Class 4 - Our Inquiries

Inquiry II – EDUC 451B
Lesson 4
Holly Keon
Shape of the Class
Hook – Mr. D discusses marking
Ch. 2 reading
Questions– dicussions
Case Study
Looking Forward
Mr D’s Lesson on Marking
Is this an example of collaboration?
Should you let other people do your marking?
Reading- Ch. 2
What did you think of the reading?
Finessing your Topic/
I propose that we break off in to different passion areas.
Have a conversation with another person or pair that are
thinking of doing an Inquiry along the same lines as you.
Try to explain what you want to study.
Talking about it often helps clarify what it is exactly that you
want to study.
Will the topic you choose help you in your practice today? Is
it worthwhile?
The goal- to finalize your working question.
Questions/ Passions
Write your name on the board under the following
1. A child Inquiry
2. Curriculum
3. Content Knowledge
4. Teaching Strategies/ Techniques
5. Beliefs about Practice
6. Personal/Professional Identity
7. Social Justice
8. Context
Questions or topics
Write your question on the board.
What types of questions are popular?
By tomorrow, dowload the form from our website and
send me a copy of your topic/question.
Case Study
Please read the case study and get in to groups of 3 and
discuss the questions.
We will discuss the case and some of the questions
together after.
Weebly Website
Does everyone have their laptop here today?
Are you ready to create your weebly website?
Examples of Inquiries
Brandes, G., & Kelly, D. (Eds.). (2010). Special issue:
Notes from the Field: Critical Teacher Inquiry:
Examining Classroom Practices through the Lens of
Social Justice. Educational Insights, 14(1).
Shamsher, M., Decker, E., & Leggo, C. (2003). Teacher
research in the backyard: Kitimat-Terrace teacher
research. Vancouver, BC: British Columbia Teachers’
Federation. (Select article of interest) Password: ubc
Looking Forward
Please fill out the form– see course outline on our class
website– and send it in to me.
Reading– about the different forms of evidence that
you can use when doing an inquiry. This is a reference
article that you can use again in your future practice.
Not all apply to our inquiry.
May want to have a look at some examples on the
website as well.
Please bring your laptops from now on…