Irvington Public Schools
Staff Training
2012 - 2013 School Year
Defining HIB
Does the victim feel:
 Threatened?
 Powerless?
 Physically or Emotionally Vulnerable?
 Is the aggressor trying to intentionally
embarrass the victim?
 Does the behavior violate the victim’s
self image?
 Is HIB motivated by: sexual orientation,
race, religion, gender, physical
characteristic, or mental/physical
Amendments to HIB Law
NJ HIB Law was amended on 1/2/11
Major changes to the law include:
 State Definition of HIB Expanded
 Additional Roles for Some Staff Added
 Duty to Report Mandated with
Timelines Added
 Investigation Process Defined
 Reporting Requirements Added
 Appeal Process Added
State Definition Expanded
A single incident of behavior can be
construed as an act of HIB.
Behavior “off school grounds” is now
included if it “substantially disrupts or
interferes with the orderly operation
of the school or the rights of the
other students”.
Additional Roles for Some
District Anti-Bullying Coordinator-Eileen Walton
Provides consultation to anti-bullying specialists,
tracks and reports HIB data, meets with School
Safety Teams, and coordinates District HIB
School Level Anti-Bullying Specialist-Guidance
Leads the investigations of all reported incidents
of HIB and serves as the Chairperson of the
School Safety Team.
Additional Roles for Some Staff
 School
Safety Team – Is mandated to
be in place at each school. The Team
will review HIB data to develop,
foster, and maintain a positive school
climate by focusing on the on-going,
systemic processes and practices in
the school and to address school
climate issues.
Duty to Report Mandated with
All staff, service providers, substitutes, Board
Members, and volunteers who come in contact
with students have a mandated duty to report
incidents of HIB. This includes incidents that
they witnessed or about which they have
obtained reliable information.
Each HIB incident must be reported in writing to
the principal/designee on the day that it
Duty to Report Mandated with
Report can be made electronically,
verbally (and later documented), and
in writing.
 Report can be made anonymously.
 Reporting procedures must be
publicized on District and School
Investigation Process Defined
Principal/Designee (primary) or AntiBullying Specialist (secondary) receives
HIB Incident Report
Principal/Designee calls parents to inform of
alleged HIB incident (same day of incident).
Anti-Bullying Specialist conducts investigation
within 2 school days
If HIB is substantiated, victim and offender
are referred to a Health and Social Services
Counselor within 48 hours. Offender receives
appropriate disciplinary action.
Investigation Process Defined
Anti-Bullying Specialist will:
Interview all parties involved including
witnesses (meet with victim and aggressor
Provide support to victim
Carefully examine the facts
Make a determination if the incident is HIB
Notify the principal of the results of the
investigation using the district form.
Investigation Process Defined
Anti-Bullying Specialist will:
• Maintain confidential documentation of all
witness statements, offender statements,
victim statements, and all supporting
documentation in a file cabinet labeled and
placed in alphabetical order by victim.
• Notify parents of victim and aggressor when
investigation has concluded (no details
regarding names should be provided)
Investigation must be completed within 10
school days.
Investigation Process Defined
The building principal, as the person
primarily charged with maintaining
the safety of his/her school, may
respond to alleged acts of HIB in
accordance with the District Student
Code of Conduct, offering
remediation or disciplinary
consequences prior to the completion
of the HIB investigation.
Investigation Process Defined
• Reviews and co-signs the completed
investigation form
• Determines discipline or remedial action
• Forwards district forms and supporting
documentation to Superintendent via
the District Anti-Bullying Coordinator
within two days of completion.
Investigation Process Defined
• Reviews the results of the investigation
• Reports the results to the BOE at the
next meeting.
• Provides a written report to the parents
of the parties involved (within five
school days after the investigation
results are presented to and approved
by the BOE).
Reporting Requirements
Data on reported incidents of HIB will
be provided to the Board of Education
and the community at a public hearing,
which will be held twice a year,
between September 1 and January 1
and between January 1 and June 30.
The Superintendent will also report on
all acts of violence and vandalism at
these meetings.
Reporting Requirements
information shall also be reported
via the Electronic Violence and
Vandalism Reporting System once
during each reporting period between
September 1 and January 1 and
between January 1 and June 30, to
the Department of Education.
 Department of Education will issue
HIB grades to each school and the
Appeal Process Added
• May request an appeal of the
determination by writing to the
Determining Remedial Action or
 The developmental age of the
 Number of offenses
 History between students
 Pertinent family issues
 Discipline in accordance with IEP
Range of Remedial Measures
 Restitution and Restoration
 Mediation
 Behavioral Assessment
 Behavioral Management Plan
District policy provides that a student may
be found to have committed an act of HIB
without being the one who performed the
overt act.
If the aggressor retaliates against the
victim or witness who reported an incident
of HIB, he or she is subject to the same or
higher level of consequence than was
given for the original incidence of HIB.
Promoting a Positive Culture
in Our Schools
Awareness of the new HIB policy and procedures
• Annually disseminate HIB Policy and school
procedures to parents, students, and staff.
• Post HIB Policy and Anti-Bullying Specialist
information on district and school web sites.
• Provide HIB training to parents and community
Student awareness and HIB intervention
• During the first weeks of school provide
classroom and/or small group assemblies to train
students on HIB.
• Schedule Week of Respect activities
Getting the Word Out
The principal must ensure that all staff
members are trained and familiar with the
HIB policy and school procedures.
 Principal must submit a signed form to the
District Office attesting to the fact that all
staff members in the building have been
 All staff members are mandated reporters and
subject to disciplinary action for failure to
report an incidence of HIB.
Getting the Word Out
Include in school handbook
 Include on school and district websites
 Distribute information to staff, students,
and parents.
 Post information in the building and have
available in Administrative and Parent
Coordinator’s offices.
 Train new staff throughout the school
Protecting Our Children is a
Community Commitment