First Grade Biome - Cahoon Elementary School

First Grade Biome
Welcome to the Arctic!
Throughout the year we focus
on the Arctic and the
Learning about the
& Weather!
Writing Expectations
First grade writing expectations.
 Scoring Rubric
 Monthly Cahoon Writes
Writing Workshop
Read aloud with focus
 Shared / Modeled Write
 Independent Write
 Author’s Chair
School Rules
– Patience and tolerance
for others
– Always do your best
– Work responsibly with a
positive attitude
– Show respect to
everyone including yourself
School Wide Discipline
 Continuity
throughout school
 Students
receive two warnings then
receive a letter representing their
 Levels
– A, B, C, D
School Wide Discipline
 Level
–Behaviors: not being prepared
(includes not signing planners), off-task,
not sitting in assigned seat, horseplay,
being out of seat without permission,
blurting out, some dress code violations,
chewing gum or food
–Consequences: Verbal warning
School Wide Discipline
 Level
–Behaviors: Chronic talking, minor
disruptions (dropping books, humming),
minor abuse of school property, physical
horseplay, not completing work, some
dress code violations, not returning
forms on time
–Consequences: moving to another
seat, silent lunch, having to leave the
room, or loss of privileges
School Wide Discipline
 Level
–Behaviors: cheating, minor
disrespect, threats, frequent disruption
of instruction, some dress code
violations, physical/disruptive horseplay,
stealing, undirected profanity
–Consequences: moving to another
classroom temporarily, parent
conference, teacher-student contract,
conditional suspension, or better choices
School Wide Discipline
 Level
–Behaviors: major disrespect,
possession of weapons, fighting,
stealing, inappropriate touching,
bullying, leaving school ground
–Consequences: referral to the
principal, calling parent, administrator
time-out and student conference, parent
conference, administrator-student
contact, conditional suspension, or out
of school suspension
Positive Reinforcement
Ms. Beil – Behavior Awards/Treasure
Chest/Class Behavior Link
Mrs. Ditto - Behavior Awards/Treasure
Chest/Class Behavior Link
Ms. Foley – Behavior Awards/Treasure
Chest/Class Behavior Link
Mrs. Varela – Behavior Awards/Treasure
Chest/Class Behavior Link
Whisker’s Wahoo!
 Reward
on Fridays for those students
who earned necessary points
 Rewards
include movie and popcorn,
extra recess, games, tasty treats,
crafts, etc…
 Means
of communication between
home and school
 Students
are responsible for bringing
their planners DAILY! If they are not
brought to school signed, it is
marked as being unprepared for
class and disciplinary action may
follow (automatic point deduction).
Parent/Homework Folder
 Ms.
Beil – Most information will
go home in the planner
 Mrs. Ditto – Folder goes home
nightly (left side homework and anything that
needs to be signed and returned, right side
information for parents to keep at home)
 Ms.
Foley –
 Mrs. Varela -
 Mandatory
dress code for all
– White or maroon collared, sleeved polostyle shirt or blouse
– Khaki or navy pant, short, skirt, or
– No flip flops
– Shoes must be securely fastened to the
feet and suitable for outdoor PE classes
– Spirit t-shirts are worn on Friday!
Sunshine State Standards
Reading Process
Phonological Awareness, phonemic
awareness, phonics/word analysis,
vocabulary development, reading
Phonological Awareness
Phonological awareness is the knowledge that
words are made up of individual sounds.
Phonemic Awareness
Phonemic Awareness: The ability to hear and
manipulate sounds in words.
Phonemic awareness is not phonics.
Phonemic awareness is auditory and does not
involve words in print
Phonics/ Word Analysis
Phonics- refers to a instructional design for
teaching children to read. Phonics involves
teaching children to connect sounds with letters
or groups of letters.
Word Analysis- or "decoding." It is the process
of using the written patterns of speech to figure
out unfamiliar words.
Vocabulary Development
Oral and Print
Oral vocabulary refers to words that are used in
speaking or recognized when listening.
Print vocabulary is synonymous with reading
vocabulary and refers to words we recognize and
use in print.
Reading Comprehension
Reading comprehension is
understanding a text that is read, or
the process of "constructing meaning"
from a text.
Websites for Parents
 Reading
is Fundamental
 Starfall
 Carl’s Corner
 Teach a child to read
Enrichment Cluster
Gifted Talented Development Academy
Thursdays 1:25pm-2:25pm
Dance and Movement
Reader’s Theater
15 Minute Session in the Mornings
30 Minute Session in the Afternoon
(Don’t be late, don’t leave early!)
Weekly tests administered on Friday!
Processes of Life
– Growth, adaptations, grouping, habitats
How Living Things Interact with the
– Living/Nonliving, Food chains, Oxygen
production, survival needs
Earth and Space
– What it is composed of, how to take care of it,
different materials
Processes that shape the Earth
– Night sky/Day sky, Phases of the moon,
The Nature of Matter
– Classifying, States of matter
Force and Motion
– Relative speed of an object, momentum,
– Solar energy, Human energy
The Nature of Science
– Investigating, cooperative learning, recording
data, scientific process, predictions