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National Board
CERRA National Board Candidate Support
Workshop Toolkit
May 2014
Essential Questions
• What is required of renewal candidates?
• In what ways can the Five Core
Propositions and the Architecture of
Accomplished Teaching connect with my
work as a professional?
• In what ways can I connect my professional
growth experiences to student learning?
CERRA NB Toolkit
What is the Basis for
“The expectation is that NBCTs will use both
the Five Core Propositions and the
Architecture of Accomplished Teaching as the
foundation for what they continue to do in the
classroom and for themselves as lifelong
learners who continue to grow and enhance
student learning.” - NBPTS Profile of Professional Growth
CERRA NB Toolkit
What is Renewal?
• The renewal instrument documents professional
growth, involvement, and service.
• Candidates must have a valid teaching license.
• Candidates submit evidence linking professional
growth to student learning.
• Renewal is available for all NBCTs:
Classroom teachers
CERRA NB Toolkit
Renewal Policies
• NBCTs must renew in their same certificate
• Renewal is available in year 8/18 and/or 9/19
year (initial/renewal certification).
• Renewal lasts for 10 years.
(from the expiration of the original NB Certificate)
• If NB certificate expires, teacher must
complete entire NB process to regain NBCT
CERRA NB Toolkit
Renewal Timeline
• Renewal is required prior to expiration of
current certificate (8th year, no later than 9th).
• Candidates have two opportunities to attempt
• Application window is September 1, 2014February 28, 2015.
• Submit work via e-Portfolio by May 15, 2015.
• Receive scores in October 2015.
CERRA NB Toolkit
Certification Periods
I. Certification Period 2005-2015 (in 9th year)
Apply as early as September 2014 and
submit by May 15, 2015.
II. Certification Period 2006-2016 (in 8th year)
Apply as early as September 2014 and
submit by May 15, 2015; or apply as early
as September 2015 and submit by May 15,
CERRA NB Toolkit
NB Core Propositions
• These are the ideals and values that guide all
NB standards and assessments.
• Accomplished teachers model exceptional
• Knowledge of students and subject content
• Skills in instruction, assessment, etc.
• Dispositions working effectively with others
• Beliefs (ex. All students can learn.)
CERRA NB Toolkit
Five Core Propositions
• Teachers are committed to students and their
• Teachers know the subjects they teach and
how to teach those subjects to students.
• Teachers are responsible for managing and
monitoring student learning.
• Teachers think systematically about their
practice and learn from experience.
• Teachers are members of learning
CERRA NB Toolkit
CERRA NB Toolkit
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Profile of
Professional Growth (PPG)
• Documentation of professional growth experiences
(certificate-specific content: knowledge,
pedagogy, technology)
• have evolved
• are varied and/or multifaceted (workshops,
courses, reading, leadership)
• have been a focus over extended period of time
• demonstrate classroom practices consistent
with high standards of NBCT
CERRA NB Toolkit
Profile of Professional
Growth (PPG) (cont.)
• Demonstration of NB standards in connection to
student learning
• Broad range of subject content, professional
knowledge, and expertise
• Wide spectrum of activities and tasks, often in a
collegial approach contributing to the quality of
education and student learning
• Ongoing commitment and contribution to the
teaching profession
CERRA NB Toolkit
Format of Profile of
Professional Growth (PPG)
Single submission of 3 interrelated
components (Professional Growth
Experiences—PGEs) and 1 reflection
• 2 videos
• 1 Video and student work samples
CERRA NB Toolkit
Component 1
4 Professional Growth
Experiences (PGE)
Component 2
Component 3
Based on 1 PGE
Video or Student Work
Based on 2nd PGE
CERRA NB Toolkit
Component One
4 Professional Growth Experiences (PGEs)
3 pages of commentary for each PGE
2 pages of samples of products for each PGE
Must demonstrate:
Current content knowledge and pedagogy
Effective use of technology
Ongoing, varied, multifaceted experiences
Direct or indirect impact on student learning
CERRA NB Toolkit
Component 1:
For each PGE:
• Describe the context
• Describe the PGE
• Identify the need and
how the PGE addresses
the need
• (Do this four times.)
CERRA NB Toolkit
Written Commentary
Addressed anywhere:
• Content/pedagogical
knowledge that was
• Acquisition/Use of
• Interaction with
colleagues, professional
groups, parents and/or
Component Two
• Application of one PGE from Component 1 in
• 10-minute video of classroom instruction
Same content area of original certificate
Same developmental level as original certificate
Recorded between 9/1/14 and 5/15/15
May be segmented (up to three)
• 4 pages of written commentary
CERRA NB Toolkit
Component 2:
Written Commentary
Age ranges of the students
PGE to which this component is connected
Lesson’s goals/connection to overall learning
Importance of the instruction for students
Equity of access and promotion of diversity
Impact on student learning
Connection to certificate-specific content
CERRA NB Toolkit
Component Three
• Application of a different PGE from
Component One
• 6 minute video of instruction
• 8 pages of learner work
• 4 pages of written commentary
• Could be preK-12 or adult learners – direct or
indirect impact on student learning
CERRA NB Toolkit
Component 3:
Written Commentary
Goals of the featured lesson
Connection to broader context of instruction
Importance of instruction for learners
Connection to PGE
Specific evidence of learning from
video/learner work
• Four pages
CERRA NB Toolkit
Component 3:
• May be segmented
• Six minutes maximum
• No editing
• Teacher teaching preK12 students or
interacting with
educational colleagues
Learner’s Work
• Hard copy
--Teacher plans, responses
--Printouts of computer work
of students or
professional colleagues
--Scripting of classroom
observations/postconference notes
CERRA NB Toolkit
• 3 pages of written commentary
• Analysis of relationship between practice and
student learning
• Discovery of patterns, themes or trends –
focus on challenges, plans for continuous
growth, impact on student learning
• Awareness of high and rigorous NB standards
in practice
CERRA NB Toolkit
PGE One:
Example from NBPTS
Sue moved into a new school and was
shocked at the lack of parental involvement.
Went to the principal to discuss ideas
Developed a newsletter to parents informing them about classroom
activities and asking for input
Established a monthly evening activity for parents based on a current
topic of study
Sue and principal and two other teachers established a monthly day
session for parents
Established after-school tutoring sessions at parent request
Since the majority of students come from Hispanic homes, Sue started
taking Spanish lessons.
CERRA NB Toolkit
PGE Two:
Example from NBPTS
Sue’s district mandated computer training because it
felt that students in all classroom need teachers as
resources for computer issues.
Took required 2-day workshop
Took additional courses offered at a local college
Organized her team of teachers to develop lessons based on
computer use. Students interacted with their reading on the
computer. They read more and understood more.
Used the lessons to do a presentation at a faculty meeting
CERRA NB Toolkit
PGE Three:
Example from NBPTS
Sue learned that a well-known speaker on
cooperative learning was coming to the area, and
since she felt a bit uncomfortable with small group
work, she decided to attend.
Attended the session and purchased the book
Read the book and met with colleagues who were also
interested. The group studied the material and planned lessons.
Lesson went well. Sue took other workshops on various topics
from her district.
Became involved with district professional development office.
CERRA NB Toolkit
PGE Four:
Example from NBPTS
Sue teaches reading and wanted to enhance
her knowledge.
Went to IRA conference. Returned with many materials.
Entered Masters Degree program in literacy and received her
Accepted position as curriculum director with focus on updating
district curriculum.
Applied for and was accepted as a full-time professor at a local
CERRA NB Toolkit
• Holistic scoring done by two NBCTs in same
content area
• All three interrelated components and
reflection read together as one entity
• Individual scores for components may not be
• Results reported as
Not Renewed
CERRA NB Toolkit
Scoring Criteria
• Significant needs of students, professional
community, parents, and/or self identified and
• Acquired or deepened certificate-specific
content knowledge and/or pedagogical
practice demonstrated in classroom
• Appropriate technology utilized in a way that is
directly connected to teaching and learning
CERRA NB Toolkit
Scoring Criteria (cont.)
• Involvement of the wider community of
colleagues, parents, and/or community in
professional growth experiences
• Instruction that is standards-based, relevant,
and meaningful
• Equity of access to learning and appreciation
of diversity in classroom
• Meaningful impact on student learning
CERRA NB Toolkit
Steps to Renewal
• List your professional growth activities since
initial NB certification.
• Analyze your experiences relative to the Five
Core Propositions and the Architecture of
Accomplished Teaching.
• Determine patterns/connections among your
Professional Growth Experiences (PGEs).
• Upload and submit completed work online
(ePortfolio) by deadline.
CERRA NB Toolkit
“Renewed” Level of Rubric
• Provided sufficient
evidence of professional
growth that
• has evolved
• is varied and/or
• has been a focus over
extended period of
CERRA NB Toolkit
“Renewed” Level of Rubric
• Draws on and contributes
to resources of school,
district, and/or community
• Creates learning
environment promoting
equity of access,
appreciation of diversity,
and relevant, meaningful
instruction for students.
CERRA NB Toolkit
South Carolina NB
• Applied before July 2010— receive $7500
supplement annually for duration of certificate
• Applied after July 2010— currently scheduled
to get $5000 supplement for duration of
• Supplement based on position educator
holds-- if instructing children, likely eligible. If
in administration, ineligible for supplement.
CERRA NB Toolkit
Applications and Fees
• Application available online www.nbpts.org
• $1250 total cost to renew by Feb. 28, 2015
($300 of this is non-refundable application fee)
• Withdrawal permitted ($950) – written
notification required before Profile due date
• Update personal information at My Profile on
NBPTS Web site
CERRA NB Toolkit
• http://www.nbpts.org/renewalmatters
• http://www.guide4nbcandidates.org/candidateguide/the-renewal-candidacy/
• NB Customer Support--1-800-22-TEACH (83224)
• www.cerra.org; NB link
CERRA NB Toolkit