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Calgary Islamic School
4A Mrs. Carbert
4B Mr. Irving
Visit the above website (the link is on our
Weebly’s) to see a summarized version of the
grade 4 curriculum
Our curriculum is mandated by the Alberta
government. The same topics and outcomes
are covered across all schools in Alberta.
Barbara Mariconda (Writing narrative stories with detail)
Journal Writing
Daily Language Review
Novel Study
Literature Circles
Types of Writing (Procedural, Reports, Persuasive, Jot Notes)
Cursive Writing
Oral Presentations/Speeches
Book Reviews
Unit 1: Patterns and Relations
Unit 2: Whole Numbers
Unit 3: Multiplication and Division
Unit 4: Measurement
Unit 5: Fractions and Decimals
Unit 6: Geometry
Unit 7: Data Analysis
Unit 8: Multiplying and Dividing Larger
Waste in Our World
Wheels and Levers
Building Devices and Vehicles
Light and Shadows
Plant Growth and Changes
Geography (provinces, territories, capitals,
Alberta’s natural regions
Our fossil heritage
Natural resources
Frist Nations
Becoming a province
Nutrition (e.g. Canada’s Food Guide)
Physical and Emotional Well-Being (e.g. physical activity,
healthy habits)
Safety and Responsibility (e.g. Anti-bullying, dangerous
situations, playing safely)
Relationship Choices (e.g. managing feelings, stress,
friendships, communication)
Interactions/Group Roles (e.g. roles and responsibilities, role
models, supporting others)
Life Learning (e.g. Organization, decision making)
Career Development (e.g. personal interests, jobs)
Volunteerism (e.g. citizenship, service, accomplishments)
Goal Setting (.e.g short term and long term personal goals)
Line drawing,
perspective drawing,
cartooning, wire/clay
sculpture, sewing,
painting, photography
Team work,
cooperation, good
coordination, skills in
various sports
When student receive work back, it will usually have a level
written on it.
Level 5+
Level 5
Level 4+
Level 4
Level 3+
Level 3
Level 2+
Level 2
Level 1+
Level 1
Fail/Cannot mark
Very Good
Minimum Grade Level
This is an important website where you can
find agenda notes, school notices, Arabic
notes, upcoming important dates, documents
and any other school-related items or notes
Please check Weebly daily!
- Check your child’s agenda every day and sign it to make sure their work is done
and materials are brought to class
- Check Weebly every day for important notices or documents
- Do not do your child’s work for them, write their homework for them, or correct
their work. It is a learning process. You can sit with them while they go their
homework and answer questions they may have.
- If your child cannot get their work done, write a note in the agenda. It will be
due the following day.
- If your child is sick, they should not be at school. They can make up the
work/lessons when they come back. Students should also be dressed
appropriately for the weather.
- With winter coming, students need TWO pairs of shoes. One for indoor
(RUNNING SHOES) and one for outdoor (BOOTS). It would be helpful to always have
an extra pair of sock and gloves in your child’s backpack at all times so they do
not forget them.
- We are a NUT FREE school, do not send anything with any kind of nuts to school
with your child. Also, students should not be bringing candy as snacks.
- Write in your agenda daily and show it to your parents so they can sign it
- Bring homework or materials back by the due date
- If you don’t understand something, ASK
- line up properly at all times
- READ during DEAR time
- Don’t make excuses, take responsibility for your actions
- Follow school and classroom rules/procedures
- Full uniforms are required – boys and girls should have blue dress pants,
not jeans, tights or jogging pants. Girls in grade 4 must wear a WHITE hijab
at all times.
 (parent curriculum
handbook that discusses selected outcomes and has website links for
more information) (an
overview of the curriculum with links to the program of studies) (the
program of studies - select the subject you would like to know more
about and scroll through to reach grade 4 - you will find all of the
curriculum outcomes your child should know by the end of grade 4)
 (An excellent resource where you can
access extra resources, supplementary lessons and educational games
for your child)
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Thank you for coming to our curriculum
Please let us know if you have any