Should all schools have off campus lunch


Should all schools have off campus lunch ?????????

Yes students shall have off campus lunch

• Students shall have off campus lunch for many different reasons one which are.

• Off campus will give students some air, students as in myself tends to get very bored, tiered, frustrated ,and etc…..

So if the students are able to get some fresh air, and food. They’ll behave much better they’ll have more focus, and I’ll promise you’ll see a significance change in the students behavior overall.

Most schools are like kind of afraid to have off campus lunch.

Do to fact, they cant trust there students not to go home or not to do anything negative.

Most students hates, like literally hate there school food.

So with that being said the students who don’t eat have attitudes, and are drowzy.

Because there hungry but can’t eat the school food. So why not let them go eat what makes them happy.

• Some students sometimes be allergic to certain foods.

• And if they’re allergic to the food they’re serving for that day that mean they can’t eat.

• And of course this leads to negative behaviors.

• To conclude

• Off campus lunch will make many negative students positive. By them being able to get some air, and eat what they won’t.

• This will help the dropout rate decrease because students will love to come to school.