senior night presentation-2

Senior Parent Information
To Graduate you Must:
Have 230 Credits
 Pass the Core Curriculum
 Complete a Service Learning Project
 Pass the CAHSEE (California High School
Exit Exam)
 Complete 20 hours of community service
 For
participation in ceremonies only
Fall Grad Check letters will be going home
Core Curriculum
4 Years of English
3 Years of Social Studies
2 Years of College Prep Math
2 Years of College Prep Science
2 Years of PE
1 Year Visual Performing Art
1 Year of Technical Art
1 Semester of Health
What if I Fail a Class or need to
Make-up Credits?
Credit Recovery course at Chatsworth
Go to Adult School
Take a class at a Community College
Take an ROP Class
Take Work Experience
 Earn
credits while you work your part-time job!
 Earn 5 or 10 credits depending on the hours you
California High School Exit Exam
Must pass the CAHSEE to receive a High
School Diploma in the State of California
Took for the 1st time in 10th Grade
Must pass both Math and English sections (with
a score of 350 for each section)
 If
you pass one and not the other, you only have to retake the section you did not pass.
 There are opportunities to re-take it if you do not pass
Four Systems of Higher Education
in California
Community College
 Pierce,
Valley, Mission, Moorpark, College of the
California State University (CSU)
Cal State L.A., San Diego State, Cal Poly San
Luis Obispo
University of California (UC)
UC Irvine, UC Santa Barbara, UC San Diego
 USC,
Pepperdine, Stanford, Devry, Otis Art College
Community Colleges
Two-Year Schools
No subject requirements; Must be 18 years old or a
High School Graduate
No tests required (No SAT or ACT)
Options include Certificate programs, Associates
Degree, or Transfer to 4-Year Colleges
Application process for Pierce will open on October
1st for Winter, Spring 2015, and Fall 2015 terms.
Check other community college sites for
application information
CSU/UC A-G Requirements (minimum)
A. 2 years World History, US History, or
B. 4 years college prep English
C. 3 years math - Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2
D. 2 years lab science
E. 2 years same foreign language
F. 1 year same visual/performing art (ex: Painting
G. 1 year advanced courses in math, English, lab
science, foreign language or social sciences
Cal State/UC/Private Applications
Need to set up accounts online
Choose a username and password that only you
have access to
Set up separate email account to receive
information/deadlines from colleges
Try to use the same information for all
Do not share your information with others!
Check portals for information, updates, and
deadlines from colleges
California State University (CSU)
 4 year Universities with degree programs
(Bachelors and Graduate Level)
 A full pattern of Subject Requirements (A-G)
 Minimum GPA of 2.0 (3.0 recommended);
 SAT I (Critical Reading and Math); ACT
 Check Eligibility Index for GPA vs. SAT/ACT
score for admissions
 Input the CSUMentor code of 3594 on the
SAT score report for all Cal State campuses
to receive your score report
CSU cont…
One application for all Cal State Universities
$55 per application
Applications are available online beginning
October 1st
Must be submitted by November 30th
Students should request an unofficial transcript
from their counselor to input classes/grades on
If student retook a class for a higher grade, can
only put in that grade
When submitting for application fee waiver, only
get to submit once and either approved or denied
EAP Status
EAP test was given spring semester of Junior year
Determines readiness to enter college level
May be EXEMPT through EAP test, AP score of 3+
on Math/English exam, or SAT score of 500 on
English or 550 on Math
If need to take placement exam, take by May 2,
2015 (last test day).
Can take test at any CSU campus
Can check status and/or sign up for placement test
at or
Cal State cont…EOP Program
The Educational Opportunity Program is
designed to improve access and retention of
historically low-income and educationally
disadvantaged students. (First Generation
College student)
 May also be accepted into university if do
not meet admission requirements
 Apply for EOP Program on Cal State
admission, and submit separate online
application for each college
University of California (UC)
Four-Year Universities with degree programs
(Bachelors, Graduate, and Professional)
A full pattern of Subject Requirements (A-G)
and recommends more than minimum
At least 3.0 GPA in (A-G) subjects (Should
have a much higher GPA for most campuses)
SAT I (Critical Reading, Math, and Writing)
or ACT
UC cont…
Applications available online now!
Applications due November 30th
$70 per application
College Board will deliver online 4 fee waivers
directly to students who used an SAT fee waiver
Want to see all classes taken and all
grades…even if retook class for higher grade
14 factors looked at when determining
admissions (from GPA, to special talents)
UC cont…
Use comment boxes to explain any
extenuating circumstances
 Need to write a Personal Statement (2
prompts) see website for tips!
 If you send SAT/ACT scores to one UC
campus, it will be available to all the
campuses to which you applied
 Research all UC campuses from the
Private/Out of State Colleges
Programs vary according to size
Prefer students who have met the UC/CSU A-G
requirements with at least a 2.0**
SAT/ ACT: Check catalogs for specific test
**It is best to review the catalog of the school
you are interested in for their specific entrance
Applications for Private schools available at &
Check out of state college website for
SAT & ACT Exams
Next SAT is October 11th, November, 8th,
and December 6th. The next ACT is
October 25th and December 13th.
 Register
for SAT at
 Register for ACT at
 Flyers and brochures available in the College
Most colleges will take December test, but
check specific admission requirements
Free/Reduced Lunch
Need to apply every year (apps from last
year expire today!)
 If qualify, you can receive…
free SAT Exam waivers
 2 free SAT subject test waivers
 2 free ACT Exam waivers
 Huge reduced fee on AP Exams
 NCAA fee waiver
 May qualify for College Application fee waiver
 For student-athletes wanting to play
athletics at a 4-year college after high
 Need to register online and meet course
 Somewhat
in line with the A-G requirements
although there is 1 additional year required
Financial Aid/Scholarships
Cal Grant GPA’s are submitted by the district…do not need
to send in paper form! Award is based on GPA and financial
need (FAFSA/Dream Act)
 Cal Grant A – 3.0 & higher
 Cal Grant B – 2.0 & higher
 Cal Grant C – Vocational School
FAFSA/Dream Act is not filled out until January 1st (Spring
semester of Senior year) and due March 2, 2015
 Students and parents can sign up for “Pins” in December
 Make sure information you submit on your FAFSA
matches information on social security card and school
system (name, address, birthdate)
Financial Aid Cont…
CSS Profile-nonfederal financial aid, check college
board website for colleges that use CSS Profile
Blue & Gold Opportunity
 Family income under $80,000
 Tuition and Fees covered
Middle Class Scholarship (new this year)
 Family income up to $150,000
 Can cover a portion of tuition and fees
B&G/MCS- Automatic consideration when submit
your FAFSA/Dream Act + Cal Grant
Financial Aid cont…
Check college campus Financial Aid offices for
scholarships available
Community Scholarship applications will be
available January, 2015 and will be due in
March to the college office
Other scholarships will soon be available in the
college office and have different requirements
(race, religion, parents job, your future plans,
financial need, GPA)
Updated list in College Office and online at (click on college office on
the right)
27th, 9:00-12:00
 LA Valley College
 Over 75 colleges/universities
 Workshops (SAT/ACT, financial aid, Apps, NCAA)
 Free BBQ
 September
November 5th, 5:30-9pm
 LA Convention Center, South Hall
 College Prep, applications, workshops, college reps,
financial aid
 Wednesday,
Things to remember…
Submit college apps and financial aid on time
Don’t wait until the last minute to begin filling out
apps…these take time!
Computers available in A4 for use
Check emails frequently
Check portals for deadlines and information
Colleges/Financial Aid will not care the reason for
not meeting deadlines!
College Bound program after school from 2:453:45pm in Z-195
Call/email me with any questions/concerns
Counseling Staff
Mrs. Owens
9th Grade Freshman
Mrs. Dana Bryant
11th & 12th Design/Tech
9th grade SAS, Spec. Ed
Mrs. Dede Krausen
Ms. Denise Schnell
Arts & Media
Mrs. Mari Hobson
Medical Careers
Mrs. Andrea Rochetti
College Counselor
Design/Tech (10th Grade)
Mr. Bruce Pina
Career Counselor
Mrs. Laura Voets
AP Counseling Services
End of Presentation