Why Videotape?

National Board
Portfolio Entries 2 & 3
CERRA National Board Candidate Support
Workshop Toolkit
WS6/Take One!
Essential Questions
 What are the video recording requirements of
NBPTS for Entries Two and Three?
 What strategies can be used for creating an
effective videotape?
 How can I best plan and complete the written
commentaries for my videotapes?
 What information is available for submitting
videos via ePortfolio?
CERRA National Board Toolkit
Why Videotape?
Your videotape is the only way NB can see the
• your interaction with students and their
interaction with you and each other
• your classroom climate
• your engagement of students in their own
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Activity 1
Videotape Preplanning
CERRA National Board Toolkit
Drafting Your Planning and
Instruction for Written Commentary
 Answer the italicized question and the
clarifying questions for the video entries.
 Review the standards for your entry,
specifically the standards related to the
questions for this section.
 Draft the planning and instruction section
(use the hints on the next two slides).
 Share your draft with colleagues for
Hints for Drafting Your Planning &
Instruction Written Commentary
 Learning goals and instructional strategies
should align with state standards, NB
standards, and portfolio requirements.
 Learning goals and instructional strategies
should meet the needs of your students and
allow them to meet your learning goals.
More Hints for Written
 The instructional materials should support the
learning goals and allow students to complete
the activities.
 Learning goals should be measureable, using
the selected assessments.
 The lesson should “flow” (have unity and
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Before you Start Videotaping
• You need permission to videotape.
- NB Student Release Form
- NB Adult Release Form
- Purpose (not about students)
• Make sure your equipment is up to the task.
- Video Camera
- Microphone (omni-directional boundary, if needed)
- Tripod
• Review the NB directions!
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Recording Videos
• Adhere to the format specifications in
“Portfolio Instructions.”
• Upload directly into the ePortfolio
• Submit as an flv, asf, qt, mov, mpg,
mpeg, avi, wmv, mp4 or m4v file.
CERRA National Board Toolkit
• First attempts are often an inauthentic view.
• NB suggests having at least three different
practice attempts (different teaching formats).
• Always base your practice videos on the NB
• Analyze practice videos alone (1st=see,
2nd=hear, 3rd=see & hear) to raise your level of
awareness of different aspects of the video.
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Initial Analysis
• Note any instructional challenges offered by
the students.
• Note the learning goals.
• Determine how successful the lesson was.
• Prove it!
• Strive to have clear, consistent, convincing
evidence, commentary, and reflection.
• Document how this video shows knowledge of
standards in practice.
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Formal Analysis
Extent of classroom involvement
Student engagement
Teacher role
Student tasks
Instructional opportunities
Student risk-taking
Learning goals
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Whole – Class Recordings
• Engage whole class as a group.
• Discussions should occur as a group.
• Show some interaction with individual
• Don’t zoom in on every student.
• Every child does not have to be visible. (Use
optimal camera placement, wide angle lens.)
• Don’t try to follow class conversation with
CERRA National Board Toolkit
Small-Group Recordings
• Focus on student interaction in collaborative
situations and demonstrate your role as
• Interact with small groups as they work.
• Show as many participants as possible.
• Address sound issues.
• Zoom in on the beginning of conversations,
keep close focus for a short time, zoom back
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Suggestions for Videotaping
• Use a tripod.
• Capture SmartBoard, whiteboard, charts if
• As a general rule, point camera at speaker.
• Position cameras on the side of the room.
• Increase the light in the room.
• Don’t shoot into bright light.
• Check audio before you start.
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More Hints and Suggestions
Tell the office that you will be videotaping.
Keep the microphone close to the action.
Do not use editing or enhancements!
Include a 5-second gap when camera is
turned on.
• Buy high quality recording materials.
• Use fresh batteries.
• Record the entire lesson.
CERRA National Board Toolkit
Submitting Videos On-line
• Compress larger video files before submission
(See Help page of the ePortfolio system).
• Allow for video files to take as long as one
hour to upload and appear as “Ready.”
• The ePortfolio system has a 500- megabytes
file size limit for each uploaded file.
• There is no limit for the number of MB
uploaded for an entire portfolio.
CERRA National Board Toolkit
Format of Uploaded Video
File (Entries 2 and 3)
Contextual Information Sheet
Written Commentary (about 12-14 pages)
Classroom Layout Form
Video recording (usually 15 consecutive
minutes maximum--not stopped or edited)
• Instructional Materials
Remember: Follow the video instructions for
your specific certification area.
CERRA National Board Toolkit
For More Help
• www.nbpts.org
Use the Videotaping Link.
• www.cerra.org
Use the National Board Link.
• nationalboard@cerra.org
• Virginia Bartels (NB Program Facilitator)
CERRA National Board Toolkit