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Title I – Campus Staff Training
What is Title I, Part A?
a Federal program;
in Texas, the program is managed by TEA
a program for campuses that have a high percentage
of economically disadvantaged students (i. e., on Free
& Reduced Lunch)
The intent and purpose of Title I is to get ALL students
to pass STAAR, especially students that did not pass
last time
Only activities designed to get all students to pass
STAAR can be funded under Title I.
What is Title I, Part A? (cont’d)
Title I is a resource in the fight against generational
For many of our students, a successful education is
their only chance to lift themselves out of poverty, and
into opportunities their parents never had.
What is a Title I Schoolwide Campus?
Campus is eligible if more than 40% of the students
are economically disadvantaged
All Title I Schools in Humble are Schoolwide
Schoolwide means every student on the campus can
benefit from the Title I funds. However, funds are to
be used primarily for students that are not passing
Title I has requirements regarding Parent Involvement
Adequate Yearly Progress
Success of the campus is measured by Adequate
Yearly Progress (AYP)
AYP measures the percentage of students that passed
the State Assessment in Math & Reading
All Title I Schools in Texas are ranked according to
student achievement in STAAR on Math & Reading
The lowest 15% of these schools will be required to
initiate Turnaround Principles to increase student
Adequate Yearly Progress (cont’d)
The lowest 5% of these schools are classified as a
Priority School
Schools ranked in the 6%-15% range are classified as
Focus Schools.
Turnaround Principles require specific actions to
address deficiencies in Math and Reading
achievement and deficiencies between subgroups
Title I, Part A
Parent Involvement
Title I Parent Involvement
Parent Information: Information for parents about
Title I, the academic curriculum, how the child’s
academic progress will be assessed, and
information on the State assessment.
Decision-Making: Parents involved in campus
Parent Training: Training for parents in academic
skills, technology skills and parenting skills...all
designed to enable the parent to help the child
What Title I
Parent Involvement is not?
Parent Volunteers
Simply getting parents on campus to attend school
Parent rewards or luncheons
Title I Parent Involvement
Each Title I Campus in Humble ISD:
has a Parent Involvement Liaison trained in all rules
and regulations of Title I Parent Involvement
is given an minimum allocation of Parent
Involvement funds to spend.
must have a School-Parent Compact
must have a written Parent Involvement Policy
Elementary campuses must discuss the SchoolParent Compacts with parents during a parentteacher conference in the Fall semester.
Value of Parent Involvement
Parents are partners with the school in educating the
child; neither group can be successful without the
other. Increased parent involvement results in:
 Improved student achievement
 Improved student behavior
 Increased teacher effectiveness
 An improvement in the child’s “interest in” and
“attitude towards” school
 An improvement in the parent’s “interest in” an
“appreciation for” education, teachers and learning
The Utility of Parents
 co-educate the child
 prepare the child for school each day
 serve on Campus and District committees
 help the school as chaperones, monitors, and
mentors. They assist in the workroom, help on picture
day helpers, coordinate fundraising, and so much
Successful Parent Involvement
Engagement of diverse families involves:
 focusing on building trusting, collaborative
relationships among teacher, families and community
 recognizing, respecting, and addressing families’
needs as well as any class and cultural differences;
 embracing a philosophy of partnership where power
and responsibility are shared.
Successful Parent Involvement (cont’d)
Participate with parents in regular, two-way,
meaningful communication involving a student’s
academic learning and other school activities
Create a welcoming climate at your campus and in
your classroom;
Educate parents in teaching/learning techniques for
their child, and provide information on where to locate
good educational resources.
Successful Parent Involvement (cont’d)
What are other ways that YOU can increase parent
involvement in your classroom?:
 Newsletters
 Frequent updates for parents
...on your campus?:
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