The Dinner Party

Designed by Rose Johnson
By Mona Gardner
Place: rural India at the home of a
colonial official and his wife
Time: Colonial India
Full of or characterized by animation,
vigor, or courage; lively, energetic
Excited or confused state
Shortening or tightening of
one’s muscles
Calms; sedates
One who studies nature; scientist
Open porch
A movement or action of the
hands or face, expressive of
some idea or emotion
Demanding the attention;
Military officer
India mid-1800s
Basic monetary unit of India
Assistants to an ambassador
or other high official
Analyze the story, “The Dinner Party,” and describe the
story at each of the above stages of the plot.
Conflict is the dramatic struggle between two forces
in a story. Without conflict, there is no plot.
What is the conflict presented in “The Dinner Party?”
Character vs Character
Character vs Nature
Character vs Society
Character vs Self