Harnett County - Public Schools of North Carolina

Dr. Patricia Hobbs, Assistant Superintendent of At-Risk Programs
Larry Northe, Principal of Academic Support Center & Success Academy
N. Carnell Robinson, Dropout Prevention & Parent Involvement Coordinator
Denise J. Logan, Dropout Prevention & Parent Involvement Coordinator
Ryan Ray, Substance Abuse Facilitator
Ron Avery, Principal of STAR Academy
Miranda Y. Pearson, Mediator & Dropout Prevention Project Administrator
Harnett County Schools
At-Risk Programs
 STAR Academy
 Success Academy
 Academic Support Center
 Evening Credit Recovery
 Summer Credit Recovery
 Summer Dropout Recruitment
 Substance Abuse Prevention
 Anti-Bullying Task Force
 Career Awareness Mentoring Program/ Harnett County
Business Education Partnership
STAR Academy
Alternative School Initiatives
 Transcript analysis and academic counseling
 Character Education: Focused on goal development
and career options
 On campus exposure to 2 and 4 year college
 Town Hall Meetings: Relevant teen issues
 Career Day
 Annual Star Day Recognition Luncheon and Program
 Met AYP for 2010-2011
 Superintendent Advisory Council
Academic Support Center
 Middle and High School Students suspended
from their home school for 3 – 10 Days.
 Students are only allowed two (2) visits per year.
 Daily Hours: 8:00am-2:30pm
 Entrance interview w/parents and student.
 Exit interview w/parents and student.
 Daily contact with schools for attendance
-NC Wise Data Manager
-Assistant Principal
 Behavior modification / Student attendance
Academic Support Center
 2007–2008 =Total Students- 363
Suspension Days – 2159
 2008–2009=Total Students – 687
Suspension Days – 3200/85 Repeat students
 2009–2010 =Total Students – 620
Suspension Days – 3030/75 Repeat Students
 2010-2011 =Total Students- 525
Suspension Days-2550/53 Repeat Students
 2011-2012= Total Students- 301
Suspension Days-1436
Evening Credit Recovery
 Credit Recovery Hours/3:00pm-7:00pm
 Students are currently enrolled in Harnett County
 NovaNET Curriculum
Success Academy
 A 21 Credit Program is for over-age/below grade level high school
Parent and Student interview and orientation is required.
Student must be enrolled in a Harnett County School for services.
An application process must be completed.
A current transcript is needed.
An Individualized Education Plan is developed.
Student must obtain 22 credits to graduate and receive a high
school diploma.
Success Academy will have 12 graduates on this academic school
Since it’s inception, second semester 2010, Success Academy has
graduated a total of 20 students.
Transportation can be provided in three ways:
 A parent can transport their student to and from the
 Bus transportation is provided to Success Academy.
 Student drivers must be approved by the Center/Academy
Summer Academy
 Students recover courses they were not successful
with during the school year.
 2008-2009, Enrolled 126; 94 completed (one) 1 or
more courses.
 2009-2010, Enrolled 133; 103 completed (one) 1 or
more courses; 12 Seniors Graduated.
 2010-2011, Enrolled 184; 141 completed (one) 1 or
more courses; 12 Seniors Graduated.
• 4 Sessions at 2 locations
• 2 Sessions at 1 location
Harnett County Schools
Dropout Prevention
 Early identification of students exhibiting at risk
 Mentoring and Counseling to address barriers to
academic success.
 Increased parental involvement through
communications, conferences and school activities.
 Collaboration with schools and community resource
organizations to insure that students and families
have access to needed resources to enhance student
 Career Awareness Mentoring Program.
Dropout Prevention 2010/2011
Summer Recruitment
 90% of the students who dropped out were
 Some attended and successfully completed
Summer Academy and others returned in
 Currently, there are some, who are attending
Success Academy and are doing extremely
Substance Abuse Prevention
 Research Based “CROSSROADS” Substance Abuse
Prevention & Education program is utilized with
STAR Academy, Academic Support Center, and
Success Academy.
 This program combines in-class and school-wide
educational activities with community service projects
to help teens avoid drugs. The program is based on
the proven power to change attitudes, belief systems,
and behaviors.
Mediation & Drop Out Prevention Project
 The Harnett County Schools Mediation and Dropout
Prevention Project is designed to provide an avenue by
which offenders, disputants, or victims can come together,
in a non-threatening environment to reach a solution
agreeable to all parties.
 At-Risk students who are in need of interventions beyond
basic counseling will be referred. Proactive measures,
involving the school, community, and parents will aid to
ensure that a student does not drop out of school.
 Anti-Bullying Task Force for HCS.