SGSCB Powerpoint presentation.

The Work of SGSCB
Janet Fraser
Safeguarding Children Strategy
South Gloucestershire Safeguarding
Children Board is a statutory partnership its
function is;
• To coordinate what is done by each
person or body represented on the Board
for the purposes of safeguarding and
promoting the welfare of children in the
• To ensure the effectiveness of what is
done by each person or body for that
SGSCB membership
Includes all statutory partners
Voluntary agencies
The Secure Estate
2 lay members
What do we do?
• Develop policy and procedures
• Provide multi agency training
• Scrutinise the compliance of individual
agencies with policies for example, safer
recruitment, supervision and training
• Undertake Serious Case Reviews when
Thresholds Guidance
• To improve outcomes for all children and young
people in South Gloucestershire through
safeguarding and promotion of their welfare
• To support interagency work and collaboration
between all agencies when working with
children, young people and their families
• To facilitate the effective and timely delivery of
services to children, young people and their
Tier 1
All children and young people
• May include children and young people
• attend school regularly
• are reaching developmental milestones
and normal growth patterns
• appear to be emotionally well adjusted
• have good attachments
• have carers who take advantage of
universal services
Lower Tier 2
Children with additional needs.
May use pre-CAF check list to decide if CAF is
• May include children and young people who:
• have regularly missed important health or
education appointments
• are slow in reaching developmental milestones
• have poor early attachments
• have lack of appropriate stimulation and play
• are starting to have absences from school;
sudden, unexplained absence of more than 5
days; and are frequently late, or picked up late
(on a regular basis)
Upper Tier 2
Children with additional needs which require an interagency response/CAF
Lead Professional
• May include children and young people:
• Who are living with domestic abuse
• For whom there are concerns about
developmental delays
• Who have long term physical or mental ill
• Who self harm
• Who have an anti-social behaviour order
Tier 3
Children and young people with complex and acute needs/ child protection plan
or court order
• May include children and young people
• are in care
• have severe/ complex needs
• are subject to a child protection action plan
• are subject to court orders
Escalation Policy
Where there is a difference of opinion between practitioners with regard to
the management of a case, thresholds for intervention, roles and
responsibilities or the need for action and communication.
The document is for use among all staff both statutory and voluntary who
work in a professional capacity with children and young people.
Allegations or concerns against
staff and volunteers
• All agencies need to have a process in
place to deal with allegations or concerns
• This applies to volunteers as well as paid
• Named officer responsible