36.09 (5) - University of Wisconsin

36.09 (5)
Here we go…
36.09 (5) states…
• 36.09(5) STUDENTS. The students of each institution or
campus subject to the responsibilities and powers of the
board, the president, the chancellor and the faculty shall be
active participants in the immediate governance of and policy
development for such institutions. As such, students shall
have primary responsibility for the formulation and review of
policies concerning student life, services and interests.
Students in consultation with the chancellor and subject to the
final confirmation of the board shall have the responsibility
for the disposition of those student fees which constitute
substantial support for campus student activities. The
students of each institution or campus shall have the right to
organize themselves in a manner they determine and to select
their representatives to participate in institutional
36.09 (5)
• Wisconsin State Statute
• Gives students the right to a role
in university governance.
• Because we have the
responsibility to formulate and
review policies concerning
student life services and
• Required by law to have some
sort of student government.
• This state statute gives students
a right to a voice on campus.
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The More…
• Organize our student government as we see fit.
• This means:
– We, as students, get to choose how the Student Association
is run
• (It’s cooler than it sounds.)
– We get to choose our own representatives
• (YAY student run elections!!)
– Not subject to a student government chosen by anyone but
the students of UW-L. We are represented by the people
we choose, YOU!
• (The chosen ones: think of yourselves as the Anakin Skywalkers
of UW-L minus the whole falling to the dark side stuff.)
Hang in there!
• Hedgehogs…
why can’t they
just share the
What? There’s more?
• Allocate student fees that
constitute substantial support for
campus activities.
• We get a say in how and where
student fees are spent.
• Our money, our decisions!
• Student run committees like
SUFAC (Segregated University
Fee Allocation Committee)!
• 36.09 (5)
– Gives students primary responsibility for the development and
review of politics affecting student life
– Gives students the right to organize their student government as
they see fit
– Lets students allocate student fees that constitute substantial
support for campus activities