Using the Parent Portal at - Baltimore City Public Schools

Using the Parent Portal
Following this short presentation, you will know
how to
• Receive a log in and password to Parent Portal.
• Gather school information about your child from
Parent Portal.
What is the Parent Portal?
We are pleased to offer you an expanded tool - Parent
Portal - to help you keep track of your child’s progress
in school.
Parents can now use Parent Portal to view:
· grades (updated at least twice per month)
· report cards and progress reports,
· attendance records,
· school discipline actions; and
· a valuable set of educational resources, including
homework help sites and online research and
enrichment tools
To use the Parent Portal, you need
approval from the school office.
This protects your child.
How do you get approval to log in to
the Parent Portal?
What Parents Do:
• Go to Room D107.
• Tell the secretary you are a parent and want log in information for Parent Portal.
• Get a pass from the secretary to the library stating that [your name] is the parent
of [child’s name] and may receive log in information for the Parent Portal.
• Go to the library and see Mr. Zuke.
What Mr. Zuke Does:
• Logs in to SMS.
• Clicks on Reports.
• Clicks on City Schools—Parent Connect—Parent Letter.
• Types in Student ID# only.
• Clicks RUN.
• Prints the letter.
• Gives it to the parent .
• Answers questions about the letter.
to that letter!
You will need this
to enter the Parent
Do this the first time you log in!
Movie Time: A Review
• Click the link for the video on the left hand
Logging In: A Child’s View
• Click Log In.
Username=your child’s student ID number
Password=your child’s first name (capitalized)
• Click Log in under the password.
• Click on your child’s name.
• Click on one of your child’s courses.
What questions do you have?