Targeted Approaches to Develop Pathways for Vulnerable/At Risk YP

Maintaining the priority of teenage
pregnancy within Hackney’s
Children’s Services Partnership
• Lena Cadasse, Associate Director Children &
Families, City and Hackney PCT
• Anjan Ghosh, Teenage Pregnancy Coordinator,
City & Hackney’s Teenage Pregnancy Partnership
‘Tackling teenage pregnancy is central to Hackney’s work
to prevent health inequalities, child poverty and social
exclusion. Since the start of the strategy, we have
recognised that a coordinated, effective approach to
preventing and addressing teenage pregnancy
complements and contributes to achieving other priority
outcomes for children and young people’
Alan Wood, Chief Executive, The Learning Trust, Director of
Children’s Services
Hackney Context
• 20% of population under 20; 27% growth in under
20’s by 2016
• High levels of mobility, ethnicity, deprivation
• Access to services in schools, colleges, youth
centres and other community or neighbourhoodbased facilities, including outreach and detached
• JAR 2006 rated children’s services as Good
Hackney, as a high rate area, was set a
more challenging target of reducing the
under 18 conception rates by 60% by 2010
from the 1998 baseline
Compared to the 1998 baseline
• Hackney’s teenage pregnancy rate has come
down by 28%
• Our teenage birth rate has come down by 51%
and is now lower than the national average
• Our teenage abortion rate has come down by
Teenage conception rates
Achieving success
• Leadership: strategic and operational
• Honesty about young people’s lives and the scale
of the challenge
• Prioritising and effectively deploying resources
• Evidence based interventions
• Threading together of priorities & overall
Strategic structure
• TP is set in the context of Hackney’s Youth Offer
• Strong and consistent local partnership
arrangements with engagement of key agencies
• Robust performance management framework for
projects through a Commissioning Group
• Performance management each quarter through
Children’s Trust arrangements
• Traffic light scores based on trajectories and
Interventions across the whole
Sex & Relationships
Building aspirations and self esteem
• Keeping young people engaged at school and
college is a priority with a clear focus on skills and
• Developing social and emotional skills
• Addressing risk factors and building resilience
• Helping to foster supportive and positive families,
communities and peer groups
Sex and relationships education
• SRE Coordinator (The Learning Trust)
• Christopher Winter Project - SRE modelling
• `Meet The Parents’ – interactive drama workshops
(Immediate Theatre)
• `Clued-Up’ – peer education and mentoring (SKY
Partnership & CityZen)
• L8R– interactive web–based teenage drama
CHYPS Plus (former City & Hackney Young
People’s Service)
• Trusted and accessible contraception/sexual
health service
• Some outreach activity
• Early beginnings of one-stop shop with third
sector drop-ins
• Good work with young men/young fathers
Service Strands
Life -Check
Health Trainers/
Peer Educators
Primary Care
(including sexual health)
You’re Welcome
Quality Standards
Services for
young people
with disabilities
co nceptions
Sport and other
a c tivities
Mental and
se rvices
Health services for
vulnerable young
Diabetes, Asthma,
Sickle Cell & HIV
Creating partnership
networks between
health, education and
social care
Delivery Sites
Places where
young people live
Secondary School
Clusters, Special
The Purple
Pupil Referral
Access Points
Primary Care
Youth Support
Sport and
activity venues
Disability Centre
Targeted Approaches to Develop
Pathways for Vulnerable/At Risk YP
• Partnership reform of targeted youth support
• Health Equity Audit: TP and Young People’s
Sexual Health identified specific groups at risk of
pregnancy incl. BME communities
• Early intervention – TP, general health, drug &
alcohol, youth offending
• Co-location of staff in youth support teams
• Positive Solutions Panel – 11-19 CAF
Targeted Approaches to Develop
Pathways for Vulnerable/At Risk YP
• ‘Clinic in a box’ – non-health settings
• Condom Distribution Scheme – high risk groups
and hotspot areas
• 2nd Conceptions assertive outreach nurse –
contraceptive planning & support; promotion of
• Midwifery/health visiting pathway for teenage
• Partnering with leisure providers
Health in Schools
• Strategic coordination of the health offer
• Exploring innovative approaches to the provision
of school-based child and adolescent health and
well-being services
• 100% of schools signed up to Healthy Schools
Programme; 65% have achieved NHSS
• Service providers contribute to health
improvement and PSHE work in schools
Health Huts in schools
• Students now have direct access to information,
advice and support on personal issues and wellbeing on site
• Issues addressed include anxiety, emotional
health and well-being, sexual health, drugs and
alcohol, exam stress, family relationships, healthy
living and many other health related issues
• Support includes diet, exercise (including dance)
and signposting to local events and activities
Emergency contraception
Supporting Parents
• Speakeasy, developed by the
FPA, supports parents to develop
confidence to talk about sex
• Locally developed resources
signposting to national services
• Currently developing a parenting
support strategy within the CYPP
Young Parents
• Support for young parents goes hand in
hand with preventing conceptions
• Hackney Young Families Support Service,
now aligned to children’s centres
• A focus on the needs of young fathers,
alongside young mothers
Celebrating success
`The award is well-deserved recognition of the
accomplishments of the teenage pregnancy
partnership. The difference that their work makes to
the future prospects of teenagers in the Borough is
Councillor Rita Krishna, Cabinet Member: Children & Young People