Brief presentation on KARNA`s operations

“beyond the self”
Nobody can do
everyone can do
What we have done for ourselves
alone dies with us;
what we have done for others &
the world
remains and is immortal.
Who was KARNA?
Who was KARNA?
 One of the greatest warrior from the Indian
epic “Mahabharata”
 Son of Surya (Sun God) and Kunti
 Had Golden Armor and Earrings, which made
him invincible
 Indra, king of Devas and father of Arjuna,
disguised as a Brahmin and asked KARNA for
the Golden Armor and Earrings
 Even after getting warned by Sun God, without
thinking twice, he readily gave them away
 Known as Danveer, or the “biggest giver” in
the history.
What is
KARNA is a voluntary, not-for-profit,
non-self-serving, nongovernmental, non-partisan and
independent organization involved
in the promotion of social justice
and development.
KARNA’s Mission…
“KARNA's mission is to improve and
advance the public good, the quality of
life of those who are disadvantaged,
vulnerable and marginalized and
encourage students who demonstrate
intellectual distinction and interest in
socio-development needs.”
Why support a Charity?
 Opportunity to give back – share your
fortune and blessings with those who are
 Opportunity to
believe in.
 Opportunity to be involved/kept updated in
something that you believe in/are passionate
Why support KARNA?
 Registered as 501(c)(3) organization in USA
 Supported by people who are passionate
about making the change
 Runs on a 100% volunteers basis.
 No overhead cost.
 Supports projects in all parts of India
KARNA (India based) advocates
 Lt. Gen. (Retd.) V.K.Nayar PVSM, SM
 Mr. Julio Francis Ribeiro Padma Bhushan
 Mr. Arun Shourie Padma Bhushan, Magsaysay award
 Mr. Prakash Singh Padmashri
 Dr Kiran Seth, founder of SPIC MACAY
 Mr. T. N. Pandey Ex chairman of CBDT
Journey of KARNA
 Started in 1999 to help the victims of the destructive
cyclone in Orissa, India.
 Strengthened its operation in 2001 to help the victims
of Gujarat earthquake
 Started a scholarship scheme allowing NRI’s to
establish scholarships to honor their alma mater with
Independent Board.
 Started supporting various causes where there was
donor interest and direct or indirect involvement.
 Started project hOMeshakti in 2006 to help large
sections of underprivileged children in Lucknow (UP).
KARNA’s Relief Efforts
 Orissa Cyclone
 Gujarat Earthquake
 Tsunami relief
Relief efforts: Orissa Cyclone
 1,102 lbs of clothes, pots
and pans, and footwear
 $15,000 collected through
donations, print media,
and word of mouth
 Worked with many NonGovernmental
Organizations in order to
channel the supplies and
money to the right places.
Relief efforts: Gujarat Earthquake
 Collected
almost 2700 lbs of clothing
 Through donations, can
drives, and other relief
efforts, raised close to
 Fund-raising
through publicity provided
by local print, visual and
audio media, direct mailers
anddoor-to-door campaigns.
Relief efforts: Tsunami relief
 Raised US $9,000 in 2
 In total, KARNA helped
provide $30,000 to the
affected areas through
Vivekananda Kendra.
 Distributed saris, skirts,
dhotis, towels, plates,
tumblers, soaps, oils,
mats, bed sheets, food
grains, perishable items,
toothpaste, etc.
KARNA’s Scholarships
 National Scholarship
 Honor/memorial scholarships
National Honor Scholarship
 Select five outstanding students on a
national basis to award the prestigious
KARNA National Scholarship.
 The selection will be done nationally from
amongst students of the outgoing batch of
class XII. A national media campaign shall
publicize the Scholarship.
 The scholarship award to each student shall
be Rs.1,00,000. The grant will be spaced over
the period of the Bachelor's program.
Honor/Memorial scholarships
 Following the same stringent guidelines as for the National
Scholarship, thus maintaining the integrity and prestige of the
KARNA Scholarship program.
 These scholarships will be funded by individuals who wish to
contribute to the encouragement and development of promising
students in India and, at the same time, honor or perpetuate the
memory of a person or organization or repay their debt to the
Alma Mater.
 For KARNA Honor/Memorial Scholarships, the selection may be
done from amongst students of the outgoing batch of class XII at
a particular institution or from amongst students joining the
graduation course at the selected college.
 The criteria for selection of candidates remains the same.
KARNA’s Projects
 Project hOMeshakti
 Project Utkarsha
 Vivekananda Mission Medical Inst
 Shristi Special Academy
 Mental Health & Rehabilitation
Project: hOMeshakti
Project: hOMeshakti
Lucknow (UP)
 Serves as an after-school
underprivileged children
 Provides tutoring, snacks,
and the use of computers
 Project has grown to 5
centers in less than 3
 Plans to have 10 centers
by 2012
hOMeshakti- How You Can Help
Teacher(s) Support
Computer facilities
Snacks (for a year)
Special snacks
$ 500
$ 400
$ 50
Project: Utkarsha
Gwalior (MP)
Project : Utkarsha
Gwalior (MP)
 Supports
average annual income
less than $120
 Based on ancient Gurukul
system of education
 Provides free education
along with a place to stay
Utkarsha- How You Can Help
US $325 pays for one student/year
$100 for food
$100 for tuition/conveyance
$75 for school supplies
$50 for clothes/uniform/footwear
Project: Vivekananda Medical Institute
Varanasi (UP)
Project : Vivekananda Medical Institute
Varanasi (UP)
 Provides health services in rural areas of 100 villages with a target
population of 80,000
 The Institute provides free:
 Cataract surgery camps
 Health checkup camps
 Child welfare camps
Vivekananda Medical InstituteHow You Can Help
 Pay for one medical camp cost
 Pay for one Eye camp cost approx.
 Sustenance of volunteers
Project: Shristi Special Academy
Project: Shristi Special Academy
 The contrast that exists between
special needs individuals and the
rest of society is pronounced.
 To lessen that disparity and
eventually integrate special needs
individuals into society.
 Has grown in nine years to have 102
children in its main facility.
 Most of the teachers are also
special needs individuals and help
prepare the children to the best of
their potential.
Shristi Special Academy –
How You Can Help
 Medical Costs of the 125 children:
 Intervention Program of a child for 1 year
 Sponsor a child for one year
 Nutrition Program for 125 children
 Transportation Costs of 125 children
 Salaries of 15 Therapists for a month
$250/ month
$1400/ month
Project : Mental Health Institute
Madurai (TN)
Project : Mental Health Institute
Madurai (TN)
 Helps with the rehabilitation of
tribal patients suffering mental
health disorders.
Their mission is to “enhance the
quality of life of the persons
affected by mental disorders and
facilitate their reintegration in the
environment of their choice.”4
Mental Health InstituteHow You Can Help
 Food expenses of a person with Mental
$ 40 per month
 Medical expenses of a person with Mental
$25 per month
 Education of a child with Mental
$10 per month
 Vocational training
$10 per month
Contact us…
Snail mail
PO Box No. 1318
Peoria, IL 61654-1318
 Email :
 Phone :513.677.5993