PPT Don Bosco Houses Dublin - Don Bosco Youth-Net

Don Bosco Services
35 years caring and
supporting vulnerable
young people in Dublin
Outline of Presentation
Brief Introduction of myself
The History of the Service
Individual services we provide
The Irish Context
Role of Educator
Management of the Services
Legal Requirements
Operational Costs
My Present Role
My Journey
Director of Don Bosco House 1982 to 2010
Membership of Resident Managers
Member of the National Registration Board for Social
Workers in Ireland
Rector of Salesian Community Sean Mc Dermott St
Member of Board of Management Crinin Project
Member of Board of Directors Don Bosco House
Member of Provinical Council of Salesains of Ireland
The History of the Services
Gardiner Street
Opened House Nephin Road
moved to Drumcondra Road
Opened House in Clontarf
Opened House in Blessington St.
Opened House in Phibsboro Road
Opened Don Bosco HR
Opened House in Fairview Road
Opened House in Ballymun Road
7 Centres
6 Residential,
Head Office & Activity Centre
Outreach Aftercare Service
supporting 50 teens (boys& girls) moving
from care to independence.
Clontarf: Head Office & Activity
Director & Part-time Admin Staff.
Activity centre for Residents and Ex
Residents 2/3 days weekly. Activities :
Football Coaching, Pool, Boxing,
Cooking, Outings, Mentoring
Residential Childcare Centre
Staffing: 1 Manager and 9 Social Care
5 placements for young people aged 10yrs to
Blessington Street
Residential Child Care Centre and Aftercare Centre
Staffing: 1 Manager and 8 Social Care Workers
6 placements for young people aged 17yrs to 19yrs.
Young people are deemed a child up to 18 yrs in Ireland
so this service bridges the progression from Residential
Care to Aftercare.
The Aftercare Outreach service is based and managed
from this house.
Semi Independent Aftercare Service
for 18yr to 22 yr old.
Staffing: 1 Manager 4 Social Care
6 Placements for young people who
are moving directly from Foster Care
or Residential Care to Aftercare
Residential Aftercare Service
Staffing: 1 Manager 4 Social Care
6 placements for young people moving
from Residential Care or Foster Care
aged 18yr to 20 yrs
Nephin Road
This service has four independent apartments
Providing the young people to live independently
and have support from The staff team of
Phibsboro or Ballymun.
There are no staff on site apart from regular
Visits to check in with the young people.
Fairview Strand
This service has five
independent apartments
Providing the young people
with opportunity to live
independently and supported
by the staff teams of
Phibsboro or Ballymun.
There are no staff on site apart
from regular visits to check
in with the young people.
The Context of care:
Four Main Developments
Young people now live in smaller group
homes, this intensified the role of Social Care
Older young people with more intolerable
Massive increase in expectations of Social
Care Workers
Higher awareness of abuse resulting in an
increase in anxiety amongst staff
Don Bosco: Education is Key
Educator’s Role :
Work with other adults to provide the
environment that enables the young to
experience what it takes to make their own
Role of the Educator
Assist the young person
be present in a way that befriends
getting to know them
supporting them,
taking an interest in the young person
believing in him / her
showing respect for the person
Management of the Services
Overall Management : Director supported by
an Advisory Board of Management. Day to
day management, leadership and decision
making, assisted by office staff. Responsible
for the quality of care of young people in
keeping with Salesian Ethos, Financial
management and Budget control, staff
recruitment & Ongoing Training.
A Manager in each of 4 Centres manages the
day to day work of the care staff and provides
monthly one to one supervision to individual
Part time Consultant-Psychotherapist,
facilitates staff team sessions and supports
staff in dealing with challenges of the work.
10 hrs. weekly. One to one work with
individual staff as required ,ie Debriefing.
External consultant- supports the thereaputic work of
the teams, 4 days annually.
Care staff qualifications: BA in Social Care.
3 Staff have MA in Thereaputic Care, 2 Staff MA
Aftercare Outreach service is provided by 2 Care
Staff teams have weekly staff meetings and ongoing
training days to help them to develop new skills.
Legal Requirements:
Every Agency and each centre providing a care
service to children and young people needs to
be registered with the Health Authority HSE.
Every children’s centre is inspected regularly
to ensure it is suitable in terms of purpose and
function and meets all statutory requirements.
The building must have adequate facilities,
bedrooms, dinning, washrooms, leisure and
recreational spaces.
Appropriately decorated, heated & furnished.
Certified in terms of all fire regulations
Managements & staff have the required training &
experience to do the work.
All staff have police clearance from any country they
have stayed in for more than 6 months.
Have in place policies which provide child
protection, quality care & support to meet the
various needs of the children. Every child has
rights which need to be supported and
protected at all times.
Under Health & Safety Legislation, all Health
& Safety procedures have to be in place for the
well being of children and staff.
One member of staff at each centre acts as a health &
safety representative who is trained in health and
There is a Complaints Procedure in place for the
children, entitling them to make a complaint if and
when they need to.
Every child in care has an external social worker who
calls regularly to check in and ensure his placement is
working. The child can contact his social worker at
any time if he feels a need to do so.
Current Status:
Annual Budget is agreed with the Health Authority HSE/Child
& Family Services and SLA signed.
40 Staff inclusive of managers, director & administrative staff.
Recent cuts in Budget has required us to develop a new
A new company is being set up with charitable status.
State funding is not sufficient to fund our present services. We
need to raise funds.
A CEO has been appointed, a full time fund raiser will follow.