impeding their school
• Students in despair
• Irritability, restlessness
• Extreme changes in weight,
sleep patterns, grades or
• Self-injury or talk of same
• Angry outbursts and serious
disciplinary issues
• Use of or frequent reference
to drugs and alcohol
• Use of or frequent reference
to weapons or guns
• Students struggling with
family issues– divorce, grief,
loss, illness, mental illness,
Referral forms can be found in the
mailroom in the SAP Mailbox, or you
can get a copy from a guidance
counselor. You can return the referral
to the mailbox, or drop it in the SAP
1. When a student is referred to SAP, the team meets to
ascertain whether the child meets the criteria for SAP.
If he/she does, they are assigned a case manager.
2. The case manager will let you know the referral has
been received.
3. The case manager then sends out Behavioral
Assessment forms to each of the child’s teachers, and
notes to the nurse, guidance, and attendance offices
requesting data.
4. The case manager contacts the parents to make an
appointment to speak with our assessor from Holcomb
Behavioral Center– Mrs. Malamut.
5. Mrs. Malamut assesses and makes recommendations
for the student which may include outpatient therapy,
medical consultations, in-school mentoring, etc.
The student’s case manager will let you know
the referral has been received. Due to
confidentiality, you may not hear anything
further specifically about the child’s case
unless his or her parents decide to share that
information with you. Confidentiality is the
cornerstone of SAP.
Mr. Donaghy - Principal
Mrs. Gonzalez- 8th English
Mr. Hill - Asst. Principal
Ms. Genovese- Phys. Ed.
Ms. Sayre- 6th Grade Guidance Ms. Flanagan- Spec. Ed.
Mr. Siegel- 7th Grade Guidance Mrs. Saunders- Nurse
Mrs. Barg- 8th Grade Guidance Mrs. Malamut - Holcomb
Ms. Runge – 6th / 7th / 8th
Reading Workshop
Ms. Edmiston – Dean of