A day in the life of… -An Spanish student-


A day in the life of…

-A Spanish student-

2nd part


To start with, for go to Spanish schools, all public schools

´ students usually wear normal clothes and private schools ´ students always wear a uniform, although each private centre has rules of its own.

The people that go to public high schools often wear trousers: the girls are more pretty than the boys, they hardly ever wear jeans or similar thing, they always wear a tracksuit. We can

´t see any girl wearing a top or a mini to school, it ´s too strange.

Practically, at Spanish schools, anybody stands out and everybody goes unnoticed.

Each person has his own opinion about the clothes that we wear for go to school, and all they are different: on the one hand there are people that likes it, but on the other hand there are people that hates it.

When the moment of go out with other people arrives, it changes everything that I have said and we can find a lot of different ways to dress.

The boys wear a jeans with a likely t-shirt. The girls are much more complicated than the boys. They can wear from a jeans as the boys, until the tipic model made up of a top, a mini and a pair of high boots. Altough, the last aren ´t very abundant.

In my opinion, I think that the Spanish teenagers are very normal when we get dressed and we aren ´t as extravagant as the people of others countries.

Lara Domínguez

In our high school we don´t have to wear a uniform. The people wear very different here. Its depends on the style of the person. There are different styles here.

Friends wear similar because their have similars likes.The most common clothes are a pair of jean and a t-shirt or a jumper and trainers. In my opinion girls wear better than the boys. Girls are more preocupated in clothes than boys. For boys clothes aren´t important so they wear anythig.When I put on the clothes I think what to wear at the moment. Some days I don´t decide what I am going to wear, so I arrive late at lessons.When we have phisical education all the students wear tracksuits and trainers.In our city there aren´t many shops where you can buy nice clothes, so sometimes I go to buy them in other place. Madrid have a lot of shops and there you can buy whatever you want.

Flavia González

In general the Spanish have a very modern outlook on clothing. They are keen on designer clothes but quality is more important than a designer name. Spanish made clothes tend to be high quality and reasonably priced.Teenage girls tend to wear trousers more than skirts. Denim is definitely

'in'. Teenage boys are keen on designer wear and appearance is important to them. Mature Spanish dress conservatively and with style. Older men in particular tend to wear high quality clothing.It is unclear what the Spanish think of scantily clad holiday-makers but it is not acceptable in small villages, away from the coast. One should be particularly careful of dress code if entering churches. Swim-wear and short skirts are frowned upon.In the summer months (June, July & August), bring light cottons, T-shirts or other loose tops and some kind of cap for your head - anything that provides protection from those punishing sun rays. During the winter months in central Spain, a warm overcoat and gloves will be needed to protect you from sometimes fierce cold and winds.

Otherwise, no special recommendations are necessary - just check the average temperatures for the time of year you're going to be here and be yourself.

Gonzalo García


When I return of the institute to the 14.25h,i have lunch in a half hour, next I do the homework of 15h to 16.15h and then I go to the school of languages to study the French class to the 17.30h.

The school of languages is small, has only two floors with few classroom, in it , you can study French,

English, German, Italian and Arabic.

Later I ´m going to my house to lunch, I take the violoncello and I go towards the conservatoire because to the 18.15h I have the class of orchestra, which I don´t like because the teacher falls me badly.

I finish this class to the 19.15h when I finish, rapidly

I go to the individual class of violoncello , that finish

20.10h, this class I like more than the other, because the teacher is nicer and I prefer playing only that with more violoncellos.

The conservatoire is bigger than the school of languages, also it has two floors but they are bigger and with more classrooms.We study the class of orchestra in the lounge of acts and my class of violoncello I study in the class 6.

-Luis Gascó

First of all, I must say that I am a quite busy person because I consider myself as a very active teenager interested in a lot of different things.That´s why I try to do as much out-of-school activities as I can.However, nowadays, my free time is very reduced especially because of musical studies.As you problably have guessed, I go to the conservatory and I play the clarinet.At the moment I´ve been 8 years (more or less) playing it, and it takes me about 7 hours a week.On the other hand, I´m not sure about my future yet, so I don´t know if I´m going to keep studying it.So far, I´m happy with the clarinet and I´m not too bad.I also go to

English classes twice a week, because I think you can´t go anywhere without knowing two or three languages.To talk about other teenagers' activities, I will say that most of the people practise some sports, such as handball, basketball or football.I used to play handball, but I had to quit the classes because it took me too much time.Anyway,these are some of the typical Spanish teenager´s outof-school activities.I´d be glad if you told me about the things that teenagers from your country normally do when they aren´t at highschool.

- Elena González

The evenings of weekend I go to the conservatory to learn music and viola. I have a lot of subjects as instrument, orchestra, piano, chamber music and harmony. The horary of the conservatory is very big and it takes you a lot of time for the institute but if you like it you could be superate it. The class of piano lasts 30 minuts. I practice piano because is obligatory to all the students that don´t learn piano as principal instrument.

The class of harmony lasts 90 minuts and I hate these class. Orchestra lasts 2 hours and is my favourite subject because I stay with a lot of friends. In chamber music we play with others companions but it isn´t as big as orchestra. One group of chamber music have 5 or 6 members and the orchestra have

30. The class of the instrument lasts one hour and is the most important class in the conservatory. I stay in the conservatory about 10 hours a week because we have to practice with the companions but sometimes we stay in the conservatory unnecessarily.

We make a concert when one term finished and we make a concert with the orchestra when finished the cours.

- Mariana Leal Cardín


It’s our obligation to collaborate at home and we have to do our homework too, but, how can we combine both tasks? I think that the most important thing in this case is your will and your good intentions. If you help your parents at home and then you see that your effort is rewarded, this produced you a big satisfaction. If you are able to carry out both works you will feel the biggest satisfaction. The true is that, sometimes, all work can annoy yourself and this situation, can put you off. The key is the organization and the order.

I try to carry out with my home and my housework.

When I arrived home at 2:45 I set the table and then, when my family and I finish eating, I clear the table and sometimes I tidy up the all the kitchen. My mother thanks me a lot that I help her and this is the most impotant encouragement to do it.

When I finish it, I started doing my homework until 5 :30 that I sometimes have to go out with my dog, but this is not my main task at home.

Then I take a break to watch TV and later, I continue studying. When the time to dinner arrives, I help my mother setting the table and making the dinner.

I sometimes do other tasks like clean the yard and the garden, iron heaps of clothes and then hang it out... And, I have to study and prepare my exams at weekend. It makes that I have to give up, go out with my friends or do other leisure activities.

-Andrea Flavia Biedma López

In a typical day, after the high school, in the evening, at 5 o'clock, I do my homework and study too. I take my diary of the backpack. I see the homework that have sent this day in the morning to us. I organize the afternoon in function of which to do.

I do the exercises and the works for the following day, and in case that there is a certain important work, I do it faster, later I review all the subject given in each one of the six subject that I have every day. It depends at the day and of which they command to us to do, I finish doing my homework more less at nine o'clock, as long as they don´t have exams. The days with complicated exams, after dinner, I remain wide-awake studying until midnight and in extreme cases I wake up very early, about the six o'clock to review everything.

I help at home. I make many tasks, normally beginning in the morning making my bed and gathering my room before going to the high school. To the return, after eating, I help to gather the kitchen: sweeping the ground, cleaning the table, also coat and I keep the objects from dishwasher. In the evening,

I tend, I gather and I double to the washed clothes that day and I keep it in its respective place.

-Angel García


In my free time, I usually spend my free time at the computer, listening to music, watching TV or going out with my friends.

When I stay at the computer, I often spend a lot of time surfing the net to watch videos from Internet, read sports news, talk with my friends, or download music, films or videogames. But I don’t use my computer only for

Internet, also to burn discs, do school projects …

I usually spend a part of my free time listening music too.

When I’m at home, I often listen to music on my PC because I’ve got a new pair of speakers that they sound very good really! But when I’m in the street or in the car,

I listen to music on my mobile or on my mp3 player. I like rock and pop music.

I don’t watch TV very much because I have to study, do my homework, go to English class and train with my football team; so I only can watch TV a little at midday while I’m having lunch and after have dinner. I often watch cartoons, like “The Simpsons” or “Padre de Familia”, and spanish serials, like “Aida” or “Los Hombres de Paco”.

At weekends, I go out with my friends too. We usually go for a walk, to the park or to play billiard to a friend of mine’s house.

I Think I do too many activities in my few free time!

- Borja Cuadrado

In my free time I like playing warhammer, painting it and making models of boats because is a good way to spent the day and

I like it while I listening friki band english

(Blind Guardiam or Rhapsody) or heavy metal band (AC/DC, Kiss, Manowar,

Scorpions, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden,

Metallica, Helloween, Sabaton, Nightwish or Ramstein). Also I like series manga

(dragon ball, naruto) and comics of this series, and series than House, Prison break, Grey´s anatomic.

In the evening I like going out with my friends and spent the evening in the park or playing basket or billiard or we go to the ciber to play medal of honor allied asault sperhead. And I practise sports: ride my bike in the camp and in the city, run and play diferents sports, also I read adventures and science ficction books.

Sometimes I go to the cinema to see adventures, horror and science ficction films.

- Manuel Arribas

Because of the temperature and sunny days typical in Spain ,a lot of spanish teenagers practise some sport in the street(al aire libre).

In my free time,I do many things, for example the Thursday I do all this: after lunch , I go play tenis (which is the best sport I think)from four to six hours.Then, If I haven't homework( I don't think so) I go out with my friends, for going to shopping, or to the cinema ,or to drink something .At eight o'clock ,I go home and I watch T.V(because always there are something interesting to see),play with te computer,chatting with my friends.I normally read a book about thirty minutes .Then

,after dinner,I often watch an interesting film with my parents.In general, the spanish teenagers are never bored because always therea are something interesting to do .

-María Castañeda


Dinner is the third important food in Spain

The ideal hour to do it is about 9:30-10:00 hours.

Almost all spanish people have dinner in family, because is the moment to share all your moments happened in the day with them. Also, people usually watching tv when are having dinner.

Dinner must´nt be very plentiful, because is the previous hour to go to bed.

Also, is the occasion to desgrease.

The quantity must be lighter than the lunch, but wider than early-dinner.

People are in the habit of doing combinate plates as meat and broth, or fish and potatoes, and it will be the ideal if you eat a bit of salade.Nevertheless, people almost never prepare salads to have dinner,because people go to rapid food, so a thypic dinner is french omelete or fried eggs. All it, accompanied with bread. Parents usually drink wine, while i´m drinking water.

After it, people eat some fruit and later, some people drink milk or have a yogourth.

-Ana Vicente

In Spain, the dinner is the last food of the day. It usually takes about nine in the evening. It is a slight meal so that we can rest better. And the most important thing for the cooks is that it is usually very simple to prepare it.The dinner usually consists of an only plate and the dessert. The foods that are prepared to have dinner are: vegetables, fish, omelettes, pastures or some fillet.

And of dessert it can take fruit or milky products.At the moment more and more people, mainly young people, have dinner precooked food, hamburgers or pizza because this is more comfortable.Dinner time is usually an encounter moment among the whole family where that is shared happened during the day.

Although in many homes each one puts their dinner in a tray and they watch TV or they go to their rooms.

- Javier Urrea

We usually have dinner between nine and ten o’clock, it depends on the family and parent’s work. Dinner, in Spain, is not an important meal because we have the heavy one at lunch, so we can say that dinner is a light meal. We normally eat at supper some vegetables like green beans, cauliflower and always a salad with tomatoe, lettuce, cucumber, oregano, some oil and finally vinegar. On very few occasions, we eat pizza or cold meat, this only happen when is too late to have dinner or there is not something to eat in the fridge. At the end of the meal we eat some fruit like apple, orange or banana, but it depends on the season. Sometimes instead of fruit parents let us to have a yoghurt or a custard. During the meal we watch the TV, normally the news because at this time news are only the programme that we can watch. We usually have dinner with the familly, otherwise at lunch we go in separate ways because of our timetable, so we use this meal to tell our family how the day was. The meal does not last long, more or less twenty or twenty five minutes.

-Laura Jodra