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Val McFarlane, Adrienne Katz & Vicki Cheetham
Directors, Bullying Intervention Group Ltd
This is a not for profit social enterprise, any profits go back into
bullying intervention work.
Company Registration No. 7553073
(c) Bullying Intervention Group
About the award
Bullying Intervention Group (BIG) was set up in
2011 in response to requests from schools and
other organisations for a national bullying
intervention award scheme.
Schools and organisations can apply for both
local and national accreditation if their LA offers
a local scheme.
(c) Bullying Intervention Group
Who are we?
BIG is run by three very experienced antibullying consultants, Val McFarlane, Adrienne
Katz and Vicki Oliver. They have each worked for
over 10 years in bullying intervention work, and
have successfully managed thousands of cases
of bullying and friendship issues. BIG has a team
of consultants who work on local award panels
and deliver training.
(c) Bullying Intervention Group
Why do we need it?
Your school/organisation will be rewarded for its
Parents will have confidence in the way bullying
is dealt with, leading to fewer complaints and
less risk of legal action. In addition, this
programme helps schools and services comply
with the Equality Act 2010 and provide evidence
for inspections.
(c) Bullying Intervention Group
What will it mean for us?
Gaining the BIG Award will demonstrate that :
• You are working to an externally agreed standard
• You employ consistent and updated good practice
• You actively include children and young people
• You work to ensure that every child can fulfil their
potential and enjoy community activities, without
fear of being bullied.
You are using evidence based approaches that work
(c) Bullying Intervention Group
What else do members have
access to?
•All areas of the BIG website with resources
•Regular news and research updates, lesson plans,
assemblies, case studies and book/film lists.
•‘Trendwatch' - keep up with changing behaviour!
•Share practice with others and showcase your work.
•Free online surveys to use with your pupils.
•Support on how to complete your portfolio of evidence
•Advice on serious or intractable cases.
•Training events and bespoke training to suit your needs.
(c) Bullying Intervention Group
What are the criteria for the BIG
Criteria Summary
The criteria necessary to become a BIG AWARD organisation include
1) A Bullying Intervention Focus Group
2) A Bullying Intervention Policy that complies with our standards
3) Regular Staff Training
4) Involving parents and carers in bullying intervention work
5) A Peer Support/Peer Mentoring system
6) Regular bullying awareness raising activities
7) Recording and monitoring
We also ask for a short, written testimonial from a young person.
(c) Bullying Intervention Group
What does it cost?
Annual Fees
Primary School (under 500 pupils) £150
Primary School (over 500 pupils) £250
Junior or Middle school £200
Secondary School/Academy below 1200 pupils £250
Secondary with over 1200 students £350
FE College £350
Local Authority £350
Children’s Homes (by agreement please contact us)
Community Groups (by agreement please contact us)
(c) Bullying Intervention Group
How do we apply?
You can apply online.
Any school or organisation attended by children
and young people may apply for the
You may already have excellent bullying
intervention practice and have achieved the
criteria necessary to gain the BIG Award. If not,
we can help.
(c) Bullying Intervention Group
What happens next?
You will receive an acknowledgement and when
payment is received your account will be
activated with access to all areas of this website,
packed with members' resources!
You will complete an electronic portfolio template
as you meet each of the criteria. Submit the
portfolio when all criteria are met.
It will be assessed, there will be a pre-arranged
visit to your school/organisation.
(c) Bullying Intervention Group
What do we receive?
If you are successful, you will receive a logo and
certificate to display.
The certificate is valid for 12 months after which
you will need to re-apply.
If you continue to embed and improve your good
practice, this should be easy to achieve and you
can add to your electronic portfolio and save it
at any time.
(c) Bullying Intervention Group
Esther Rantzen CBE President of
ChildLine NSPCC
‘Bullying Intervention Group BIG AWARD is a really
brilliant scheme because it allows organisations to work
towards excellent anti-bullying intervention practices, and
to show parents and children that the school or
organisation cares about this crucial issue.
Bullying is one of the most serious and wide-spread
problems children ring ChildLine about. The scheme has
already been used in some schools and I know of children
and young people who have personally benefited. I
recommend the national BIG AWARD to all schools and
(c) Bullying Intervention Group
Maggie Turner OBE
CEO Diana Award
‘The Diana Award fully supports the work of Bullying
Intervention Group BIG AWARD. It is so important that
young people play a major role in reducing bullying in their
schools and organisations and are trained and supported
to achieve this.
The staff at BIG have huge expertise and experience in
both training, supporting and enabling young people to
take on this role and youth participation plays a major role
in the criteria of the BIG AWARD. Diana Anti-Bullying
Award has worked with the BIG team and look forward to
continuing to do so in the future.’
(c) Bullying Intervention Group
Jonathan Charlesworth
Director, Educational Action
Challenging Homophobia (EACH)
fully supports and endorses the Bullying
Intervention Group Accreditation scheme. We are confident
that prejudice driven victimisation, especially homophobic
bullying, will be markedly reduced by the implementation
of this award scheme. Both parents and pupils will be able
to choose schools with the added advantage of being able
to know whether a school has achieved this recognised
(c) Bullying Intervention Group
Local Authorities
Sarah Callaghan, Lead Officer for Anti Bullying
 'Keeping children safe is a key priority for Salford and
that is why we have found the support from BIG so
invaluable. With BIG's support, many schools are now
actively involved in a peer to peer programme enabling
them to drive the LA's approach to tackling bullying. BIG
have directly delivered training at our Keeping it Safe in
Salford Anti Bullying Conference to over 130 delegates
and have led workshops to review the LA's Anti Bullying
Strategy. The response from all participating schools has
been extremely positive, particularly in light of the
revised Ofsted inspection framework for schools.'
 Paul Roddy, Head of Year 9, Venerable Bede School,
 "An incredible resource in the fight against
bullying- every school should use this service. The
level of help in improving our school's anti bullying
policy was superb and led to a great Ofsted report
as well as an award winning anti bullying initiative.
Highly recommended."
Contact details & website:
Val McFarlane – 07502 189658
Vicki Oliver – 07870 499275
Adrienne Katz – 07956 834288
(c) Bullying Intervention Group